Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I got my tree up, now what?

So yesterday after seeing so many of my friends state that their tree was up and decorated, I decided to be bold and actually get my tree up BEFORE December. 'Cause it is not December yet folks, it is November 30th. I did it! Finally. We have an artificial tree that you have to match branches to each level, and man alive, it can be challenging at times. But I got it up. I even managed to string some lights on the tree and put up a few decorations. Go me! (I'm saving some decorations for the kids to put on the tree.)
   So now that my tree is up I feel more in the Christmasy spirit. I should feel that way all year long, but sometimes it can be challenging giving to others when you don't have much yourself. My oldest daughter's friend was over last night visiting and I was making my specialty for dinner--spaghetti casserole. Pasta with melted cheese on top, spaghetti sauce mixed throughout. It really was quite delicious. Anyhoo, at his house there was "commotion" (a lot of swearing and arguing) so they went to my house. I made dinner and instead of making my daughter's friend go home at dinnertime like I usually do, I let him stay. I fed him some of my casserole and fruit cocktail and he stayed for about a half hour more then went home.
Not my picture of spaghetti casserole. Google image helped. ;)
Thanks Google!
  It wasn't that hard to fill another plate just this once for dinner. I'm glad that my daughter's friends know where to go to feel like they are not going to get yelled at all the time. So even though I worry sometimes about where my food is going to come from I shared my portion with a neighborhood kid yesterday. I felt better. I felt like giving more. I don't have much but I do have myself and my talents to give to others. So that's what I'll do this year with my kids. I'm gonna create memories, time spent with them at Christmastime. Because likely or not, when they get all grown up, this is what they are gonna remember. My kids aren't going to remember that I got them a MP3 player or a Nintendo DS for Christmas.  They are gonna remember the time I spent with them.
   I don't remember everything I got for Christmas as a kid. I remember the memories, the activities we did together. Every year, we almost always found a family less fortunate then us to pack a meal box for, and wrap some toys for Christmas. Then we snuck on over, placed the goodies on their doorstep and ran and hid. I remember the giving heart my parents taught me to have. That's what I want to teach my kids. And you can do that even when you don't have a TON of money this year.
  You can't buy me with presents. I don't care about the latest gadget or toy.
   I want to make sure my kids grow up right with a kind and giving heart.
   Selfishness leads to loneliness eventually. Nobody wants to be with a selfish person.
This year I'm making the memories that count this year for Christmas. I'm giving of myself to my kids and to others.

P.S. Hey psst. You still around? I know, I know I wasn't funny this time around. I got all serious on you guys. Well sometimes I do that. But most of the time this blog is a funny blog. Every now and then, I'll get on my soapbox and tell y'all some stuff I've learned, but most of the time, I'm funny.

P.P.S.  In the works...a video is being made for a friend that needs VOTES badly. It will be up later. BE on the look out. OK?


Lolli said...

Congrats on getting your tree up in November! I did that last year. I'm thinking of not getting a tree this year. I can't afford one. We have a little table top tree, and I'm hoping that I can put it up soon. It makes such a difference in getting that Christmas spirit!

T said...

I don't remember ANYTHING I got for Christmas as a child.

and Yay for getting a tree up - I'm shooting for anything prior to Christmas Eve :)

Daisygirl said...

I had my tree up before Thanksgiving this year! It totally brings an awesome holiday sense to me!

Fabulous message...♥ya girl!

Living the Scream said...

What a good thing to be reminded of this year! Also your dinner looks so good! Like T I also don't remember much of what I got for Christmas when I was young.

singedwingangel said...

2 christmas presents stand out in my memory but only because of the events surrounding them not the gifts themselves. I love the thing you did as a kid.. and gives me an idea hehehehe.. Mine is up well one of them anyway lol..still have one more to do..

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