Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday mingle for FEB 1, 2010

**If you are experiencing difficulty reading my blog please update your browser. This blog is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer stinks! That's what they tell me anyway. **

This week's question's are!

1. If you could be any literary / movie character who would it be and why?
2. What is your biggest phobia?
3. Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names?

Next week's question's are:
1. (WHAT)Would Super Nanny say if she came to your house?

2. On the show Wife Swap/Trading Spouses, they typically pick opposites - what type of spouse would they send to you? (meaning what type of spouse would you really hate having around!)

3. If your spouse (or if someone were to propose to you) what would your ideal proposal be (ie setting, creative) (in other words, what was my proposal like?)

Dear Blogger,

**Try updating your WEB browser if you are having trouble viewing my blog.
K? I use Mozilla Firefox. Thanks!**

What is UP?
Why is some of my post publishing in the sidebar?
I am sad.
Guess it is a sign.
I need to STOP blogging altogether.
I hope Blogger resolves this soon.
Or I'm packing my bags and moving to Wordpress.

Testing, Testing, This is a test, Can you read me?

**AHEM** PEOPLE who cannot read my blog. Try updating your browser. I use Mozilla Firefox. that could be your problem. Thanks!

It has come to my attention that my blog is not viewable.
Some of my readers were saying that they could not read my one of my blog posts, it was doing something freaky and it was in the sidebar or something.
That's when I went ahead and and checked her out.
I could read it.
It was the Guilty pleasures post.

Which actually could have been written a TON better, because I wrote it late one night and I was tired and when I re-read it in the morning it did NOT make sense.

Here is a Re-cap of my GUILTY pleasures--

1. Manicures. Love the manicurist lotioning my hands and massaging them. It is a wonderful feeling.

2. chocolate. Yum. Stressed? Eat a little bit of chocolate. It is divine.

3. Reading. Love it. I love the escape where my mind takes me.

4. Baking. Love Baking. But cooking? *rolls eyes* I would like a chef please.

5. Tropical Island. I go there in my mind somedays. I am wearing a smoking HAWT bathing suit and Big STRONG muscular men are lathering me with lotion. Ahhh! I think I might just attend this tropical island today.

6. Writing. almost as good as reading, because it allows me to escape reality and indulge in my character's heads for a while.

7. Spoiling my cats. I love to pick up tuna at the store for my cats. They LOVE it and I love to feed them. ;)

8. Blogging/Comments. I love to blog. Something bothering you? Write a post and escape to your blog. Instant feedback and support. (Well almost instant.) I love to comment on people's blogs. I love the connections that are there to make when you comment.

9. Bubble baths. Hot water running across your body when stressed. Is there a better feeling? Perhaps. But sometimes at the time, a hot bubble bath will help you relax.

10. Twitter. Love it. It's like a shorter blog. A mini post if you will. And with Twitter you do get instant feedback. (If you have enough followers that is.)

That is MY REAL guilty pleasures list. Sorry I confused you all by writing LATE at night. I think I make a lot more sense in the morning don't ya think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You may have already won 1 million dollars!

You are a WINNER! You have won 1.56 million pounds.
Please email me your name, telephone number, address, credit card numbers, AND all important identifying information to me.
Then I will mail you your British pounds.

HA! Yeah right!

I am so sick of seeing this in my email. I may have already won a million pounds!
Jeez. *SIGH*

I have several things to discuss today.

--First, It is kinda bugging me that EVERY time I turn on the TV in the evening to watch my shows I can't. Cause almost EVERY network is either talking about Haiti (I am praying for these people and doing what I can, but EVERY network?) AND this evening when I turned on the TV all I saw was Obama. Come on, please? I need some comedy in my life.

--I am making my first cake this weekend and will be decorating it. It is my husband's grandmother's 92nd birthday party. I'm excited!

--Today on Twitter, almost every other tweet was talking about the ipad. Did Apple just come up with something new again? Jeez. I mean, if you are on twitter, lay off Apple and the ipad. It's old already.

