Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dude, I woke UP with a song stuck in my head.

I wanted to scream this morning when I found out oh oh oh oh oh rah rah THIS song was stuck in my head.
Yeah, that's right. I'm sure you all have heard this song...ohhh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
*sigh* Why me? What was Lady GaGa doing in my dreams last night? And I can't get the SONG out of my head, until I start singing it a couple of times... bah rah rah rah gah caught in a bad romance...You might just wanna stay away. Have you watched the video? Lady GaGa has some rocking heels. Of course I would NEVER wear them, but they ARE something else. Watch the video for me. Rah, rah gah oh la la Please? Thanks.

Ugh. The whole oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'll get over it. In other news, I found a Taylor Swift song to replace Lady GaGa. Thank goodness. I do NOT want to be caught in a bad romance. Especially her idea of a bad romance...oh oh oh oh oh oh oh On to Taylor...*sigh*

Summary of song:
Girl grows up. Her parents argue and argue.
Girl meets boy in a small town.
They fall in love.
They move in together.
He asks girl to marry her.
They have a fight.
She runs out.
He follows her and lets her know he is still in love with her.
Beautiful. Love and marriage is HARD. Sometimes we just have to stick it out together.
I'm glad I married my best friend.
I might get to see him this weekend. YAY! :))

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


SO I didn't post anything last night. I just went to bed. I was tired. I figured I would post MY WIMTSW this morning. And guess what? My dear friend Angel is putting that meme to sleep. She is tired of all the negativity in the world and in "blogging land" and she wants to be more positive. So she came up with a NEW meme: God Whispers.
It can be anything. You can take pictures of the dinner you are serving and write about how grateful you are for God's bounteous hand in your life. You can tell about the time you listened to something God told you and how good it made you feel. Anything. AND if you don't feel like writing, just record a video of yourself telling us of the God whispers in your life. Sing a song IF you have a song voice (I DON'T so I will spare you all, LOL).

God Whispers

I present to you my God Whispers. I am grateful for the confidence I have in myself. I'm glad I can be positive for the most part, AND make friends quickly. I know God is real. I know he loves me. I am grateful for ALL he gives me on a daily basis.
Confident Smiley ME! ;)
-a husband that is off busily working at a job he doesn't really want to start a career in, BUT realizes we need the $$ to catch up on bills
- my girls, they aren't perfect ALL the time, but they are mine and I love them.
- Friends to laugh with
- a roof over my head
-God's love for me and my family (We might not be financially wealthy but we DO have each other AND a roof over our head.)
Those our my God whispers for this week September 27th 2010. ;)
Do you have any God whispers? Come write a post and let Angel know you participated. Being positive is a WHOLE lot more fun than being negative all the time anyway. ;) Right?
I'm not sure there is a linky this week, but next week there should be a linky UP all week. So you can participate ALL week long. Cool huh? Angel is a genius I tell ya. I'm sure glad I know her! ;))

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Accepting awards AND Happiness project :)

I have been awarded some awards this past weekend. The sweet @jessielsmith has awarded me with this:
Cori'sBIGMouth also awarded me this award too! Thanks Cori! :)
I'm gonna tell you 7 things about myself. 'Cause I am gonna follow some of the rules here. ;)
1- I am a people person. I love talking to people. (Friendly people that is.)I don't like talking to shrews obviously...but you already knew that. :))
2- I am more of a morning person than an evening person.
3- Chocolate is my sweet drug.
4- Dr. Pepper helps wake me up in the morning.
5- I like to sleep.
6- I LOVE my netbook computer.
7- AND I love to laugh and to make others laugh!
As for the awards, if you are reading this post, consider yourself awarded!! YAY! Congrats. (I follow so many people these days, y'all are awesome!) MUAH! Love ya!
Happiness project :)
 I was fooling around taking pictures of myself with pizza. Dominoes is doing something this month, take a pic of yourself with pizza and so I tried. (It's not Domino's pizza though. It's Di-giorno pizza.) Take a look.
I know, I'm a spaz huh? LOL. I didn't turn anything into Domino's or anything. I had fun taking the pictures though. And again, I didn't watermark the pics. I'm lazy like that. So sue me. DON'T STEAL my pics. That's rude. Just ask. Okay? I might let you display me proudly on your blog. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mingling on a Monday...Again! ;)

Ok, I did it again folks! I mingled on a Monday instead of Sunday night! Yippee!
Where's your mingle?
Oh, and Thank YOU all for the support shown on my last post. I needed to air my feelings out on the whole matter. I feel so much better. Thanks! (Didn't read the last post? It is the post right before this one.)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I had a run-in with a shrew.

