Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey you..yeah you...:) i'm baaaack!

Well I'm back. For a little while anyway. I know I keep saying that and that sumthin comes up where I cannot possibly have time to blog...*SIGH* The kids are in school. Well 2 out of three are anyway. My youngest starts Aug 24th in pre school...Can you believe?

Yesterday we celebrated the youngest's birthday...4 years old. Wow. She is still as sweet as the day she was born.

What's up with me? Well, that's a good question...yesterday (last night) woke up to several back muscles as tense as tense could be....4 AM hubby tried to rub the knots out after I showered...then we finally found the muscle rub know (Ben-Gay) Ahhh After the cream and the 2 ibprofen I took I am just now feeling relaxed....So I figured I'd update ya....

10 things you may or may not have missed from lately....

1. Back to school get-your-crap-together night. Yeah, the last two nights were back to school nights...Ho hum...4th grader is excited...7th grader not so much...But it is getting better...:)

2. Youngest Birthday yesterday....Ahh she is growing up so fast!

3. Work is going well. It's nice to get "paid" twice a month for what I do. And I also LOVE doing what I do so this is a good thing....

4. What??!! I don't think I can go to 10. Boy, That's about it. School and work oh and throw in a couple of date nights..that's all I've been up to.

What about you?

*Regularly scheduled mingles appearing on Monday should be posted next Monday. Since I know you are ALL dying to see me. :)*

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Woo-hoo it's time to PARTY!

Brittany's wonderful blog bash is back! I almost fergot it was going on until I was reminded by my good friend Angel's blog bash post... Check it out if you want...

I'm not sure everyone knows me yet. So allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Cluttered Brain. The zany funny blogger who LOVES to vlog and sing and dance and entertain others....I am currently a CNA (certified nurse assistant) and I am in the process of going back to school and getting my RN....I WILL do it.

This is me....
I'm surprised I could find a halfway decent pic of myself....bwahahahaha.

And now on to some of the questions....

1. What's your favorite memory from summer 2011? Probably getting my job at Coral Desert. I know it sounds lame but I really LOVE my job. I'm crazy like that. ;) And of course swimming with my girls almost every day....

2.  What's my dream summer vacation? Probably a cruise taken with my honey. One with the kids and one WITHOUT....Ahhhh...relaxing.

3. What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? to RELAX with my girls and hubby.

4. What's your blog goal for 2011? Just to blog. To find enough time to blog, parent, be a wife, work full time and perhaps buy my own domain...

5 .Let's hear the story behind your blog title? ;) I'd say its pretty obvious. I am cluttered galore with thoughts, stories, to-do lists. blog posts, mind races with all sorts of ideas...And it leaves me feeling cluttered most days. MY cluttered thoughts also lead to most entertaining blog posts though...not to mention Skype phone calls....

And that's me in a nutshell. What about YOU?
Come join in on the fun! It's fun and easy...and Brittany throws wonderful blog parties....(and her friend Hannah too...I don't know Hannah very well but if she knows Brittany then I'm sure she knows how to throw a good party...;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday mingle...on a MONDAY no less.

I worked ALL weekend, slept all day (until 2 PM) and even mingled fer you. You can thank me later.
The questions this week are:

Current questions {week of 8/1/11}:
1.  Tell us 3 words that describe you accurately.
2.  Fill in the blank: “Although I love my spouse, it is really annoying when he/she _____________________”.
3. What colors look best on you?

Answers: (For those of you without working computers and cannot see my lovely videos....haha.
1. caring giggly and fun. Because you read my blog you all know I am fun..
2. Although I love my spouse I wish he would take his empty soda pop cans out of the car. *sigh*
3. I look good in teals, blue, pink anything but yellow really....

Now if you dare watch my mingle...the answers are really better LIVE....

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