-- This weekend I am going to try and catch up on my reading. I have borrowed some good books from the library. Roald Dahl, "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" AND "BFG."

--I am glad to be a part of the blogging community. It had opened up my eyes to marketing in a WHOLE different way. If any of you have heard of Seth Godin and NOT read his books yet Please do. Every blogger should read him. Start with the book, "Meatball Sundae."

--Anyone hear of Blogtalk Radio? If you were going to host a radio show what would you talk about? I am seriously considering this possibility. Would any of you readers tune into my station? I'd give you the link of course. (It's on the computer.)

--Heard enough of my blabber? Ok. I'll shut up now. I'll try and come up with a clever title and throw in some lovely pictures and be done for the evening. Thanks for stopping by! I sure appreciate ya!

Wordless Wednesday

(I'm giving myself the cool sign, I worked out for 30 minutes for 2 days thus far in a row...I'm on a roll. I will NOT give up.)

If I can get on the treadmill and push myself ever so hard, you can too. I'm on your side people. Come on, let's take this losing weight and getting FIT challenge together...K?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hubba, hubba Is it getting HAWT in here or what?

Okay. I worked out yesterday for the first time since Decemberish. I was feeling quite good that I actually got on the treadmill. I turned on the TV to see who was on. I watched the end of Oprah. Then my all-time favorite show came on. I usually miss it for some reason. But not anymore. Look who Ellen had on her show just for me. (Well not exactly just for me but it felt like a celebration since I was working out.)

Just watch. (I still have more post after the video, if you are still around.) ;)

Who wouldn't want to work out with these guys around?
Or get to dance blindfolded (or hop in their case) around these sexy men?
Ahh. I kicked it up a notch and instead of 3.5 MPH I walked 3.7 when they were on. It was like I was trying to walk to get to the Ellen show.

I just want to thank Ellen for the surprise. I mean, I have been procrastinating lately about exercising. I don't know why.

I mean I feel GREAT after I work out. It's just getting that butt in gear.

From now on, I will picture these guys when I run on the treadmill.

Total time on treadmill: Approx. 32 minutes.

It's also Ellen's birthday this week. I'm definitely going to stay tuned. Maybe there will be more HAWT men on the show...

So that was my surprise as I jumped on the treadmill yesterday. If I lived closer to Ellen, I'd hug her. Or at least buy her a drink. Cause man ALIVE, Ellen, you ROCK!


This week's questions (submitted by Colette from Jamerican Spice - thank you!):
1. Would you accept an invitation to do a survivor show? What would you hate most about being on the show?
2. When/how did you learn to ride a bicycle?
3. What do you want to have accomplished (personally) in your lifetime?

(And you are in for a REAL treat today, Cause I learned me some video editing skills. YAHOO!)
Watch and ENJOY!

A special thanks to Jendi @ Simple Vlogging Tips for letting me in on a little secret--Window LIVE Moviemaker! Thanks Jendi!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you are interested...

I decided to update my WRITER'S blog today. That's it I said it. I'm a writer.

if you want to find out WHY I write.


I'm turning off the comment system off here for this post. Please comment on my other blog today. THANKS!

Monday Mingle JAN 25,2010

This week's questions (submitted by Colette from Jamerican Spice - thank you!):
1. Would you accept an invitation to do a survivor show? What would you hate most about being on the show?
2. When/how did you learn to ride a bicycle?
3. What do you want to have accomplished (personally) in your lifetime?

(And you are in for a REAL treat today, Cause I learned me some video editing skills. YAHOO!)
Watch and ENJOY!

A special thanks to Jendi @ Simple Vlogging Tips for letting me in on a little secret--Window LIVE Moviemaker! Thanks Jendi!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fill in the _______ Friday!

Thanks Google for the above image!

I was hopping through Blogland this morning looking for a lighter post for Friday. 'Cause I don't know about you but when Friday comes I am done. Literally. My brain is fried. Well, I found something. Unexperienced Mom is doing Fill in the blank Friday. Something light and fun.
And who couldn't use another movie to watch.

