Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy NEW YEAR...2012? WHAT?

So the Mayan calender says the world ends in 2012....hmmm...I don't think so but anyway...thats MY opinion. And if you are wondering HOW my Christmas was...I still haven't uploaded Christmas pics yet...*sigh* Someone is a LAZY butt around here...

My good friend Angel, from bloggy land...had her mother die on her on New Year's Eve. Read what she wrote here. It's beautiful. I just love that woman....Angel is an awesome bloggy friend.

I'm still working nights and trying to find enough money to pay off some things...old tuition so I can go back to school. Also our other car needs fixin...transmission issues....BUT I'm doing just fine. Life is treating me well, I KNOW I will go back to school and obtain a nursing degree. I just know it.

And as for this alive....I'm struggling. Work, work, home home clean netflix...*sigh*
I have NO time anymore.

So I eat nachos and drink mountain dew instead with a friend.

Isn't life great? I'll upload some christmas pics for you later....
Love you my bloggy patient friends...patient enough to wait for me when I actually

1 comment:

From Tracie said...

Nachos are a good thing. Now I want some....but since it is 3am, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting any nachos right now. lol

Don't feel bad, I haven't really uploaded all my Christmas pics either.

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