Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't be a milk dud, just VOTE.

Thanks Google for the image!

* Post 2 of today. I'm sorry. I just HAD to post this NOW. This is an attempt to get my friend Debbie more votes. And an attempt to make you laugh. Did it work?
Whew! I hope it did. I don't ever want to lose my game.*

So you wanna be the NEXT good mood blogger? You don't? Well I know a gal who does.
Her name is Debbie. And she totally approves this message. Seriously. I met her at a blogger conference this past May. She is totally AWESOME. She wants this gig as the next SAM-E good mood blogger. She needs your votes though. There are people with 12,000 votes. She is almost at 5,000 votes.

Her video was rad. Why do you ask am I talking like I came out of the 80's? Who knows? It's Christmas. You shouldn't ask silly questions like that.

I can't promise a sweet prize or money if you vote for my friend.
But I can promise a Winner dance like you have never seen before. Video footage of Cluttered Brain dancing like there is NO tomorrow. Seriously, folks, you won't want to miss it.

Here's my gangsta rap video telling YOU and the Sami-good mood people who should be the NEXT good mood blogger. Don't laugh at me. Just laugh WITH me. Ok?

There. You saw me make a fool out of myself for a chance to win some money.
*sigh* I am shameless.

Disclaimer: This has been an attempt at a video contest held by Crash at her Dummy blog. If her sponsors like my attempt to get Crash to win the good mood blogger I might win $100 dollars. All video footage is shot by me, and any similarities to any videos you have seen in the past is purely coincidental. Thank you.

And look people, I gave you the link to Crash's AWESOME video and I also am posting it here on my blog. So you all can watch. You can thank me later.

My time is done here. Just vote for Crash to be the next Good mood blogger. She'll throw an AWESOME party and I'll dance for ya. What more could you want?

So I got my tree up, now what?

So yesterday after seeing so many of my friends state that their tree was up and decorated, I decided to be bold and actually get my tree up BEFORE December. 'Cause it is not December yet folks, it is November 30th. I did it! Finally. We have an artificial tree that you have to match branches to each level, and man alive, it can be challenging at times. But I got it up. I even managed to string some lights on the tree and put up a few decorations. Go me! (I'm saving some decorations for the kids to put on the tree.)
   So now that my tree is up I feel more in the Christmasy spirit. I should feel that way all year long, but sometimes it can be challenging giving to others when you don't have much yourself. My oldest daughter's friend was over last night visiting and I was making my specialty for dinner--spaghetti casserole. Pasta with melted cheese on top, spaghetti sauce mixed throughout. It really was quite delicious. Anyhoo, at his house there was "commotion" (a lot of swearing and arguing) so they went to my house. I made dinner and instead of making my daughter's friend go home at dinnertime like I usually do, I let him stay. I fed him some of my casserole and fruit cocktail and he stayed for about a half hour more then went home.
Not my picture of spaghetti casserole. Google image helped. ;)
Thanks Google!
  It wasn't that hard to fill another plate just this once for dinner. I'm glad that my daughter's friends know where to go to feel like they are not going to get yelled at all the time. So even though I worry sometimes about where my food is going to come from I shared my portion with a neighborhood kid yesterday. I felt better. I felt like giving more. I don't have much but I do have myself and my talents to give to others. So that's what I'll do this year with my kids. I'm gonna create memories, time spent with them at Christmastime. Because likely or not, when they get all grown up, this is what they are gonna remember. My kids aren't going to remember that I got them a MP3 player or a Nintendo DS for Christmas.  They are gonna remember the time I spent with them.
   I don't remember everything I got for Christmas as a kid. I remember the memories, the activities we did together. Every year, we almost always found a family less fortunate then us to pack a meal box for, and wrap some toys for Christmas. Then we snuck on over, placed the goodies on their doorstep and ran and hid. I remember the giving heart my parents taught me to have. That's what I want to teach my kids. And you can do that even when you don't have a TON of money this year.
  You can't buy me with presents. I don't care about the latest gadget or toy.
   I want to make sure my kids grow up right with a kind and giving heart.
   Selfishness leads to loneliness eventually. Nobody wants to be with a selfish person.
This year I'm making the memories that count this year for Christmas. I'm giving of myself to my kids and to others.

