Sunday, November 28, 2010

I think Facebook is getting a bad rap.

Facebook gets a bad rap.
The other day our family got some pictures taken. Yup, I have a pretty talented sister in law (SIL) with a terrific camera and she took ALL our pictures over Thanksgiving break. We each got individual family pics and pics with the whole gang. Anyway, I posted some on Facebook.  My father in law passed by my computer looked at my computer and the pic, and said, "Facebook? I don't want all of Facebook to see my picture. Take my photo off of Facebook RIGHT now!" I deleted the whole gang picture. I didn't even label the picture. It was just a picture.
  Why are some people opposed to Facebook so much? I think it is because they do not understand the functions of what Facebook is supposed to be about. Facebook is a tool used to communicate with others.  I know my FIL watched some news show about privacy of Facebook users and proceeded to tell me all about how Facebook sells your private information to everyone and your "private" family life will never be the same again.
  Seriously? I use Facebook as a way to communicate with MY family. My whole side of the family is on Facebook. I live over 2,000 miles away from my mom and my dad and my brothers. How else am I gonna update them on the comings and goings of my life? It's free. I use the phone too. But you can't post pictures on the phone. Well at least not on my phone. I have a dinosaur cell phone--LOL. I don't post everything on Facebook. I never get that private. But I occasionally post a family picture so my family can see what I look like.
  *sigh* I have heard others also take offense at Facebook. I have heard other negative remarks about Facebook too. I use my time wisely on Facebook. I don't squander my time playing Facebook games all day. Even if I did, that would be my purgative anyway wouldn't it?

I think my FIL is mistaken. Just because the whole gang picture of us is on Facebook doesn't mean EVERYONE can see it. Only friends can see my pictures. And I can block people on Facebook too if I think they are acting weird. Facebook is an excellent communication tool for my family. Don't knock it. You haven't even tried it--father-in-law. I hate to see what he thinks about people who blog.

If you don't understand something, learn more about it. Don't knock it until you have tried it, have an open mind for pete's sake.

So that's my rant on Facebook and my father in law. I'm still not home yet. I think we are being driven home this afternoon. (I don't have a working car yet. So I have to rely on the kindness of family.) I'll be back to my home where I can post anything I want without negative Facebook remarks soon. Hopefully.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Yikes! Christmas is right around the corner! EEK! Are YOU ready yet?
My family picture. Don't STEAL it. That's just WRONG.
Pay my instead for posting my pic elsewhere. OK?


singedwingangel said...

Yeah my mom is the same she doesn't know anything about it so she doesn't understand. and my sister who is ON Facebook never updates her status or anything, but will sure keep eagle eyes on every one else so she can talk about them and their stuff so I have her blocked. Sad isn't it

Evonne said...

I agree that a lot of people hear the bad about Facebook and don't bother learning more.

I get that bad things can happen, but that's the internet as a whole, not just Facebook. If you know what you're doing, it's ok.

I love that pic!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

First, I saw your pics on FB and they are totally adorable. Second, you hit the nail on the head...people don't understand how FB actually works. They don't get that there are privacy settings and only the people you want to see your stuff can see it. I just had this arguement with my own mother last week because I interuppted a discussion she was having with my brother, who is applying for jobs. She was telling him that employers check people's personal FB pages to see what their character is like before hiring them. I had to explain how no one can see his page that he doesn't want to.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a fun, FREE way to communicate! I agree, if people get too weird, just block them, it's that easy! Although, I do periodically check my privacy settings to make sure it's as air-tight as can be!

:) Liz

T said...

the pic is great! and yeah, FB gets a horrible rap... I admit to killing more time there than I should - but the privacy settings on my account were updated YESTERDAY again just in case...

shoot - what on earth would I do with a picture of your FIL if it were on FB? pff... is he afraid he's going to be stalked by some rabid fan?

erobell said...

Hey there - I was just blog hopping and I liked your name:)

Gorgeous family you have!

Many lifetimes ago when I was still a FB friend to many hundreds of people - I was often warned about the pics that I posted and tagged...I saw nothing wrong - they were perfectly respectable and mostly flattering pics but...some people get funny about their privacy.

I agree that FB is a really great way to stay in touch and network...WHEN used RESPONSIBLY - after what happened to my life and family after I became a FB addict I rank it somewhere between Caffeine and Heroin:)

Mostly benign but occasionally malignant when used in the wrong way.

Soo...this was a long comment:)

I like your stuff - I'll be following (but I won't see you on FB:)

Lee Family said...

Don't be to hard on him. Technology can be scary to some. He'll hopefully come around one day. Does he know that his wife uses it? :)
Anyway, just keep posting what you want. I promise not to steal his identity. ;)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

In a nutshell (and because Lee beat me to it), I happen to agree with what Lee said about the older generation (baby boomers and older) when it comes to technology.

Donda said...

I have some family like that too. I think it's kind of odd.

gayle said...

I love facebook for the same reasons you do!!

sustahl said...

You must be a friendly person... I would have went home and posted it on FB again. I have my privacy settings so only friends can see pictures too.

You and your family are beautiful!

Debbie said...

Some people just don't get the whole privacy-thing on FB. Sorry :( I hope you made it home safe and sound and I hope your car will both be up and running soon. Love ya!

Garden of Egan said...

That is a great picture of your family. You are all so great looking!

I agree with you. You are only as safe as the places that you wander on the internet.

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