Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happiness to me....

Hi folks. It's been a while since my last posting. Never thought I would go a week and a half without posting. But lately I'm tired. Ya know I'm a wife first, then mom, then full time NIGHT worker on the weekends. Oh and sometime during the week. Like TONIGHT.

Found out somebody quit yesterday. Le sigh. Doesn't anyone give 2 weeks anymore when they quit? Oy. This means tonight will probably be WAY busy and I won't have time to wipe my nose let alone tweet anything. Sigh.

Oh well. This post IS suppose to be about what makes me happy. So this is what is making me happy right now.

My buppy monster.
My girls:)
Flowers hubby bought me last month. :)
And that folks is what is making me happy right now.
Oh and the fact that I still have a job. Yes, true working at night is not the most ideal job for a job but its not that bad. And I like my co workers. I couldn't ask for anyone better. They are amazingly helpful. :)
I'm off to watch me some re-runs of Law and Order SVU.
Cuz let's face it, Christopher Meloni makes me happy too.

Peace out y'all. :) Sorry it has been like forever since I posted. I'll work on that. (posting more ya know...)


From Tracie said...

I love all your happinesses....especially that last one ;-)

Singedwingangel said...

ahem ty for the drool moment, he is hot I agree and can't wait till you get back

Sharee said...

Dont beat yourself up over waiting a week to post..I haven't posted in over a year! Love the look of your blog! Gotta figure out a way to get mine up to par on your level. Let me know what you think www.nappynattymomme.blogspot.com

First post in over a year...lil rusty

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, work really does get in the way of social networking doesn't it?

Joanne said...

Just keep remembering all those happy things!! I'm just happy that you're still around and blogging when you get the chance.

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