Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Intermediate post.

I'm working on some goodies right now.
But in case you are passing over the Cluttered Brain blog thinking--"Why hasn't she posted anything?"
I'm throwing a bone to you all.
Because I know you are out there.
I'm thinking of all the yummy food I will be eating on Thanksgiving.
And all the family (hopefully) I will get to see.

Mmm. NOM NOM NOM....what are you thinking of right now?
Bet you are NOT thinking of fancy feast cat food. LOL.

Is this a little more like it?

I'm still here. I'm working on my NEXT latest and greatest. Anticipation. That's where it is right now.


T said...

hosting Thanksgiving... which is NOT working really well with the fact that I have recommitted to my healthy eating/healthy living lifestyle... I'm going to make it work though - because one day off IS bad news when it comes to me :)

Brittney said...

woot woot i cant wait til thanksgiving LOL

Marsy said...

Ha ha @ "NOM NOM NOM..."

Wish we had Thanksgiving here in the UK. Even kittens over there get to eat your 'Fancy Kitten Tender Turkey Feast', not fair!

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