Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ever heard of the expression, "what a difference a day makes?"

Yeah...I know you have heard of the expression. Well I'm changing it up a little. What a difference a year makes...Wow. I mean last year was bad for us financially. Hubby could not find a decent paying job and I was focusing ALL my energy...(or most of it) on blogging. Cuz when I did that my life didn't seem that bad. Blogging and Twitter was my life...well almost.

  Then we moved. About a month later I found a job. (Granted it wasn't the best job that was out there but it was a job.) Hubby found a job.

I found an even better job with a pay increase about 2 months later.

*Insert blogging lag* How the heck am I suppose to keep up with all of you when I have a full time job and 3 daughters and and a house a clean and laundry to do and swimming to do....(Heck it IS summer after all....)


I'm here. I thought I would NEVER stop mingling. But I've mingled some but not every week like I used to. Too freakin busy.....

But I'm here. In case you missed it...this here ole cluttered brain is going back to school. Yup, that's right, I'm gonna be an RN someday....FOR REAL.

So this is another apology to you my readers that I am not blogging every day or even every other day. Life is getting in the way again. I still love blogging though. And comments galore.

So leave me a comment and tell me what I have missed in your life. Then I'll hop on top your blog and see. Kay? Love ya my peeps!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday mingle (Cuz I slept almost all day yesterday.)

Yeah I'm mingling. Not much to say except Zzzzzz....I just wanna sleep lately. Oldest is at Girl's camp having a wonderful time I'm sure. And I'm relaxin and chilling with the other kiddos...
Pool time can be co much fun.

See ya next week!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday mingle

Uh oh. I got an invite to Google plus and I accepted and it has made Blogger kinda wonky. Oy.
I mingled today. Then I fergot about posting it to my blog. If I can figure out to post a video....
I also have a smart phone now. Not an android or a htc droid phone. Not even a windows phone. Just a LG 900 phone with a keyboard. Works for me.

ho hum. Here's my mingle.
Join up with Eightymphmom and mingle too!

So, I will be able to see YOU on the go now...and you can see me...
Oh and I'm up for a quick txt chat too if you are...:)
Have a good week...My Monday is coming soon...(I work Fri-Sun....12 hour shifts...)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today is WHAT day again?

Here's MY suggestion for a replacement for Christopher Meloni who is leaving Law and Order SVU in the fall. Mmmm. Benjamin Bratt. Yummy.

Hey y'all. I realize I have been MIA for a few days...But ever since this new NIGHT job I accepted I just wanna SLEEP all the time...hahaha. I have a few days off so I figured in between sleeping and cleaning and preparing meals for the little ones I would update you a little on what the heck is going on in my life lately.

First of all, WHERE are all of you? I thought I was bad and not updating. But apparently everyone is gone...summer has hit, kids are home...and WHAT people don't blog and comment anymore??
Get back into the blogging game people. Pullleeeeese? I'll mingle this next week for you.....

I am a Dr. Pepper lover. I mean really. Good stuff when you are trying to stay AWAKE all night long. But I made the switch to Mountain Dew when I am on shift at night. Wow. What a difference in me staying awake...(And I tend not to drink the stuff as much as when I am OFF shift...ya know trying to be healthy and all.)

I love Netflix. Especially since I don't have time to watch TV anymore. It's just work and sleep. Work and sleep. Oh and throw in shower in there as well. I apparently don't have time to actually talk to people as well so now I just send texts out. Anyone want to start to a healthy texting relationship with Cluttered Brain? I'll email you my number....

I really need to buy my own domain. I mean, everyone is doing it lately. I'll look into that this week. So tell me folks, what's the BEST deal I can get for my money? One Cluttered Brain is mine...don't you all steal it from me...bwahahaha.

Anything tastes good with caffeine...goldfish, pretzels and french onion dip, peanuts, Quaker Oats cheddar rice puff thing a ma jigs....Mmmm. Apparently I snack some at night while trying to stay awake.

And that's about it. That's me. That's where I've been lately. What's your excuse? You want me to to stop by your place? Just leave a comment so I remember where to stop...My cluttered mind is really getting cluttered lately with WORK and all....

Love you my peeps! Don't be a stranger!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm proud to be an American

As messed up as our budget is in this country and everything else that is screwed up, I am grateful to live in this country. I am grateful for men and women still fighting for my freedoms. I am grateful to have the right to express my feelings whatever they are.

Happy 4th of July people!!
I am so so very grateful for a paycheck and a job right now....
I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday..hey I have 1 more day to work and then I am off for 4 days..hip hip hooray! I need a break....

I am proud to be an American are you? :)
I miss you Angel babe...I'll be back next week I promise...
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