Today’s Fill in the Blank Friday question is:

The movie I could watch over and over again is ____________.

(I had to think about this one. I have several movies I like to watch over and over again.)

But here it is: BEST THREE movies I like to watch over and over again. Sorry I couldn't pick just one.

1. Clueless (Yeah, I like the high school movies for some reason.)

2. Little Women (You know the movie with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder?)

3. Freaky Friday (The one with Lindsay Lohan and Jaimie Lee Curtis in it. See what i told you about HIGH school movies? I love them!) It is kinda odd cause I HATED high school. However I do like watching the movies...;)

Any-hoo, If you wanna join the fun, Go on over to UnexperiencedMom's site AND linky up with your fave movie! OR two or three!

(Instructions on her site.)

HAPPY Friday! I'm so GLAD Friday came!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have some EXCITING news!!!! :)

Well EXCITING for ME anyhow.
You might not even want anything to do with it.
Any-hoo on to the news.

Yesterday I was minding my own business as usual, tweeting at the usual tweeps, and one of my pals mentioned she got to join a round table discussion with Mom Talk radio. Well, I asked her how I could get in on all this discussion and I emailed the gal over at Mom Talk radio.

Well, she emailed ME back today.
She asked me to join a discussion on Mom talk radio!!!!

*Insert shrieks and screams here*

Okay, I'm done. So the low down is they are going to record it tomorrow morning, and then broadcast it on Sunday the 24th. If the radio station is in my area, I will be able to listen to it. (They broadcast nationally to 40 different stations.) If not, it goes on the web for all to hear my voice. YES! (I'm still waiting back on which radio station to tune into.)

THE best part?
She didn't have a topic for the show yet.
She asked me if i had any topics to go ahead give her some ideas.
AND then....

She picked MY idea!
Which was: How do we as mothers manage to stay on top of it all? OR how do we appear to look like we stay on top of it all?

Good topic huh? Well, if you are a Mom it is. After all it is called Mom talk radio.
(Psst. What else do Moms want to know anyway? Besides, I was hoping to pick up a few pointers.)

The ultimate BEST part of this whole deal? I get to plug my little old blog some more. LIVE. On a radio station. Cool, huh?
Hope I don't get stage fright. They are calling me tomorrow. YIKES!

What have I gotten myself into?

It will be fun. I'm sure. Right?
Well, yeah. I'm still excited. At least it's just my voice.

That's MY good news for yesterday.
Do you have any good news you'd like to share?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just take a look at how my 7 year old made me laugh so hard the other day.
She is sooo fuunnnny isn't she?

And of course, I cannot forget my sweet 2 year old. :)

Thanks for ALL the comment love yesterday! I appreciate it. Must dig deeper in my brain for more great posts that make ya think!
Hope y'all have a SUPER Wednesday! We are ALMOST to Friday. YEAH!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohhh. The life of comments in the bloggy world.

My friend, AJ, brought a point up to me in my last blog post. She left a comment on my post. It was the only comment thus far. She observed, that hardly anybody leaves comments on book reviews and she was going to leave a comment on my review just 'cause.
Thanks AJ by the way!

Which brings me to my next item of business. Comments.

Why do we comment on the blogs we read?

Here's why I comment on other blogs.

1. To get to know the person as a blogger. By asking questions in the comment section you get to know the blogger as a person NOT just as some blog you read.

2. The blogger is funny. I comment. For example, "This post is hilarious! It brough tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting!"

3. The blogger is my IRL friend. Yup. That's right folks. I have IRL friends that actually blog. YAHOO! IT's so much fun to read their blogs.

4. I comment because I am a SITS girl. (SITS is a big supporter of comments.) Here's their LINK if you want to check them out.

5. Monday Mingles. I try to comment on EVERYBODY who mingles with Jen over at I mean I participate to meet these minglers and learn more about them each week. It's fun.

