Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YOO hoo!!!! Hey it's me. Remember?

Haha. It's been a while. It's been too long. I keep saying to myself, "what happen to your LOVE of writing, Alexes?" And then I think to myself I love writing I'm just sooooo tired lately. You know working 2 jobs and being a mom to 3 beautiful children blah blah blah....

I might just be lazy.

But I decided NOT to ignore my little blog. I get on Facebook daily. I mean I should probably just blog on Facebook...haha. You know people leave me comments on Facebook and my Facebook friends know I am still alive...my blogger friends? You all probably think I died or something. I probably need to vlog or something. Do I remember how to vlog? haha. Of COURSE I do!

So it's Christmas. The time we we feel love towards our fellow men and listen to Christmas carols and handout cards and give chocolates and fudge to one another...It's also time to BLOG.
Yeah who would have thought?

Not me. I have a lazy butt apparently. But when you work all night long...honestly the only thing you want to be doing is SLEEEP....Try it sometime.

So I'm alive. I don't really have anything to report. I'm still me. Still trying to do everything including blog and ultimately forgetting to write. I really should find some pictures. I know I have some around here...haha. Here are a few pictures.
I'm still around with a smile on my face. And my daughters...haha. They take some interesting pictures with my webcam....

What the heck? Hula hooping in front of the webcam?

Let me find a picture of my youngest...
So she is in KINDERGARTEN now....haha. That must make me old you are thinking...but noooo. Not me. I'm still so young! ;)

So there. I updated my blog. With pictures even. Maybe tomorrow I'll vlog or something.
:) Hopefully I will get a family picture this year...Cross your fingers...If I get one I will upload it...don't you worry...haha.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is making me HAPPY right now.

*I dedicate this blog post entry to the great and wonderful @From Tracie. I saw her cute blog post and decided it was time for me to blog once again. Thanks Tracie!*

What is making me happy right now?
Take a look.

My BIG kindergartener! She is 5 years old!! I cannot believe it!!!

MY 10 year old dressing up in costumes with her sisters....:)

MY crazy 13 year old! (She is the one in the middle!)

And last but not least....These muscular men make me happy...:)

I'm sorry I've been so MIA on the blog. My excuse? Me and my bed are getting reacquainted with each other during the week since I work NOC shift Thursday Friday and Saturday.....:)
I will try and do better. I need to throw a vlog out there I think. It's been WAY too long since I have vlogged for you all.
Love you all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's time for me to get back into blogging

I know, I know I keep telling myself that. I think maybe I should start a blog on Facebook. I mean I log onto Facebook enough...LOL. I just can't get over to blogger.com to write a post....*sigh*

I've been busy meeting new friends, getting new jobs, hanging out at the pool and on Facebook. I know, where is the WRITER in me? I used to like write and comment on everyone's blogs...and now all I have energy for is Facebook and the pool.

How am I gonna find my way back? I think I probably just need to vlog my feelings about writing and blogging and all of you...Maybe dance a little and have fun....:) Now that I can do...

So brace yourself folks, I am going to vlog. The great Cluttered Brain is gonna vlog...It's been a while...do I remember how to do it? Hmmm....

Well that's what I am gonna to do. And I will try to get around the blog-o-sphere from now on....and Twitter maybe. I think I need a smart phone for twitter though....haha.

Sayonara for now my blogging friends...I think I'm back...bwahahahaha. Oh I will get it..I will....:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's the Fourth and all so....

I decided I would get OFF of my lazy blogging butt and write to you all this morning. I've had a very eventful last past couple of weeks. I'm looking for a NEW job...long story short...Politics and drama. But no worries. I've already got a NEW job lined up! Because why you ask? I'm that goooooood! :)

And don't worry, I won't let it go to my head. :D

So I've been listening to this FANTASTIC band called Nickelback. I've listened to them before but an old co-worker refreshed my memory lately. I'll leave you with a little Nickelback playing as you ponder why you live in this great country.

I love America, don't you? :)) Enjoy your 4th with your family. The regularly scheduled Cluttered Brain is gearing back to come back. I promise! :))

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's summertime??!!

The kids are out of school but the pool is still not open yet where we live. And this makes me sad. It's not "officially" summertime without the pool. *sigh* I have been busy running around here trying to get the garden planted and water plants and everything I have neglected my blog again.

  It seems all I want to do is get a plane ticket to see Miss Angel (she's married but this is how I'm gonna refer to her) and fly to Kentucky, have a bonfire, eat Smores, listen to country music, go country dancing and just kick back and have fun! I need more money.

