Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Confessional: Explicit topic-Rape (I'm on a soapbox.)

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I have a few things to confess to you all.
I watched Private Practice last night.
The chief of staff got sexually abused. (Let's call a spade a spade, she got raped. IN her office.)
Charlotte the gal who got raped, is NOT telling anyone about the rape part. Only that the guy stole her wallet.
And the thing is, the police have the guy in a holding room and are trying to find out what happen.
If Charlotte doesn't tell, then he could walk and perhaps, rape again?
I hope she eventually talks. Because I think it would be healing to her to let it out. She has many, many loved ones who want her well. It would be extremely hard and frightening to talk after you are sexually assaulted, and I'm sure you would have nightmares for months after such an incident, but I'm sure every abuser that has really been hurt wants their attacker to die. To be locked up for a very long time. Because abusing others, especially sexually abusing them IS never the way to go. NEVER.

Here's a short clip of the character who plays Charlotte explaining about tonight's episode.
Watch it. It's on

And here is clip from the View.

Other Friday confessions:
I may or may not have cried at last night's episode.
I am REALLY EXCITED at getting back into the medical profession. I didn't realize how much I would miss it.
People who sexually abuse and assault others, especially women and children make me sick. All of them need their balls cut off and to be locked away for a very long time. (I think most abusers are men.) Am I right? But if you are a woman out there who abuses...SHAME on you.)
I apologize. I have not visited as many blogs as I usually do. (But to my defense, some of you are on hiatus. C'mon, write new posts. I'm HERE...and listening....)

The END.
Go watch Private Practice now. With tissues.
And try to restrain yourself from wanting to hurt all bastards that hurt women and children like that.
I mean, for real.
Get a life rapists.
It's NEVER okay to force yourself on another.
Especially the helpless.


pr0udmom0f3 said...

So many victims/survivors of rape are scared to tell anyone due to what others will think of them and feel that they "deserved" it.

Also, the victim/survivor is scared due to the possibility that the rapist could get out, find them and rape them again, and even possibly kill them for "snitching".

From Tracie said...

Most abusers and rapists are men...but there are many women out there doing it too. Today and next week Oprah is going to have a two part show on male sexual violence survivors. I am sure that you will hear many stories of both male and female perps during those episodes.

I know about five of the men who will be in the audience for those shows. Strong survivors who have spoken out.

Also, especially in the case of sexual abuse that is happening in the home-lots of women are secondary abusers because even though they do not abuse or rape the child themselves, they know that it is happening and they fail to protect the child or report it to the police.

The recidivism rate for sexual offenders is high. Also the likelihood that they will be arrested after their first offence is low. So when you partner those two things together you have one rapist who is committing multiple rapes, multiplied by all the rapists in the world.

It is very scary and very hard to tell. Even when you are a professional, educated woman like the character Charlotte is. Even when you know what the "right" thing to do is scary.

Tonight when little eyes and ears are asleep I am going to watch this.

Brittney said...

ive never watched that but thats sad and i could only imagine the pain an abuser would go thru. However, Im sure telling is probably another very hard thing to do, reliving the incident, the shame, the wondering if anyone would believe you. My heart goes out to victims!

Anonymous said...

I can't watch that episode. I'm hormonal right now and don't need another reason to burst into tears.

Anonymous said...

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Erin said...

I don't normally watch that show but I did see previews adn was horrified. I don't know that I'd have been able to watch it....

Jen said...

I don't often watch the show but after seeing previews, I did watch this one.

It had me in tears. And it scared me. I often think of rapes as happening in dar wooded areas, etc. To remember that violence can happen anywhere, is terrifying.

Cheeseboy said...

Didn't even realize Private Practice was still on. You have me intrigued enough to go watch it on hulu.

Debbie said...

One time we had to take our daughter (10 at the time) to the emergency room at the children's hospital. Her dad used to work as a nurse there. When we finally got to an examine room he told me it was the same room they use for child rape victims. (to gather evidence) Boy was I glad that we were not there for THAT reason and my heart ached for those who had been.

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