Image obtained through Google Images.
I can't sleep. I had a run-in with a shrew yesterday. Let me tell you the situation. And then you tell me what is right. Okay?
Situation: My husband is working temporarily out of town for 2 weeks (maybe more). I have 3 children ages 11, 8 and 3. All female. 2 out of my 3 daughters attend school. I am home all day without any "adult" interaction. (Except for my blogging. I always have YOU. ;) Thanks for that.) I have a neighbor. Imagine that, there are people that live next to me. ;) Anyway, there used to be a nice older woman who lived there with her son. (Actually they are still nice.) This woman's shrew of a daughter moved in WITH her four children. (Her children: Also pretty good kids. I enjoy hanging out with them too.) Also, her longtime friend, Let's call him Steve* (to protect the innocent), has moved in with her to help watch the kids. He cooks, cleans and takes after these boys and one girl. He disciplines these children when they act up. He loves these kids even though they are NOT his children. Steve is 47 years old and he is very much a people person just like me. The shrew also has a brother (36 years) that lives there. He has had numerous heart surgeries and strokes, and he has severe acne--He actually is a pretty nice guy, up until a couple of weeks ago.

  Here is what happen that really got me angry yesterday. The shrew mother came home from the grocery store yesterday. She headed over to the pool where Steve and her youngest daughter was. I was there with Steve and Julia* (another woman that lives in the complex) and we were talking. This is what MOST adults do. Make friendly conversation with each other. However Julia had left about 5 minutes before the shrew actually arrived. The shrew comes in, and asks me, "Where are YOUR children?" I tell her, at home.
She says, "Your children are at home alone?" (The pool in my complex is located about half a second's walk from my home AND I had only been talking for about 30 minutes or so. AND my oldest knew exactly where I was. She  is 11 by the way.)
I said "Yes."
She laid into me like there was no tomorrow. First she said, "How would your husband feel if he knew you, a married woman, were talking to Steve out here?" She continues to run her mouth at 80 miles per hour and make me think I am the worst mother in the world for leaving my precious children who are about half a second's walk from me, for leaving them a home ALONE.
I don't have a pool key. (They changed the locks and it costs about $25 for a replacement key.)
I walked to the gate, along with the shrew. and told her, "Do me a favor, don't ever write a book--'how to win friends and influence people, because quite frankly it would NEVER sell.'"
She just shook her head and said, "Listen lady, I'm not your friend and never will be." She opened the gate and let me out, still running her mouth. I normally don't cuss at all, but I had some adrenalin in me and I told her, "Shut up Bit*#!" She told me NOT to call her that again or she would call social services on me and HAVE my kids taken away from me for leaving my kids home alone for such a long time. *sigh*
So there you have it folks. I am a bad mother because I left my very capable daughter who is 11, in charge for a half hour or so, while I ran over to the pool and chatted with some friends. Yup, that's it. Married people can have friends OF THE OPPOSITE SEX AND not be attracted to them. Yup. It's true. And I did tell my husband about this run-in with the shrew. I even told him about the nice neighbor Steve, who I talk with on a daily basis, and wants to meet my husband when he comes home. (By the way, Steve used to be homeless. He has no where to stay, and the shrew's mother, knowing this, invited Steve to stay with her because her grandchildren just love him.)
What do you think? Am I a bad momma for leaving my 11 year daughter who is very capable of staying at my house while I talk to some friends IN our apartment complex, OR am I a good mama for telling shrew lady where to shove it? 
By the way, this shrew always finds something to complain about. She is NOT happy unless she is complaining about something. I know, Steve has to live with her and he has told me. The shrew does NOT discipline her children much, Steve does, she rarely spends any time with them outside, and she yells at them practically all the time. I know, I can hear her from my house screaming her head off at her children.
Thanks for listening. Sorry I ranted, but I had to get this ugliness OUT of my system. Next time I see her, I am going to politely suggest smiling a little more instead of scowling, she might gain a friend or two IF she smiles.
Additional Note: The shrew is a divorced woman of 4 children trying to make ends meet. That must be hard. I feel for her. Especially in this economy. Everyone has it rough these days. But sometimes, when you face what life has given you, with a smile instead of a scowl, you pick up some support (friends) along the way. I am grateful that I am a people person and that I talk to people so that I can gain more friends. Life is hard. Who wants to be stuck up on the inside with no friends? Certainly not me. And I am NOT having a hot, torrid love affair with the neighbor next door. He's just a friend. Do YOU married people have male friends aside from your spouses? If my husband was home, this neighbor would be my husband's friend too. I'm not hiding him from anyone. I'm just shooting the breeze with some friends because I need to get out of the house to for adult stimulation.