P.S. Hey psst. You still around? I know, I know I wasn't funny this time around. I got all serious on you guys. Well sometimes I do that. But most of the time this blog is a funny blog. Every now and then, I'll get on my soapbox and tell y'all some stuff I've learned, but most of the time, I'm funny.

P.P.S.  In the works...a video is being made for a friend that needs VOTES badly. It will be up later. BE on the look out. OK?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I think Facebook is getting a bad rap.

Facebook gets a bad rap.
The other day our family got some pictures taken. Yup, I have a pretty talented sister in law (SIL) with a terrific camera and she took ALL our pictures over Thanksgiving break. We each got individual family pics and pics with the whole gang. Anyway, I posted some on Facebook.  My father in law passed by my computer looked at my computer and the pic, and said, "Facebook? I don't want all of Facebook to see my picture. Take my photo off of Facebook RIGHT now!" I deleted the whole gang picture. I didn't even label the picture. It was just a picture.
  Why are some people opposed to Facebook so much? I think it is because they do not understand the functions of what Facebook is supposed to be about. Facebook is a tool used to communicate with others.  I know my FIL watched some news show about privacy of Facebook users and proceeded to tell me all about how Facebook sells your private information to everyone and your "private" family life will never be the same again.
  Seriously? I use Facebook as a way to communicate with MY family. My whole side of the family is on Facebook. I live over 2,000 miles away from my mom and my dad and my brothers. How else am I gonna update them on the comings and goings of my life? It's free. I use the phone too. But you can't post pictures on the phone. Well at least not on my phone. I have a dinosaur cell phone--LOL. I don't post everything on Facebook. I never get that private. But I occasionally post a family picture so my family can see what I look like.
  *sigh* I have heard others also take offense at Facebook. I have heard other negative remarks about Facebook too. I use my time wisely on Facebook. I don't squander my time playing Facebook games all day. Even if I did, that would be my purgative anyway wouldn't it?

I think my FIL is mistaken. Just because the whole gang picture of us is on Facebook doesn't mean EVERYONE can see it. Only friends can see my pictures. And I can block people on Facebook too if I think they are acting weird. Facebook is an excellent communication tool for my family. Don't knock it. You haven't even tried it--father-in-law. I hate to see what he thinks about people who blog.

If you don't understand something, learn more about it. Don't knock it until you have tried it, have an open mind for pete's sake.

So that's my rant on Facebook and my father in law. I'm still not home yet. I think we are being driven home this afternoon. (I don't have a working car yet. So I have to rely on the kindness of family.) I'll be back to my home where I can post anything I want without negative Facebook remarks soon. Hopefully.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Yikes! Christmas is right around the corner! EEK! Are YOU ready yet?
My family picture. Don't STEAL it. That's just WRONG.
Pay my instead for posting my pic elsewhere. OK?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Where in the world is Cluttered Brain?

Where is Cluttered Brain? This is HER blog right? So I'm just wondering, where the heck is she? She usually updates somewhat daily and and she usually NEVER refers to herself in the third person. *sigh* Where has she gone?
Image obtained thru Google images!
I'm here, I'm here. I'm just busy dealing with the prep for the holidays. My daughter has a concert this week at her middle school--(choir concert) and then we have to deal with our car. You know the one that is broken down in St. George UT? (about 35 minutes away from us.) *sigh*
Lately there just hasn't been time for blogging and comments. Oh yeah, I'll visit ya, eventually, but I'm trying to finish up the last minute stuff on my CNA class and pack so we can visit family this week.

I love you all. I hope all of you have a wonderful visiting family and eating yummy Thanksgiving food. Let us all remember what we are truly grateful for this season. I am grateful for my health, my family's health and for the love of a good husband. We too will get through this. We WILL come out on top.

