Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Internet will be back this Thursday!

Well I just wanted to fill you guys in on our move. We did it!!!! All of our stuff is in Mesquite, NV. Except for our red mini van which is still being fixed by our mechanic. I LOVE it here so far. Haven't been to church services yet---That's another blog entry. We will go tomorrow! Hopefully I will find out who lives in my townhome community.
The girls started school. This week was their first week. All went well and the excitement of school is still around. (We'll see how long that will last.) Wait until the teachers start assigning homework. ***SHUDDER*** I wish the excitement would last forever, Don't you?
I am busy setting up our phone/Internet and paying bills and such. Don't forget the unsurmountable task of UNpacking. UGH! It's almost done. Slowly but surely. Then the garage must be organized. Sheesh! My work is NEVER done.
My hubby still likes his job. It seems to be working out. I feel like I am living in the lap of luxury with 3 toilets! Never had more than one bathroom before!
I think that is about it. I miss everyone that I left in Provo, but realize that I will get to visit other times as well. Our next adventure is in Mesquite NV folks. Stay tuned to our Mesquite adventures!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just wanted to let y'all know the reason I have not been blogging is that I am MOVING! We pack the truck tomorrow and Saturday! And besides that we don't even have internet at the house anymore. We will get connected into the world again. I will have fabulous updates and hopefully pictures of the new place!!!!!
Thank you for your continued support during this time. I will be back again soon!

Alexes :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing Excerpts.

I figured since you clicked her you want an example of my writing. Ok. Ok. Enough teasing. Here it is.
Now, Hands off, Please DO NOT plagarize me. Or I will hunt you down and hurt you! ;) OK?

"It was a dark and sultry night. Rebecca's pajama's were sticking to her like glue. The air conditioning had just quit and it was in the middle of July. Rebecca had the fan turned on towards her and sat there in front of it, with her hair blowing every which way. She was waiting for her husband to come home off of late shift. Rebecca turned on the radio to see if there was any good music on at this hour.
"Darn this thing! It never gets any reception!" she said as she threw the radio against the wall.
Rebecca sat and waited in silence until she heard a car pull up. She peeked passed the curtains at the window to see if it was Mike getting in. Rebecca did not recognize the black stretch limo that pulled in her driveway at 1 AM in the morning. She watched the short man in the tuxedo get out of the limo. Rebecca watched the short man check his front pocket and the walk to her front door. Her heart pumped wildly with nervousness and fear. Who was this strange mysterious short man showing up at her door at one in the morning? And what did he have in his pocket?"

This might be the beginnings of something great or it might just be some cheese you can slice up with your crackers. You be the judge. This was written totally spontaneously at the spur of the moment. ;)

What do YOU want to happen next?  Email me with your responses. oneclutteredbrain AT gmail DOT com

P/R Welcome!

This blog is welcome to doing any reviews of products. I am interested in doing reviews of beauty products, fragrances, children's toys...Shoot me an email and I will let you know if I am interested. OK?

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