  I need a better car.
   I need I need....

The needs never stop. Maybe these are wants. But I'm saying I NEED to visit Angel because I wanna see the girl. She's fun and she makes me laugh and visiting her would be an AWESOME vacation. I'm saving my money. I'm also saving my money for school and all that junk too....sigh.

But here I am, ready to swim, I look good and all, (I just need my sunglasses)

I'm getting my hair lightened next week, along with my almost 13 year old daughter...Pics to follow....
Life is busy and goooood. :) Don't worry about my yet. I just need to get my booty out there on teh dance floor and country dance with my bestest blogger bud in the whole world...Angel. There are more blogger buds but too long to mention all of them. Just know I love you all!

:) Have a happy and safe summer!!! Get out there and ENJOY some fun in the sun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just some eye candy

You all watch Dancing with the Stars this season? I got a winner right here. Because if you look like this, and have sensual hip moves when you cha cha cha...You should win. William has cha-cha-ed in to my heart I believe.
What do you think of him?

It's getting hot in here....
Peace out y'all.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm late I'm LATE!

I'm going to be late for work. Husband just called me at 4:17 PM and said he is 45 minutes away from me still. I need the car by 5 so I can make it to work on time. My work is 45 minutes away. *sigh* We need a second car bad!!! So instead of finishing up my Hulu TV show, I'm writing on my blog. Mainly because @FromTracie wrote as her FB status update:
From Tracie · 1,701 like this
6 minutes ago · 
  • Having a blog mean you are actually supposed to write on it? Who would have thought. #writersblock

    So I felt guilty because I have neglected my own blog and in turn all of you. *sigh* I'll do better. Maybe I'll mingle this week. Even if I look like a tired zombie I'll mingle....Oh this next mingle might be the best one yet. I've been doing some research. I have an interview to do some volunteer work at the hospital near me. I'm hoping if I'm volunteering, I might be able to have a better chance of actually landing a paying job at a hospital. :) It looks good on my resume so it's all good.

    In July, I will take a 4 night class in Phlebotomy and I will learn how to poke people. bwahahaha! Watch out! Just joking. I will do well! I have been in the medical field long enough (4 years) and observed many pokes, I know what NOT to do....

    So I've been busy. I've been quilting and cleaning (Yeah I'll get on those dishes in a bit.) and catching up on my Hulu TV. I love Hulu! Most times I don't have time to turn on the TV in the evening, with noisy children and all. So I catch up on Hulu. It's fantastic!

    I think that is all that is on my mind right now. I already called my work and told them I'd be running at least 30 minutes alte to work this evening because husband got off work late. Hopefully they will not discipline me because after all I did call and all. They are kinda sticklers for the discipline I've heard. But when I'm there I do the best I can do so they complain about me much.

    I'm an AWESOME employee! But Maybe I'm a bit biased.
    Who could fire such a cute employee like myself? lol. I'll stop before I go crazy.
    I'll try better in the future. This is ME trying better to blog. Because I have several things I can blog about. My head is full of ideas. Always. I just like to watch Hulu. And sleep. (Mainly the sleep part because I work 12 hour nights.)

    See you around in blogland folks! If you see me, say Hi! And no more crazy robotic comments on this here blog. I'm getting sick of deleting them.
    You've been warned Comment Auto-bots.

Monday, May 7, 2012

*Insert Creative title here*

Look! It's a recent picture of me taken this morning! Wow! I'm good!

Soooo I realize if I want people to continue to read this I have to create blog posts. So here it goes. I worked this past week! Thursday Fri, and Saturday. I can't wait to purchase more time for my cell, I'm on this limited minutes thing and it's killing me. I really need UNlimited. 750 minutes is not a lot of minutes to say what I have to say.

  I still have some pretty great co workers that I work with. They do their work AND they help me. I couldn't ask for anything more. Except for sleep. I need more sleep. And a bit more money. Mainly so I can pay off a little bill I have at another University so they can send my transcripts to the university right here. Near me. So I can get my associate's degree. It will happen. I have a job. I can save my money.

The pool is opening at the end of the month! YAY!

Summer is around the corner! I love summer. Bring on the heat! Oh how I have missed you!

The Avengers is out in theatres this month! (I'm gonna see it!)