6. Cool giveaways going on a blog. I comment on these only when it is easier to sign up. I don't like jumping through a MILLION different hoops just to be entered in YOUR giveaway. I'll usually do about 3 things. Anymore, and I won't bother with your giveaway.

7. Facebook/Twitter. If you use these popular programs and have a blog, I probably have noticed you and have gone to your blog. If you write good blog, I'll comment.

I think that's about it. Those are the reasons WHY I comment. Why do you choose to leave comments on other blogs? :)

P.S. And yes, like everybody in blogland, I heart comments. So leave a comment. It's easy-peasy. I might even go and check your stuff out. :)

I'm going to put my book review post down underneath this one in case you are interested. K?

P.P.S. Never mind about that. The Monday Mingle post came up. OOps. Just check my archives on the right for the book review entitled "Missing" By Rhonda Hinrickson. Thanks!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

JANUARY 18,2010 Monday Mingle! ;)

Hey y'all! I know you waited all week for this! ;)

I have NO idea why my lips and speech are not matching. It's like a BAD japanese film. UGH! If anyone has any ideas what I can do to change that please tell me.

Maybe talk slower?

I'll try that next time.

I made it under 3 minutes this time!

Okay, Monday Mingle time! You can join in with Speedy anytime you want! Just grab your camcorder or webcam and linky up! YES!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

UPDATE! The leak was found! Landlord came over and took some of the wall out and it revealed a leaky joint to a pipe. Plumber will be by MONDAY to fix it! Yeah! Thanks for all your concern! The leak was NOT caused by my animals, (cats) or by my children. *wipes forehead* WHEW! PLUS my carpet is almost dry! YEAH!

I hope my carpet dries quickly.

Insert explanation here: We found a wet spot on out carpet the other day that refuses to dry. It's not coming from the wall, we don't think, it might coming from underneath the carpet. Like the foundation? Any-hoo, it's not spreading so that is good.

I just hope it's not that big of a deal to fix.

This weekend I'm praying for DRY carpet. *crosses fingers*

Friday, January 15, 2010

Girl's night out--Blog style!

Hey all you people! Have you heard of a "Virtual" Girl's night out? Ann is hosting a GNO today! I haven't done it for a while, I thought I'd try it today.

So sit back and relax, Grab a drink, (My drink of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper, currently)
all things in moderation of course,

So on Ann's blog, she told us that when the world seems to be falling down everywhere around us she likes to think of things she is most thankful for.

I'm thankful for:

1. My sweet wonderful husband who continues to adore me even though at times I can be trying.

2. My children, I am thankful my children have their health and that we have enough food on our table to provide for them.

3. A roof over my head. I am grateful for my townhouse I live in. Even though, recently we have just found a small leak from somewhere. It is not spreading, so this is a good thing. Anyhow, I am grateful for a roof over my head.

So if you are interested in meeting some new people and/or new blogs, visit Ann and join in at her site. (She has the linky up on her blog.)

If you don't feel like blog-hopping very much today, leave me YOUR link to your blog, and I will check YOUR stuff out personally and show you some comment love.

Pinky Swear.


Have a great LONG weekend! Martin Luther King holiday is on Monday! ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear first boyfriend who very nearly broke my heart altogether,

Yes, it's that time again. It's time for me to join Mama Kat's writer's workshop. Mainly because I didn't really have a blog post regularly scheduled and I found something over there I thought I would try out.

This is to the first person who ever broke my heart. I believe I was about 16.

Dear Fred,* (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Why? I must ask you this question. Things were going so well for us. I remember even kissing you right before we broke up. And then, BAM, the break up. What was that all about anyway? I mean, you just HAD to get some lip action in before you broke it off with me?

Riiiiight. And then a couple of months later, I had you over for dinner. I mean you were like a family friend. Sweeeeet. Parents go to bed, and it's you and me. We talk. I mean REALLY talk. It's great. We talk about why we separated, and what was stopping us from getting back together. And then, you had to go. It was like 1:30 in the morning. (Yes, I didn't really have any curfews, he didn't either.) I walked you to your car. And lo, and behold, what happened again? You kissed me. Not just any old kiss, but we really kissed each other. After deciding we just weren't cut out for each other, you kissed me.

