Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laws of Illusions--Why should I buy this CD?

I know, I know probably not too many people are going to click on over to read about some music review. But perhaps you should. You might learn something if you do.

I got asked by One-2-One network if I could review a lovely CD by Sarah McLachlan. It is her latest CD- Laws of Illusion. Let me just say one thing.
Wow. I have a very relaxing CD to listen to now. I can listen to her when I blog, when I comment on other blogs, AND when I am driving in the car without it distracting me.
I love Sarah's voice.

She is good.
Forget Miley, Sarah has got something here.  (It also helps that I got a free copy of her latest CD to review.)
Whatever, Miley. Have your people talk to my people.

My favorite song that is on the Laws of Illusion CD is called "Loving you is easy."
You want to hear it don't you?
Ok.  I'll share it.
Here you go.
Don't say I didn't do anything for ya. K? (She performed on Jimmy Fallon's NBC show earlier.) Thanks Youtube for the video! ;)

Ok. So there you have it folks. Laws of Illusion came out on June 15th. What's today folks? June 23rd! That's it. I have the latest CD of Sarah McLachlan right here in my hands.
Not sure if I have authorization for a giveaway but I'm sure it's not that expensive.
I think you should buy it just because Cluttered Brain told you.
And I'm cool.

Just let me have the coolness thing, K?
My kids are already beginning to think otherwise.
I gotta find someone who thinks I am cool.
It might as well be you. ;)

DISCLAIMER:  I received this offer from One-2-One network to review Sarah McLachlan's CD, Laws of Illusion free if I would review it on my blog. So I did. For you people. It really is a great CD. Honest. You have my word.

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Lisa said...

Totally going to get this CD. Love it. Thanks for the review~I wouldn't have even known about it without YOU, CLUTTERED BRAIN! BLESS YOU!

Erin said...

Sarah is my very favorite artist EVER. And I totally bought the cd the day it came out. I also have her name favorited on my TiVo so I can watch her any time she is on any channel. I love this cd too. Sigh.

Patty Ann said...

Ok, now I am probably going to have to buy it. It sounds amazing!I am always looking for really good music that is relaxing and I think this just might fit the bill.

From Tracie said...

Love Sarah McLachlan! Loving this song!!

Holly said...

I didn't know she had a new CD out... I LOVE HER!! So you did your job WELL and EARNED your free CD!! LOL!! 2 of her songs are on my most favorites of ALL time!! That would be Angel & I Will Remember You!! They are #2 and #13 on the playlist on my blog!! if you want to have a listen to them!! If you haven't heard them, you'll DEFINITELY LOVE LOVE LOVE them, too!! (((HUGS)))

Vodka Logic said...

What a sweet deal reviewing cds...

Sarah has a lovely voice, just not my thing for some reason.. I think it is that song I have heard over and over and over....

I would love to read more music reviews :)

Garden of Egan said...

I absolutely love Sarah. Thanks for the review.
HUGS to you.
(I love the disclaimer....Thanks Ryan Bell!)

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