Friday, November 12, 2010

Tell me your confessions....

I've got some confessions this week for ya.
And since I'm neat and organized like that I will arrange my confessions in a bullet style list. Yippee!
This list of confessions has been brought to you by ME and hosted by Glamazon Mom. However, I don't think she has a list of confessions this week. Glamazon where are yoooou? :)

Haha! Right? Got this off of Google Images.

  • I confess I wish my body alarm clock (AKA: bladder) would STOP waking me up at 6:30 in the morning. And NO, I'm not pregnant, I just have a tiny bladder. *sigh*
  • I confess I missed my favorite comedies this week because CMA music awards were on. BLAST. Who sits and watches 4 hours of an award show anyway? Seriously? Geez.
  •  I'm not a very patient person. I say I am, but when push comes to shove I want things now. (Like a potential employer to call and ask for an interview...)
  • I'm addicted to receiving tons of magazines in the mail. Ya know the ones...Redbook, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Swiss Colony catalog....YUM!
  • I can't wait until my CNA (certifed nurse assistant = AKA Nurse slave...LOL.) class on Saturday. I know, I have to re-take it because I let the license lapse, but I honestly am enjoying the class. Especially all the good nursing stories that the nurses have. I can't WAIT to be back in the medical profession. I simply love it! BEST customer service job EVER! (For me anyway.)
  • I can't wait until my stethoscope and B.P. cuff comes in the mail. I ordered it a couple of days ago. I love nursing!
  • I hate runny noses. And this week my little old nose has been running quite a bit lately. Dang! I can't be getting sick. There just is NO time. So tell me, when is the best time to get sick? Hmmm?
  • I had a tough time coming up with some of these confessions. My mind is WAY overactive lately. I can't keep up with it. AND I haven't had Dr. Pepper this morning. And I don't think I have ADHD. Nah, that couldn't be it. I think it is the fact that I have multi-taskitis. I always have to be doing at least 5 different things at once.
  • I wish I was a clean freak. Maybe then I'd have a cleaner house. It's semi-clean most of the time. Dishes are a bear and a nightmare to do.And nobody wants to do them. *sigh* Don't even get me started on the laundry...Who says being an adult was easy? Not me. That's for sure.
That's it. Those are my confessions this week. Hop on over to Glamazon Mom and tell her your confessions...
She'll be happy you came! ;)


T said...

I was okay with my body alarm clock awakening me at 5:45 because that's when I need to get up to get my day (work-out) started if I want to cram it all in.

What I'm NOT okay with is the bladder's inability to recognize the time change... 4:45... NOT good.

Garden of Egan said...

Hilarious! Tiny bladder girl. You are going to have a tough time being a nurseslave!
There have been 12 hour shifts when I get home and realize that I haven't done that ALL DAY LONG!!!!

What you? Not patient? What?

I hear ya.
Call anytime for some truly disgusting nurse stories. I'm totally full of it!

Ruth said...

Oh, if I had time, I would be a clean freak! Comes with all of my control issues. I love getting magazines in the mail too! I love watching the CMA's. They are actually wholesome and uplifting, none of the crap that comes with other award shows.

singedwingangel said...

I am so not a neat freak although if I win the 7th generation thing from Jen I probably would be after blacklighting my whole house lol.

Cheeseboy said...

My mind has been on hyper drive lately too and I think that is why my posts have been below par.

You missed a pretty good episode of the Office. Not so much of 30 Rock. I assume those were the comedies you are speaking of.

The Mommyologist said...

My bladder wakes me up at least three times a night!! Drives me bananas!

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