Again, Thanks for listening people. Leave the discussion below in the comments. Please! ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Faith. Sometimes you just gotta have it.

I have no idea how this ties in at all. But all I'm saying is You just gotta have faith. In anything you do, or are trying to do. Just have a little faith in yourself. Good things come to those who wait.
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ;)  Grey's and The Office premiere tonight! YAY! ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I meant to say...(Don't mess with me!)


What I meant to say--It's time folks. Here is my version of What I meant to say:
When I tried to make conversation with the lady next door at the pool (Who BTW is the ONLY person who does not like me over there, she lives with her mother and 4 kids Plus her longtime male friend WHO she does NOT have a relationship with he just watches the kids while she works) : "So, Hi. How ya doing today?" She says, "Fine." and then looks the other way.
What I meant to say to the lady who has a beef with me AND I couldn't care less: "Listen, I HAVE NO idea why you don't like me. I think it is because everyone ELSE likes being around me and for some reason you don't. Why is that? Is it because your son happens to like my daughter? Is it because I sometimes give your son an after school snack (along with my daughter) and talk to the both of them about how their day was? I DON'T know what you problem is lady, but get your panties OUT of a wad and talk to me. You might just find out we have something in common! Do you like having friends?"
When the state calls me back to ask why I haven't reported the income to them (I am receiving Food Stamps to help off set the bills we have) I said, "I did fill out the forms. And sent them back to you the very next day." Lady says with an attitude, "Well we didn't get them. So you didn't send them in. If you would have sent them in you wouldn't have been denied the benefits." 
What I meant to say: "Lady, I don't KNOW who does the mail over there OR files the paperwork but he/she is obviously incompetent. I sent the forms in, What else am I suppose to do? Sheesh. Don't get AFTER me or tell I was unwilling to cooperate WHEN you screwed up and lost the forms." 
And lastly, To all the 11 year old boys that keep coming around the house because you think my 11 year old daughter is cute: What I say: "Hi, Nice to meet ya. You go to the same middle school as her? That's cool." *make nice small talk*
What I meant to say: "I've got MY eye on you. Don't mess with me. If you hurt MY daughter you mess with me too, K? OK? You get me? Good. Very good. You can hang out here ALL you want, you are just NOT taking my daughter elsewhere you understand? She is only 11 by the way..."
And that is WHAT I had to say today. I feel a TON better now. Ahh. Free therapy. Gotta love it. ;) Right? Join UP today!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 10 on Tuesday.

Edited: Mrs. Gloves has not done the Top 10 today. She did a pregnancy update instead. But you can still do top 10 IF you want. K? :)
10- So GLAD Daughter 1 is in school today. Seriously, she was really bugging me today. She has a serious gratitude issue these days.
9- Tuesday. One step closer to Wednesday and PREMIERE week. Cougartown and Modern Family respectively. And don't forget Grey's on Thursday. I'm a hopeless comedy and drama fan!
8- I painted my nails red this past weekend. Watch out people. I'm feeling kinda sassy today...:) lol.
7-I am SO glad high school is behind me. And Especially middle school. UGH.
6- What's with the NEW hangout boys? (The boys that like my daughter have been hanging out over here more and more.) Not that I mind. I'd rather have them over here then anywhere else. I've got my eye on them....BWA hahahaha.
5- Advice to 11 year old: Pay more attention to your studies than boys. Boys are somewhat important, just devote ALL your energy into the studying of boys. It's not worth it.
4- Have I mentioned IT is premiere week THIS week? YAY! I'm so EXCITED.
3- And Yippee! It is payday for 3 days worked last week! I can pay my phone/internet bill.
2- I love my friends! I have NO idea where I'd be without them. You know who you are. Thanks!
1-  Dear present employer that husband is working at now, I hope the work doesn't run dry anytime soon! We could really use the green right now. ;) Thanks!
Please click on the button above and check out the rest of the TOP 10 on Tuesday links! Either that, Or maker your OWN! Thanks MrsGloves for this awesome meme!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I mingled on a Monday! *I know it's a miracle isn't it?*

