Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I''m mingling Late is better than NEVER! :) lol.

Sorry about the shaky video quality...I guess next time I will put my camera down and record. lol.
BUT I mingled. Aren't you proud of me? bwahahaha.
Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming...the goose is getting fat...WHAT? Not the goose...maybe I need to stop eating all these chocolates....
le sigh.

Here's the questions:

Current questions {week of 12/12/11}
1. What is on your wish list this holiday season?
2. Have you done your holiday decorating? Show us!
3. Are you going to any blog conferences in 2012?


From Tracie said...

I am proud of you....even when you are late. hehe Considering I'm listening to this on a Wednesday, I'm even later than you.

I would love to have a tablet. For real. This is not the year, though.

Decorating? What is that? (I am SO late this year). Pretty tree!

I am probably not going to any blog conferences, either. But one day we will BOTH go!

I watched your video. <3
Merry Almost Christmas!

Lisa Brown said...

Hey, I've been a slacker mingler too. *sigh* I'm gonna do more! Love the decorations - I NEVER think to get a poinsettia! Merry Christmas :)

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