I remember you said you were going to call me the next day.

I waited. and waited.

I don't believe you ever called me again.

I think I might have tried to call you. But I never actually reached you.

We could have made something out of it.


Do you remember that night? I mean, I sure do. I dreamed about you for months after that last kiss. How could you forget me? Well I suppose we were not meant to be.
I hope you are happy now. If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently? I think I might.

Take care, my friend.

I just wanted to let you know I'm okay with everything. Have a good life.
(Seriously how do I sign off from this letter?)

P.S. Hope you are okay.
* Fred. Nope. Not going to tell you what his REAL name was. He could be out there. And if he happens to stumble across my blog...I don't want to be embarrassed. Thanks for understanding. :)

And that's my letter to my first love. Or what I would write him if I knew where he was right now. *SIGH*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January may get a bad rap, and here's why---

Hey, So glad you stopped by. Thanks.

I've been reading some of your blogs lately. Many of you are not feeling so well. Everything is kinda out of whack. Some of you are sick, some of you are just dealing with a lot of painful stuff, and some of you are just dealing with what I like to call the January Blues.

You see I have a theory about January. You want to hear it?

I thought so.

We have December in all its glory. December has Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and LOTS of holiday fun, treats and family. December also has time off from work. December doesn't also have all those dieting resolutions to make it have a bad rap. December is glorious. We are shopping for the ones we love and doing it because we care.

And then we move onto January. January the beginning of a new year. This year was the beginning of a NEW decade even. Whoah! (I can't believe that already.) In January, people are headed back to work and the holidays are gone. We aren't shopping for one another anymore. The somewhat jovial spirit has left. January can be quite bitter for some who spent just a little too much on their credit card.
With January comes the resolutions also. There are no grand holidays in January. There's Martin Luther King Day, which, don't get me wrong, is a great holiday--but it's no Christmas.

So January gets a bad rap. It's the January blues,man. It will be over in February. 'Cause we all like February. That's the sweetheart month. (Unless you can't stand the person you are with then you like Valentine's Day.)

So my solution to the January blues? Pack your bags and take a trip to somewhere warm with lots of clear blue water. The beach also makes me happy. No money? You can also get to the warm blue skies in your mind.....

(There is another way you can be happy in January. It's called keeping Christmas in your heart all year round. The giving spirit in us should not just be at Christmas but all year round.)

P.S. Hope I'm not being too cheesy or preachy. I'm NOT trying to be. Just send me some cheese and crackers and be on your merry way. ;)))

P.P.S. See I actually write too. Not just all that vloggy stuff. Writing is AWESOME, don't ya know?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Mingle 1-11-2010

In an attempt to get this out on Monday, I will forego trying to add music and what-not to the mingle. I tried to, was successful, tried to upload it to youtube and youtube failed. Guess I have to keep working at it.

Here's my Monday Mingle (without music) folks.

Have a GREAT Monday! ;)

P.S. If you have time, I updated the About me section of my blog. Part of the vlogging challenge from Jendi. Her site is Simple Vlogging tips!
I'm wanting to win a 50 dollar gift certificate from MomTV as well. ;)
Talk you y'all later! ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Flashback Friday! (Yeah--What did I look like when I was younger?)

I have seen a lot of bloggers use this meme. So in the spirit of Friday, I shall post a picture of what I looked like in the past. I have a couple of pictures for you. Yes, You are in for a real treat Ladies and gentleman...:)

This is me with my great grandmother and ONE of my favorite cousins. Like our poses?
and check out our AWESOME jewelery!(Sorry the pic is not bigger) It was from our great-grandmother's stash.

I think I'm in the seventh grade or something. I mean look at me sweater! Primary colors--red, blue and yellow? Jeez.