Yup, and I'm not even writing much today on this post. I'm TIRED people....LOL. It's a Monday, What do you expect? Plus my daughter is playing "hookey" today from school just because she didn't do her homework. BELIEVE YOU me, this is the LAST day she does this...:)
Join up to Monday mingle this week! Click on the button above! You will be glad you did!

Friday, September 17, 2010

High School-Re-visited, and WHY can't you like the "nice" girl?

Image obtained through Google Images.
I was listening to a song the other day and started questioning "Why?"  I'll tell you the song in a minute, but why is high school so cruel? Boys like "certain" girls because they are popular and the cute nice ones, like me are always in the sidelines. It's always gonna be like that. The nice ones always get squished by the bi@#h 's of the world. Why is that?
Maybe being a witch is worth it to some people. I have always been the nice girl. I can totally relate to Taylor Swift's song "You belong with Me"(Yes, I admit, I listen to Taylor Swift. She sings good song.)
Summary of song: Boy lives next door to cute "nice" girl.
Girl likes boy next door.
Boy is dating the "head cheerleader" type, the one that everyone wants to date.
Boy secretly wants to date the nice girl.
Why doesn't he? Because it's high school. And there are certain rules in high school.
I say, "Screw the rules." Like who you want in high school. Let people talk. Be yourself.
Because in the end, that is all that is gonna matter. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who is strong in my life?

This post has been brought to you by The SITS girls and their fabulous sponsors: Standards of Excellence, Westar,  AND Fla building appliances.
Without further ado, here is my vlog about who my strongest woman influence is:
(Pay no attention to the mismatched lips and sound once again. Sorry, I didn't fix it.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A post I'm proud of.

I'm suppose to RE-Upload a post from the past that I am proud of. (Because mainly I am participating in the Back2Blogging event with the SITS girls...But instead of that today I am going to talk about someone I am proud of today. Someone who makes me laugh. Someone who makes me smile. Someone I am in love with.
And NO...It's not Matthew M.
It's my husband. My sweet husband left last night to take a job in Salt Lake City UT for 2 weeks. (At least that the company promised him thus far. Stupid economy and all, they might NOT have work after that.) So he took the ONLY car that is working and he drove practically all night to UT. We live about 5-6 hours from Salt Lake City UT.
He is going to work construction. After searching and searching EVERYWHERE, getting jobs here and there, a company called him back the other day and asked if he could work for them for the next couple of weeks. (They'd offer more if they knew the work would be coming in after 2 weeks, just not quite sure.)
So he is off. That leaves me to get rides to church, to school functions (hopefully there aren't many) And trips to the grocery store to get milk.
I will rely on my friendliness and charm to get rides...:) No one can turn me down right? ;) LOL.
No really, I know some ladies that probably could help me out. Whew.
But I am proud of my husband for taking this job even though it means being without US for at least two weeks, maybe more. He's a good man. I love him. I'm glad I married him. So instead of re-uploading a post I am proud of, I am proud of my husband today for working hard for the money.
I love you babe! :) Muah! I know the following video is SHE works hard for the money but in my mind...It is HE....:) K? Thanks! (The song that is in my head today.) I work hard for my money too...*sigh*
Disclaimer: This post has been written in an attempt to win an Electrolux washer and dryer from these fabulous sponsors, Standards of Excellence, Westar, AND FLA builder appliances.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#BloggyBootcamp IS in St. George UT. You going?

