Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday mingle...on a MONDAY no less.

I worked ALL weekend, slept all day (until 2 PM) and even mingled fer you. You can thank me later.
The questions this week are:

Current questions {week of 8/1/11}:
1.  Tell us 3 words that describe you accurately.
2.  Fill in the blank: “Although I love my spouse, it is really annoying when he/she _____________________”.
3. What colors look best on you?

Answers: (For those of you without working computers and cannot see my lovely videos....haha.
1. caring giggly and fun. Because you read my blog you all know I am fun..
2. Although I love my spouse I wish he would take his empty soda pop cans out of the car. *sigh*
3. I look good in teals, blue, pink anything but yellow really....

Now if you dare watch my mingle...the answers are really better LIVE....


Patty Ann said...

Oh yeah, I think that describes you perfectly.

From Tracie said...

Thomas is awful about trashing out the car...but he is nice enough to clean it out before I ride in it.

You ARE caring giggly and fun!

Singedwingangel said...

you giggly?? Never.. yeah Gene leaves his car an absolute wreck it drives me BATTY

Cheeseboy said...

Most us men do have too many empty soda containers in our car. Yep, you are definitely fun.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hi you!

You are totally giggly and fun - that's why everyone loves you so much!

Congrats on sleeping in...that sounds like pure heaven to me :)

I am sorry mingles have been so scattered lately, but they should be back on track now.

Have a good week!

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