And yes I know there are a few Monday mingle fans out there. BUT I'm just not into it this week. Sorry.

Too much to do.
What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check me out!

I'm over at my other blog today. You see, I have 2 blogs. It makes for more insanity in my life but I like the insane. I follow a bunch of gals and guys over there as well. And I posted over there as well.
'Cause I'm like that.
Come join me.
Leave a comment here or there I don't care. Just comment. PUUULEEEEESE? I'm begging you.
LOL. I'm so needy like that.
You love me so I'll let the no comment thing pass this once. But just this once. Geez.
I'm needy like that. Ya know?
Where you can find me.
Just click on any of the links on this page. It will take you to my "other" blog.
Bwa hahahahahaha!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music Review--Norah Jones.

I had a wonderful opportunity to review Norah Jones CD that just came out. Yup, that's right folks, thanks to One-2-One Network, I got this CD. Lovely. Relaxing. I just hope you can hear some of the music. I couldn't BLAST it that loud or my neighbors would complain.
Watch my video review. Letting you know what I've been up to, as usual.

You can find more of Norah Jones at the following links:

*  YouTube: http://bit.ly/norahYT 
*  Link to Preorder on Amazon: http://amzn.to/Njpreorder 

Disclaimer: I received this CD through One-2-One network. I was NOT monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are mine and should not be affiliated with one-2-one network. I am in the running to receive a gift card though for posting this review.
Yay me!

Intermediate post.

I'm working on some goodies right now.
But in case you are passing over the Cluttered Brain blog thinking--"Why hasn't she posted anything?"
I'm throwing a bone to you all.
Because I know you are out there.
I'm thinking of all the yummy food I will be eating on Thanksgiving.
And all the family (hopefully) I will get to see.

Mmm. NOM NOM NOM....what are you thinking of right now?
Bet you are NOT thinking of fancy feast cat food. LOL.

Is this a little more like it?

I'm still here. I'm working on my NEXT latest and greatest. Anticipation. That's where it is right now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short and Sweet Monday mingle! Nov 15

Yee-haw! It's Monday time. And I mingled. I mingled in my pj's and I mingled even though there was a Law and Order SVU marathon on...I love Christopher Meloni.
Here is MY mingle.
Where's yours? We are always looking for new minglers.

And yes, I know, my lips and voice aren't matchy matchy this week. I didn't edit the video like I usually do....Just call me lazy--lol.
I need to get this CNA license and try and get a job...I've been busy.

Hope you all have a super week!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner...are you EXCITED yet?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tell me your confessions....

I've got some confessions this week for ya.
And since I'm neat and organized like that I will arrange my confessions in a bullet style list. Yippee!
This list of confessions has been brought to you by ME and hosted by Glamazon Mom. However, I don't think she has a list of confessions this week. Glamazon where are yoooou? :)

Haha! Right? Got this off of Google Images.

