Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I might be addicted to airheads.

Le sigh.
Should I just delete my blog because I can't update as often OR should I just continue to blog whenever I have time? Ok...I'll still blog.... I would be very upset with myself if I deleted my blog from blogland forever.Who would I talk to? Where would I rant? sigh....

I like orange and pink lemonade ones. They are delicious. And I'm not a big candy person. I'm a chocolate person. BUT I love airheads....

As for where I have been lately...I've been working and busy being a mom. Le sigh. I just wish I could spend more time on the Internet waves than I actually have. But I do value my friends in real life so if I want to continue to have IRL friends....sigh....lol.
I also consider all of you my friends as well. If I had money to visit ALL of you I would. I'd start in Florida then work inland. (Yes, Tracie I'd visit you.)
If you want to hear more from me add me as a Facebook friend. Because when all else fails around me I ALWAYS find time for Facebook. Yeah Twitter is there too...but I lately I have been forgetting about twitter. I think I need a smart phone so I can access Twitter ALL the time...Or they just need to install more hours in a day for me...You know there has to be hours for bills and errands...and chauffering kids back and forth to school AND time for me...to check out your latest blog post, to tweet...to Facebook...(Oh yeah I forgot I always find time for Facebook) lol.....

Well...That's my ramble.
Oh and one more thing. Why do stupid people people shop when I shop? For example: blocking the entire grocery aisle while talking on your cell phone makes it impossible for me to pass you....

People...SHUT up and DRIVE!!!
Seriously. And please learn how to drive properly in school zones...SLOW DOWN.
And and and....If EVERYone were just like me...the world would be perfect...Right?
Yeah....I know...Not all of you can be as smart and pretty as me....
Ahh well. I still like you. What are you getting me for Christmas? lol.....

Ok...I need to make dinner now and supervise homework. Le sigh. It never ends.
Stop by and give me a holler holler. Won't you?
I love you people....:))) You truly make me happy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did you just ever really just want to SLEEP?

Yeah I have scary ghoulish nails now...

Yeah that's me. The sleeping princess.
Don't wake me I'm sleeping. Haha. I actually do more than sleep. But this is all I want to do. That and watch Hulu.com shows AND Netflix.
Le sigh.
Blog much? No not me...I'm too busy watching my shows...
Add me as a friend on Facebook.
 Or even Skype. Maybe we can chat sometime. Or not. Or just comment on any one of my blog posts..I know you are there, I'm just hiding in my shows....i just wanna sleep....Ya ya...sleep is good...
Ok, so that line is not gonna be the next hit on Youtube...
Let me know what you really miss me doing and I will happily continue that for you. I am contemplating doing a Mama Kat's writing workshop tomorrow....
Yes I am all that AND a bag of chips....lol.
See you when I see you..Little daughter has got to get to school now...le sigh.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happiness to me....

Hi folks. It's been a while since my last posting. Never thought I would go a week and a half without posting. But lately I'm tired. Ya know I'm a wife first, then mom, then full time NIGHT worker on the weekends. Oh and sometime during the week. Like TONIGHT.

Found out somebody quit yesterday. Le sigh. Doesn't anyone give 2 weeks anymore when they quit? Oy. This means tonight will probably be WAY busy and I won't have time to wipe my nose let alone tweet anything. Sigh.

Oh well. This post IS suppose to be about what makes me happy. So this is what is making me happy right now.

My buppy monster.
My girls:)
Flowers hubby bought me last month. :)
And that folks is what is making me happy right now.
Oh and the fact that I still have a job. Yes, true working at night is not the most ideal job for a job but its not that bad. And I like my co workers. I couldn't ask for anyone better. They are amazingly helpful. :)
I'm off to watch me some re-runs of Law and Order SVU.
Cuz let's face it, Christopher Meloni makes me happy too.

Peace out y'all. :) Sorry it has been like forever since I posted. I'll work on that. (posting more ya know...)

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