Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday mingle

Uh oh. I got an invite to Google plus and I accepted and it has made Blogger kinda wonky. Oy.
I mingled today. Then I fergot about posting it to my blog. If I can figure out to post a video....
I also have a smart phone now. Not an android or a htc droid phone. Not even a windows phone. Just a LG 900 phone with a keyboard. Works for me.

ho hum. Here's my mingle.
Join up with Eightymphmom and mingle too!

So, I will be able to see YOU on the go now...and you can see me...
Oh and I'm up for a quick txt chat too if you are...:)
Have a good week...My Monday is coming soon...(I work Fri-Sun....12 hour shifts...)


Jenine said...

Hi, Alexes! *waves*

Yes yes yes! Get off the stupid bloody buggery phone, drivers! They're awful! I hate being stuck behind them.

Wednesday Mingling for the win!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congrats on the new phone! :) Keep it away from the Dr. Pepper!

Cluttered Brain said...

lol...yes BEth I WILL....My old puter works by the way...with a keyboard attached...

Neuffj said...

Hi my name is Jenna. I am the author over at You are a member of my blog frog community, and I am just trying to connect with you!

I can't imagine working a 12 hours shift. I am too much of a wimp! lol Nice getting to know you a little bit.

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