  • I confess I wish my body alarm clock (AKA: bladder) would STOP waking me up at 6:30 in the morning. And NO, I'm not pregnant, I just have a tiny bladder. *sigh*
  • I confess I missed my favorite comedies this week because CMA music awards were on. BLAST. Who sits and watches 4 hours of an award show anyway? Seriously? Geez.
  •  I'm not a very patient person. I say I am, but when push comes to shove I want things now. (Like a potential employer to call and ask for an interview...)
  • I'm addicted to receiving tons of magazines in the mail. Ya know the ones...Redbook, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Swiss Colony catalog....YUM!
  • I can't wait until my CNA (certifed nurse assistant = AKA Nurse slave...LOL.) class on Saturday. I know, I have to re-take it because I let the license lapse, but I honestly am enjoying the class. Especially all the good nursing stories that the nurses have. I can't WAIT to be back in the medical profession. I simply love it! BEST customer service job EVER! (For me anyway.)
  • I can't wait until my stethoscope and B.P. cuff comes in the mail. I ordered it a couple of days ago. I love nursing!
  • I hate runny noses. And this week my little old nose has been running quite a bit lately. Dang! I can't be getting sick. There just is NO time. So tell me, when is the best time to get sick? Hmmm?
  • I had a tough time coming up with some of these confessions. My mind is WAY overactive lately. I can't keep up with it. AND I haven't had Dr. Pepper this morning. And I don't think I have ADHD. Nah, that couldn't be it. I think it is the fact that I have multi-taskitis. I always have to be doing at least 5 different things at once.
  • I wish I was a clean freak. Maybe then I'd have a cleaner house. It's semi-clean most of the time. Dishes are a bear and a nightmare to do.And nobody wants to do them. *sigh* Don't even get me started on the laundry...Who says being an adult was easy? Not me. That's for sure.
That's it. Those are my confessions this week. Hop on over to Glamazon Mom and tell her your confessions...
She'll be happy you came! ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winner! Winner! I got a WINNER!

I'm a little late with the winner announcement! I'll give you 24 hours to get back to me. YAY!
WATCH the video to find out who WON! :)

Scroll down a ways to read what I'm thankful for. OK?

I'm Thankful--WHAT? Really?

Yeah, yeah, It's that time again. To post what I am thankful for this holiday season. I may or may not be a little sarcastic in this list so bear with me, okay?
 I really do love the holidays and all but sometimes get tired of all the hype that goes with it.
  • I'm thankful it is NOT Christmas yet. *sigh* I mean c'mon, I love Christmas, but I am SOOO NOT ready for it to come.
  • I'm thankful for the fact that it is Thanksgiving this month. I love Turkey and stuffing!
  • I'm thankful for the little things in life. (Being able to still get in and out of bed on my own....yes, I am thankful for that.)
  • I'm thankful we still live in house. (We are renting, but we are still in a townhouse, that is gooood, right?)
  • I'm thankful for kittens. (Well, actually right now they look like small rats...BUT anyways, I'm still thankful. They will grow up and be kittens and eventually cats.) Congratulations Mask! You are a mommy now!
  • I'm thankful for all of you! I know, I know, I've been somewhat of a slacker lately, NOT commenting as much as I should. I'm still here, and I still love you!
  • I'm thankful for job possibilities--I just wish the potential employer would hurry up already. I'm ready and willing to work...(certified nursing license will be given to me NEXT month when I can take the test again)
  • I'm thankful for my daughters. And heck, who am I kidding? I'm even thankful for the boys that hang out at our house. Yes, yes, I enjoy their company as well.
  • But above all, I'm thankful for my health and talents. I'm thankful for the ability to care for others. Not everyone can do it, and I'm getting back into that field again. It really is the MOST rewarding fields ever. Next to motherhood that is.
That's it. I'm here. And I'm thankful.
What are YOU thankful for lately?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mingle....Some afternoon mingling...:)

Hey! I'm a little late with this mingle. It is usually DONE by now...*sigh* I've been busy cleaning and checking up on jobs and such. So that's why this is getting posted at 4:21 PM (Pacific time) Winner will be announced SOON...MY Taco giveaway...remember? I haven't forgotten. Just slightly BUSY. ;)
Thanks again for your patience!

As usual, all images of movies were obtained thru Google.

ONE of my favorite scenes in "10 things I hate About You"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Confessional: Explicit topic-Rape (I'm on a soapbox.)

Image obtained through Google images.

I have a few things to confess to you all.
I watched Private Practice last night.
The chief of staff got sexually abused. (Let's call a spade a spade, she got raped. IN her office.)
Charlotte the gal who got raped, is NOT telling anyone about the rape part. Only that the guy stole her wallet.
And the thing is, the police have the guy in a holding room and are trying to find out what happen.
If Charlotte doesn't tell, then he could walk and perhaps, rape again?
I hope she eventually talks. Because I think it would be healing to her to let it out. She has many, many loved ones who want her well. It would be extremely hard and frightening to talk after you are sexually assaulted, and I'm sure you would have nightmares for months after such an incident, but I'm sure every abuser that has really been hurt wants their attacker to die. To be locked up for a very long time. Because abusing others, especially sexually abusing them IS never the way to go. NEVER.