I have money again. What kind of things are YOU celebrating this month?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little insight into my Cluttered Brain :)

  1. If you were given a million dollars, and only 24 hours to spend it, what would you buy? Only 24 hours to spend it? Well, I'd probably hop on a plane to NYC and see the latest Broadway show. Then I'd eat at a fancy restaurant, buy a couple of Porsches, fly to Europe and eat an authentic French meal. Perhaps I'd take a cruise get all "fancied" up (Like a Spa day) and sit and relax on the ship and breathe in all the fresh air. The rest of the $? I'd put into savings. 
  2. Same million but you have to divide it between at least 10 different charities? Where would it go? 10 different charities? I'd probably donate it to 10 different hospitals with children's cancer units. I would want to donate said money to help research to STOP cancer from killing the children.
  3. Last time with the million … you have to give it all away to individuals that you know personally and for specific purposes, how would you distribute it?  I'd give some to my parents, and my brothers. Family first. Then if anyone else really truly needs it, I'd give them some money too.
  4. Would you rather live in your dream house or in your dream neighborhood? BOTH! Jeez. Why do I have to choose? ;) 
  5. Are you a neat freak, a clutter junkie, or some scary combination of the two? I plead the 5th. Are you coming to my house to spend the night or just visit? I clean the house okay. My husband could probably afford to throw more of his "junk" away but for the most part I guess I'd have to say a clutter junkie. Shh, don't tell anyone. But not too cluttery, I like clean counters.
  6. If you were given the opportunity (all expenses paid) to go back to school would you do it? And what would you study? Nursing. Definitely. I would love to take care of people!
  7. Given the option would you go back in time to change ONE thing thereby altering the direction of your life? I would already have a nursing degree so I can help support my husband right now so he can go back to school. There may or may not be some boys in high school I might want to try and have a relationship with BEFORE I get married. And yes, I'd still marry the same guy I married. I love my husband!
  8. Not counting people or pets … what would you grab if you had to leave your home for ever and could only take what you could carry? Not counting people and pets...Ok, My laptop and my purse. I think that is about it. ;)
You want to play too?
Well, you can answer these questions, go right ahead.

Truth be told these questions were answered a while ago, I just never clicked publish. I think these questions came off of Beth Zimmerman's blog a long time ago, Thank goodness for drafts right? lol.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a wonder I'm confused.

Well I decided to log on to Blogger today and write a post. So you can imagine to much of my chagrin that Blogger has changed. It kinda looks like wordpress. I think I got the "New Blogger" but I want the old one back. I am having a bit trouble with this new change. Grrrr.....

Maybe a picture of McSteamy will help my system.
I'm feeling MUCH better What about you?


Where was I going with this post anyway?
Oh yeah.....I remember now. I caught myself a JOB! After a billion million interviews at the hospital near me....
*drum roll please*

I landed a job at a wonderful facility near the hospital.
Called Red Cliffs Health and Rehab. I have Orientation today. It's for full-time nights. (12 hours) YES!
And they have insurance benefits after a while.

I'm just glad somebody said "We'd like to hire you." I actually got 2 offers from 2 different facilities. No the hospital yet. But the "other" facility was 8 hr shifts. And since I have to drive 45 minutes to work I decided 12 hours would be the BEST position for me. (That and who wants to watch my kids at 5 AM?)

So I landed a job. Now what? My infamous blogging posts are going to be interrupted again?
Well, I hope not. I would like to continue to blog and comment because I desperately need to get back.

I like blogging. And laughing.

And posting sexy pictures of McSteamy on my blog.
Don't you like it when I do that? :)

Leave your congratulations in the comments. If you are my friend on FB you already know.
But hey, I didn't post a pic of McSteamy on my FB profile. So you can thank me later.
I'll let you know how my orientation was later.
But YAY, I have a job!!! :) Now I'm off to pay down a bill at a University, so I can finish my AAS degree. And then I'll take my Nursine pre-requsites again. And then a nursing program will accept me.

Everything will be as it should be then.
Until I blog again...
MUAH! Love you my peeps!

Monday, April 16, 2012

So uh it's Monday....

Hey peeps! It's Monday. normally I would mingle with the lovely Eighty MPH Mom but I have a few things to discuss with you first. First of all, I'm loving the Ultimate Blog Party; Susan and Janice really know how to throw a party. :) There are a couple of rules you should know when blog-hopping at the Ultimate blog party.


Did I just say rules? *giggling* Yeah I did.
Rule #1: Your Blog party post should consist more than the banner Susan and Janice created for the party. It should be an introduction to yourself.
I've been to a couple of blogs where that's their ENTIRE post. No intro, no nothing. And the Ultimate Blog Party is a way to get to know other blogs so it's polite to comment on a blog you like. Honestly, not just "Hey Love your blog, Come check me out at www.lameblog.com!"