And last not but not least, Here is what I look like today. I mean with THESE Blast from the past pictures I can't have you think I'm looking like that now can I?

NO WAY, man! :)
(And yes, I think it's time for me to get a haircut again!) I LOVE this hairstyle, easy and fun!

P.S. Regarding yerterday's post--I guess not all of you are into recording yourselves via webcam or video camera. That's okay. When you get there, I'll still be here and I'll give you some pointers.:)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now that is what I am "talking" about!

Okay. Who likes money?
Who likes to meet people? (This means nice people. Not the crabby people that are rushed and stressed, the kind you find in Wal-mart with a million groceries.)
Who has a webcam?
Who has a video camera?
Who is NOT afraid to record themselves answering my questions on this NEW website I found called Sayitfacetoface???

Well--I have some news. I am hoping everyone that visits me here is not a chicken.
This website is holding a contest in January.
First, I'll tell you what you can win.
FIRST Prize: 150 dollars!
SECOND Prize: 100 dollars!
Third Prize: 50 dollars!

Who couldn't use some extra cash in January? Maybe for a Starbucks coffee?
Maybe for something for your computer? Think about it.

This is what you have to do. Go to this website I mentioned above, Say it face to face. Find me. I believe you will be able to. I have some conversations started already. Find one you like and reply in video (Please?) to my conversation starter.
The person with the most replies wins some money.

Okay. Still not with me?
If you can't bring yourself to record yourself LIVE, do you have any questions or conversation starters you want answered? I'll ask them on your behalf. Just leave them in the comments below.:) You want your traffic to drive up on your blog? I'll help you achieve that. (Psst. Leave me some video responses on sayitfacetoface...)

Here are some questions I have asked already.
Why do you live where you live if it so cold there?
Why do you vlog?

I have answered several questions in video form.
How many people are in my family unit?
Have my children gotten cavities before?

I have even sung without music over there to one of my favorite Paula Abdul songs. Just one verse. I didn't want to scare people away with my singing. And it was just one song.

So could you help a girl out? You could win something too!
If you want to know more details, Go to the website,! and find out more. (Susan and Janice are the founders of the website, sisters who started this last summer.)

What are you waiting for? Go watch me! Most of the videos are under three minutes, so it shouldn't take too much of your time. The SHORTER the better....I mean who wants to listen to me go on and on for 15 minutes?

I might be tempted to offer a giveaway to my readers who respond to me on this fabulous website. Think about it. This is a NEW year! 2010! Let's break out of our comfort zones and meet some GREAT people! Okay?

Alright! Let's go!

And "Happy Recording!" :)

Disclaimer:I was not compensated in any matter to tell you about this contest. Just something I thought of. I will be THRILLED if any of you stop by and film a response for me though. That would be reward enough for me. Oh, and don't forget the money they are offering. Yup. Can't forget about that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Jan. 6th, 2010

Forgive me if you have seen these pics before on Twitter or somewhere else.
I just think they are cute.

My oldest,she is growing up so fast. She will be 11 this YEAR! I can hardly believe it myself!

Mask<--otherwise known as Stinker cat!

Daughter fell asleep on my hubby, christmas Eve. Thought this was adorable!

Monday, January 4, 2010

First Monday Mingle of 2010! YAHOO! :) JAN 4th,2010

Once again, Speedy has hosted Monday Mingle again. Anyone want to join in this year? It is WAY fun and you get to meet some neat people.

Other gifts we recieved--Lydia(as featured in the video) Play Kitchen
MY 10 year old-- Tamagotchi and gum ball machine
MY 7 year old--Tamagotchi and Princess and The Frog Barbie
My hubby-- Autographed CD by George Dyer (opera singer)
Me--Time spent with family--and a soft blue fluffy robe, so COMFORTABLE! :)

That's it! Hope to see ALL the regular Monday Minglers this time....Love you all!
And Newbies are always fun--What R U waiting for? :) (I just danced to the YMCA without music. It doesn't get any worse than that...HA!)
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