Here's a short clip of the character who plays Charlotte explaining about tonight's episode.
Watch it. It's on hulu.com.

And here is clip from the View.

Other Friday confessions:
I may or may not have cried at last night's episode.
I am REALLY EXCITED at getting back into the medical profession. I didn't realize how much I would miss it.
People who sexually abuse and assault others, especially women and children make me sick. All of them need their balls cut off and to be locked away for a very long time. (I think most abusers are men.) Am I right? But if you are a woman out there who abuses...SHAME on you.)
I apologize. I have not visited as many blogs as I usually do. (But to my defense, some of you are on hiatus. C'mon, write new posts. I'm HERE...and listening....)

The END.
Go watch Private Practice now. With tissues.
And try to restrain yourself from wanting to hurt all bastards that hurt women and children like that.
I mean, for real.
Get a life rapists.
It's NEVER okay to force yourself on another.
Especially the helpless.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I'd say to my 16 year old self.

Thanks to Scary Mommy today and her awesome post, I am giving myself some advice. IF I were to travel back in time and talk to my 16 year old self this is what I'd say.
I'm not quite 16 in this pic. But you get the drift.
What I used to look like.

Don't be afraid to date who you like. Who cares what everybody else thinks?

You are beautiful. And you NEVER ever have to prove your love to any boy. (Note: Not that I did that when I was younger. But pressure was always there ya know.)

Peer pressure sucks. Don't EVER cave in.

You are intelligent. You could work in the medical profession. And you will LOVE it. Try that in a couple of years.

What's wrong with the boy next door? Who cares if he is a year younger (grade wise), do you like him? Just date him. He IS a nice guy.

Don't back talk your mother. SHE does know more than you. And your mother is a very smart woman.

Have a little fun. Don't be obsessed with growing up. You are growing up so fast. Enjoy your childhood while it is there. Because once you are an adult, you just might want to go back. And you can never go back.

Don't ever dye your hair. Your hair is beautiful. (The sun lightens your hair blonde very nicely.)

Don't ever give up. Even when you are 34 and you feel like throwing in the towel, don't. Things will get better. Believe in yourself. You. Are. Awesome.

That's what I'd say. I thought this would turn out funnier but it sounds quite serious. Eh, Am I losing my funny?
Holy Moly! I hope I'm not. Geez.
I've ingested too many cleaning chemicals today.
Ahh well.
Look at this awesome photo I found on Google today. For this lame-o post, I've been naughty. I'm putting myself in a time out. Because HE told me to. ;)
I'll be back later.
I'm drooling now.
What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Oh, I'd say one more thing.

Beefy muscular guys are ALL that. Yes, yes, they are.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey I almost forgot..It's Wordless Wednesday.

Thank goodness!
I don't have much time for anything else.
I have a book review on deck to tell you guys about...I promise I'm getting it out SOON! (Something about surrogacy and stuff like that.) :)

And I leave you with me. This past weekend was a whirlwind of events, of chocolate, friends, and laughter.
And purple hair.
And my version of witchiness...LOL.

Here's to my purple hair. And to those green bills that I will be earning soon. 'Cause I am SO getting a nurse's assistant job. I mean it. I can do it. AND I have 4 years experience. Who WOULDN'T WANT me?

Peace out y'all. I've got laundry calling me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't forget to VOTE!

Please stand up and be an American today. VOTE for WHO you want to be in office.
It's the American way.
I'm voting today, are YOU?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween edition--Monday Mingle...BOO!

Speedy picked MY question's this week. YAY!

And that's today's edition of Monday Mingle. Now I'm off to find more chocolate...Mmm.
Have a super week you guys!
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