   Okay, now that I have that off of my chest, I'm making a NEW turn in the blog world. I'm gonna try and blog more than once a week!
  And maybe comment on more than 2 blogs....bwahahahaha. Hey, don't laugh I actually did that the other day. Oh and I tweeted. AND I got a mention. I know, it's amaaaaaaazing isn't it?

So now that I'm back and I'm partying it up at the Ultimate Blog Party (Pssst, I think the Twitter party is tonight!) Come and stop by. Comment galore. And for the love of pete, no more word verification please! I can't type nonsense words.

 And another thing.....what am I suppose to blog about anyways?
Am I suppose to make you laugh?
Am I suppose to make you cry?
Are my crazy dancing videos enough for you people?

Well, ponder over these questions, I'll be sipping my Mountain Dew over here.

And in case you are wondering, who's WHO in the blogging land I'll give you the A-list.

In no particular order, Angel is a true southern girl who will tell you like it is. She's as sweet as ice tea, just don't hurt her or you will be sorry.

And then there's FromTracie. She tweets she blogs, she stands up for what she believes in. She has a beautiful daughter....

And then there is MassholeMommy. She is hilarious as all get out. Click on over.

And MamaKat. She has a freaking AWESOME writer's workshop. And her videos crack me up.

And Nolie's Place. Head on over to her blog if you want to laugh. She is oh so very funny.

I won't forget my wonderful gal friend T. As in TisForTonya. She tweets. She blogs. She even has 5 kiddos. I honestly don't know how she does it.

Have I forgotten anybody? My head is swirling with peeps, I'm trying to remember them all.

There is also the sweet BethZimmerman. She is so totally awesome. She blogs her life and has some pretty inspirational stuff so I know you all are gonna check her out.

And I think my head is gonna explode with linky love! Just know if I have left you out for ANY reason, There is always twitter. Send me a tweet and I'll pimp your site out there. Because I truly love you all.

So I'll leave you with a few headshots of me so you can get me an agent.
Love you all.

See I can NOT smile too...lol.

Now go out there and party and comment. My post is down below. Well it should be anyway, scroll down....Thanks loves!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Come and PARTY with me at the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2012!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
Hey Yo. I've been like ...uh....busy. Doing Stuff.
Dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets.
Yeah. You believe that? Than I really do look like Kate Hudson. :)

I've been busy looking for a job...I almost have one IF my scheduling hassles will work for them. I can only work on the weekends...Fri Sat Sun...and maybe throw 2 shifts from 2 PM-10PM during the week. I really would rather work at night but I'll take what I can get.

I'm a PARTY girl at heart. I love ANY and EVERY excuse for a good party. Especially if very handsome and sexy men are going to be there.

Like Matthew McConahey....

 And McSteamy.....*sigh*
Yeah....It's summertime in my mind and Mcsteamy and Matthew are rubbing suntan lotion ALL over my body....:)
Party TIME!!!!
What gets YOU in the mood to PARTY?

I like to dance.I like to drink. I like to talk ALOT. So WATCH my Ultimate blog party video...and get to know ME! Then pretty please leave me a comment. Share me with your friends. Follow me on my blog. Stalk me. Tweet me. Skype me if you look like Mcsteamy.....
Whatever you do this Ultimate BLOG party have FUN!!!!

Love you my peeps!!!!

I'm not sure this is a party requirement for this Blog party but others are saying 10 things about themselves to get to know them. So in case the video wasn't enough for you...I'll actually name 10 things about me. K?
And if you want a favorite post of mine I like ALL of them. Check some out. I'm cool. You all know it.

1. I like to take pictures of myself.
2. I'm a REAL blonde. (And YES, blondes do have more fun!)
3. I LOVE people! (Henceforth I'm in the nursing field. I'm a nurse assistant right now saving ALL my money to go to school.)
4. I like money. Send me some ok?
5. I like snickers bars.
6. I like writing.
7. I like comments. Comment on my blog pulllleeeeeeese?
8. I LOVE to be the center of attention. (I would be a blast at your next party!) Send me a plane ticket to where ever you live and I'm there!) Your brother looks like Mcsteamy? Ooooh lala. (Just kidding, I am married too. But I do like looking at sexy men.....bwahahahahaha!
9. I'm super friendly and nice to people that are nice back. NOT nice to me? Then Goodbye!
10. I like to make videos.......

