Friday, September 23, 2011

Living in the same town as family is over rated--

This is where I am right now. Frustrated. Irritated. A bit angry.
My husband has his own list. He has to get a lot done on that list. When he is not working full time, some certain people feel obligated to have that "time" scheduled for him.


I have to work tonight. Probably on the chaotic side too. I was wanting a date with hubby before I HAD to leave. It might not happen. I am frustrated.

I want to move.
I want to find a job somewhere that is at least 4 hours away from here. That or I should just move 45 minutes away (south) and make it more difficult for people to schedule my husband's time.

Oy. I want to blog more. But my time is currently being caught up in bills, cleaning, mothering and "wifing" (Yes, that's MY word. You can't have it. IT means keeping your hubby happy.

Although for the record, it is hard to keep hubby happy when "certain" people keep scheduling his "time" for him.

What to do, what to do.
Move to Australia? Maybe Alexander had it right. I'm just having a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. And I want to wear my rail road train pajamas and they are dirty. And I want to eat at a restaurant with hubby cuz I WANT a blasted date with the man I married!

Sigh. I will keep plugging along until I can have it my way I guess.
Unless you have any suggestions for me. Murder is not an option. LOL. Like I could kill any one and stash the body somewhere. Besides that would destroy my nursing career...

But for now I will focus on the present. My youngest wants me to make her a PB and jelly sandwich. Sadly my blog and worries must wait once again.

I still love you all. Don't UNfollow or UNsubscribe from me yet.
'Kay? I've got something good up my sleeve. I can feel it...
(And no it's not a small bug or a fly....bwahahahaha.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I wanna win a TEMPUR pedic bed from Jenny on The Spot!

Guess what? This is my 600th post!!! AND it is the post that is (hopefully) gonna win me a TEMPUR pedic bed. MY hubby and I have never had a decent mattress. Hubby has always tossed and turned in bed.

I want to do something for him that he will LOVE me forever. (If TEMPUR pedic chooses me however. :)) I watched Jenny's awesome review of the TEMPUR pedic bed. Go. Watch. IT. Now. You will laugh. Guaranteed. Jenny is a crack up. You just gotta love her...peace and sparkles and all.

Wanna see my attempt to win a really cool bed?
It had to be a minute long y'all so it is not that long.
Here it is:

This video might cause the TEMPUR pedic to call me at home and congratulate me at winning a TEMPUR pedic bed! Or they might put me in a commercial. OR Or.....My mind is full of possibilities.

If you wanna win too, you too can enter. But listen, I really win this, and the more entries Jenny has it takes away from my awesome entry....Go watch her video at how you too can win a TEMPUR pedic bed. And steal this awesome bed from me....bwahaha..

Ok. You wanna enter? Enter then. Just send me a link to your video because I'd LOVE to see it. Because I LOVE video and all.
You know.
I wanna be a vlogging superstar like Jenny someday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mingling on a Monday...Again! ;)

Hey It's me. Cluttered Brain has mingles TWICE in the last 2 weeks.
Please send money.
I'm on a roll. ;)

Current Questions:

1.  How often do you move furniture in your living room?
2.  How do you handle hateful comments or emails? Or someone who annoys you in person?
3.  One thing you will never blog about?

Reminder: Please if you watch it please comment. Thanks! We need to get our numbers up again on the monday mingle...C'mon you slackers...just press record! ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Because I love you all....

I'm mingling. I recorded it this morning...I know I said it was Tuesday...but I know it is Wednesday....sigh.
It's almost FRIDAY! Woo-hoo!
Watch and enjoy!

Remember to hop on over to Eightymphmom and join in the fun. You can make a video or write it up on your blog! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Well, well well...I'm here...I got another update fer ya....

Where have i been lately? has hit for my kiddos and now ALL 3 of them are in school...including my little 4 year old! I know...time sure does fly! I am working full time as a CNA on the weekends...not that bad really, cuz I love nursing!

WEll I do not WANT my blog to die or to lose any followers....So this week no matter how hard I find to post something....haha. I am going to post 3 times a week this week!

This is my goal. You can feel free to cheer me on in a comment or something. Yes, I have a twitter. I  used to tweet all the time. Now? Who has time with all this cleaning and cooking dinner and making money and stuff?

I miss my bloggity friends...Tracie and Angel and Jen (Daisygirl) Massholemommy haha, and all of you. There are WAY to many to name. (And I'm tired to link up these people...Hope you all understand...
I love you all.
Thanks for hanging in there with me through this transition of me working full time, and working...I have NOT given up my dream to write. I will get on that real soon....

But for is labor day. I worked ALL might last night.....
I am ready to get out there and start doing something...I slept almost ALL day and now I wanna see what other trouble I can get into...;)

I'll leave you with some photos my daughter snapped of me and hubby the other day.
Yes, we know how to have fun....
(Silly rabbit ears...)

And lastly my oldest daughter sporting her latest ride, her scooter. Where has the time gone?
Honestly. sigh. I'm not any older. haha right? I guess I should say I don't feel any older...

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