There. I obeyed the party rules. I think. So partaaaaaay!
After you comment on my blog.
Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wasting Time, Monday Mingle....

Eighty MPH Mom

So I'm back to the blog. Kind of. Let's just say I'm laaaazy. And busy. I've been quilting. I've been using my sewing machine. I've been applying to jobs. I've been busy.
For reals.
Thanks for sticking with me. I really appreciate YOU!

Here's my mingle:
Come join in the fun at Eighty MPH Mom. Check her out today! And me, check my site out as well...while you are here....:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This blog is UNDER construction!

Yeah, Yeah I finally did it! I am re designing my blog! Please bear with me and all the changes. I am trying to keep it simple and use a template I already like. Whew, it's hard, AND I need a more comfortable computer chair...*sigh*

In other news?
I haven't heard back yet from the hospital. I'm still keeping the faith though. I WILL be hired at the hospital!

I highlighted my hair!

Yeah I'm not sure what else to say. EXCEPT Beware of who who friend on Facebook. Because man alive there are some really annoying people on Facebook. UGH. Luckily for me, I found a special little button. (Appear offline to Nellie?) YES! Now I won't get any more of her stupid messages to me...UGH.

As for the reason why I am not blogging on a daily basis is the way my blog looks. I'm afraid to change it because what if you guys don't like it? So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna open it up to all of you. What is your favorite layout? And do you think I could change it to that pretty easily? I can pretty savvy but if it is too confusing my brain might EXPLODE....

So leave me a comment. That IS if you are still there...It's been a LONG 3 weeks since I posted. I promise it will get better...And I need more memes to follow. Maybe 1 or 2 memes. Do YOU have any fun memes that would fun to see on One Cluttered Brain? Let me know! :)

Sayonara for now my friends!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday mingle Ramblings....With a streaks of blonde..:)

hey y'all. I didn't mingle last week. Busy busy. Job interviews, keeping myself together and all that...has kept me plenty busy.

And so for that I rambled for about 4 minutes....hear me out ok? 4 minutes is just a small nugget of your time right? haha.
Love you peeps!

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Monday. do you know what that means?

You get to see me in color. On a video...
*Good news, I have a job interview on Thursday...* Hope I impress my potential employers, it looks like a marvelous place to work!*

Eighty MPH Mom

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine love story of a long time ago....

   Hey peeps! I have a Valentine story to share. Well, I'm not sure the story happen over V-day perhaps BUT it happen to me a long time ago, when I was 15. I started liking a boy. He liked me. He was my first love. He wasn't the only boy I was going to love. But he was my first. And you never forget your first love. This boy really liked me. He reassured me that indeed I was beautiful. We laughed. We cried. He ate dinner with my family and survived the annoyingness of my little brothers. He actually liked them.
   And today I'm glad both of us have found happiness. I can't too much for him (the boy I liked so long ago) but I have found happiness with the man I am with right now. It hasn't been easy. We have had our ups and downs. But we are working through all that. We can come out on top. Because we both believe it will work out in the end.

So this song I am gonna share with you all is nostalgia for me. Because when you are 15, it's true you are gonna believe a boy loves you. And then he'll probably break your heart. (Let's face it most of the time we are all not ready to get married at 15.) But it's that first love that is refreshing and breathtaking, getting ready to prepare you for what is to come.

Don't you all cackle and laugh when you look at the singer's name....Yes, I like Taylor Swift. She writes good songs...lol.
Take a listen and remember your love on Valentine's Day. The love you are with right now....

As always, thanks for listening to me! ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday mingle time...yay!

I'm back again! YAY! I was going to publish this yesterday but my computer messed up. And it's working now so I better hurry up and publish ok? lol.....Hurry on over to Eighty MPH mom for the minglers! You too can be a mingler too!!!

Eighty MPH Mom

The questions: If you want to answer them too! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

You take the good with the bad....

See? I'm still smiling behind my nails....lol.

I don't want you all to feel sorry for me when I tell you all what is up with me now. I really am happy. Really. K? And I don't want any more spammers  commenting on my blog...I mean, c'mon I HATE word verification but I will put it up if you guys don't stop....
I don't care about your ads to Polo cologne..get it off my site...Sheesh.

Ok, Ok...I have an announcement.

It seems like everywhere I turn lately politics and drama like to follow me. Well, it's in my job....sigh. And I'm not in high school anymore. Some people when they graduate would like to stay in high school though with all the drama and cliques and such.

I'm looking for another job again. Manager called me up yesterday and said they were closing the first floor and cutting staff because there was no need for them anymore. She said I was re-hirable and they would call me back when patients picked up but until then I'm out. She is sending my check in the mail.

So...Off I look for another job. i'm not sad at all. Really. One of my bestest buds already left to work for a WAY better place (hospital, that she is trying to get me employed there as well) :)

And my other bestest bud still works there...I'll still see them just not at work anymore.

And Cluttered Brain WILL find another job...and soon. 'Cause who does want a CNA with like 4 years experience and LOVES people?

So, I will have more time for this blog, well kinda...and more time for my writing, kinda....lol. I do actually have to look for work you know. :)

Anyhoo, just wanted to update you...As always, thanks for being there for me. You guys are the BEST!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday mingling

I'm mingling again....On a Tuesday cuz that's what is good for me..
You too can mingle, it's fun and you can always meet new peeps!!

Jennifer at Eighty MPH mom is our lovely host.
Start mingling now! (oh and check out all the other minglers as well And comment comment comment...
it's just good to comment...)

Here I am...in all my mingling glory:)

Current questions – January 30th
1. “I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I ____________”
2. Which holiday do you feel doesn’t get the respect it deserves?
3. What do you wish you were better at?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a TUESDAY mingle! :)

hey you. I mingled. I mingled without make up and you can see my 2 biggest zits on my chin. *sigh* And I still published to Youtube. lol. What's up with zits anyway? I thought they were only suppose to happen when you were a teenager? UGH!

Next time, I'll do make up. Hopefully I didn't scare you too badly...lol.

Come join up! EightyMPHMom is your Monday mingle gal!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Mingle...chocolatey sundaes....oreos...AND MORE!

I'm mingling this week! I hope some people watch it...cuz haha I am poting this on Monday night around 9:18 MST....:) I'll try and come to your blog too....:)
Join us at Eighty MPH Mom...She's the mingling bomb!!!

Here are the questions:

Current questions – January 16th:
1. Do you quote any movies on a regular basis? If so, which quotes/movies?
2. What was the worst thing that happened to you in 2011?
3. You are creating the ultimate ice cream sundae…what would you put on it?

Here are my answers...:) In video form of course! (and yes no makeup...lol)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I confess....

I confess I'm slightly addicted to making hats on a loom. Just got them a couple of days ago and have already made 2 hats. They are so warm and soft...I could wear them all day....I think I need to make a matching scarf too. Who knew that loom-knitting a hat could be so fun?

Guess I better start folding some clothes now....After I start making a lovely scarf to match....lol.
Hope your day is finding you well!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Look! It's a NEW YEAR mingle from me...:))

Hey you all. Blogger says last time I published Jan 2 2012...wow. Not too much time has passed since I blogged. Even though I'm getting like 1-2 comments a post...HA! It's like I'm just starting out again...ahh well. I have been busy..but you already know that. Mainly cause that's all I talk about...lol. how BUSY I am....

le sigh.

On to the mingle.

This week's questions:
1. How did I ring in the new year?
2. What song title best describes my life right now?
3. Bravest most courageous thing I have ever done?

*My mouth and lips may or may not be matching.* HA. The joys of not using my Flip camera. i was lazy today...lol.

And for a real treat listen to the song for MY life right now. Cuz my life is non -sensical AND humorous...bwahahahaha.

That's this week's version of Monday mingle...Hop on over to Jen's site for more mingles..hey mingle this year...it's a BRAND new year! You can do anything!!! So mingle and comment with us!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy NEW YEAR...2012? WHAT?

So the Mayan calender says the world ends in 2012....hmmm...I don't think so but anyway...thats MY opinion. And if you are wondering HOW my Christmas was...I still haven't uploaded Christmas pics yet...*sigh* Someone is a LAZY butt around here...

My good friend Angel, from bloggy land...had her mother die on her on New Year's Eve. Read what she wrote here. It's beautiful. I just love that woman....Angel is an awesome bloggy friend.

I'm still working nights and trying to find enough money to pay off some things...old tuition so I can go back to school. Also our other car needs fixin...transmission issues....BUT I'm doing just fine. Life is treating me well, I KNOW I will go back to school and obtain a nursing degree. I just know it.

And as for this blog...man alive....I'm struggling. Work, work, home home clean clean....watch netflix...*sigh*
I have NO time anymore.

So I eat nachos and drink mountain dew instead with a friend.

Isn't life great? I'll upload some christmas pics for you later....
Love you my bloggy patient friends...patient enough to wait for me when I actually blog....lol.
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