@sahans might be wearing this at #bloggybootcamp. I HAVE to go!
I won't lie. Money is tight around here. I HAVE to win this ticket. I just HAVE too. I could save the $$$. But by the time I save the 100 dollars it could be sold out. :( And then I'd be SAD. There are gonna be SOME pretty cool speakers. Speakers I have met in blogland and on Twitter. And some of them IRL. @sahans is gonna be there! She is the gal giving away the ticket! She is actually going to SPEAK! Can you believe? :) And KristinaP is gonna be there, speaking....:) AND my funny blog writer and author Denae is going to be speaking. Cool huh? So I just HAVE to go. I know three speakers!!!!

  St. George just so happens to be right around the corner from where I live too. I want to go. And I willing to tweet, blog and Facebook this giveaway too! If you too want to enter, Grr, but you can't win, I have to win, Visit @sahans 's blog. There I even gave you the link. I am so nice to you people. Love you!! Muah!!

Now get to commenting ON this post AND the post below this one....WAKE UP people!! I'm still here. LOL. I haven't won my Caribbean vacation yet. I know you people just live, eat, sleep and breathe ALL my posts. Am I right? That's what I thought. Thanks!!! Now back off my #bloggybootcamp ticket. UNLESS you want to buy ME one. That I can take. :)))

Disclaimer: This post was written for extra entries so I CAN get extra entries in a hopes to WIN a #bloggybootcamp ticket. PLEASE oh please. You can enter, but if you win, you HAVE to give me your ticket. Oh, come on, you know you want me to win anyway. :) Right? Thanks! I knew you did. I love you people! :) (It's only 100 dollars for the conference. Not bad really at all. I just AM really short on funds at the moment.) Why don't you sign up to go just to meet me? I'll be the goofball with the purple netbook computer videoing the conference. :) I love video cameras!! It might be a FLIP if I can afford one by then. *Cross your fingers.*

Back to Basics of Blogging Day 2:The post that I wish more of you people read. :)

I am participating in the SITS Girls Get back to basics of blogging. The second day you are suppose to re-upload a post that didn't get read much AND explain why it is important to me.
The post is about mothers. IT was when my Mama Fuzz cat was preggo. I felt her tummy when she had the kitties in it. They kicked me. I thought it was a neat experience. I am grateful Fuzz could be a mother and that I am a mother each and every day. It is hard, but is definitely worth it.
So please READ and enjoy! And tell me, what is your favorite part about being a mother?
For me, it is getting to be a kid again (in a way) and playing with my kids. Even talking about boys again with the 11 year old makes me feel like she needs me. AND I want to feel needed. I also want my kids to feel like they are loved."Well, I have to tell y'all something. I think our cat Fuzz (ya know the stray we started to feed cause its so cold outside) I think she is pregnant. Our neighbors kept on saying she is pregnant I just know it. I didn't want to believe until I knew for sure. I checked the internet on symptoms of pregnancy and she has ALL of them. Well today I let her inside for alittle while because I wanted to pet her. She laid next to me on the couch and I gently rubbed her tummy. And would you believe I felt a kick! It was exciting because I had never felt anyone's else's tummy when pregnant! It was kinda cool actually. Since this will be her final litter and all (We are taking her to be fixed as soon as she is done being pregnant) I thought I should check this cat pregnancy out. WOW! It's neat feeling little baby kittens inside her. I hope that doesn't make me gross of anything. I am a mother. And in a couple of days...hopefully??!! she will be too. I am very grateful for the chance I have to be a mother everyday. It is hard but anything worth doing is hard. So this Valentine's day I have a lot of love in my heart first and foremost to my husband for marrying me and making me a mother, next to my children who remind me everyday what love is all about, and to Fuzz the sweet mother to be who was smart enough to hang out on my doorstep for food. Thanks for reading.
 Disclaimer: I am participating in the SITS girls bloggy boot camp in an attempt to WIN a washer and a dryer. AKA Thelma and Louise. I'd like to thank the sponsors for donating Standards of Excellence, Westar AND Fla builder appliances. Thanks for an AWESOME opportunity to WIN and for allowing me to get back to the basics of blogging. ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Get back into blogging MY very first POST! YIKES!

I'm going back to my roots this week. My VERY first post in 2009. :) UGH. I'd like to thank the SITS Girls for putting this challenge on the table and their sponsors Standards of Excellence, Westar, AND Fla Builder Appliances.  I have a chance of winning Thelma and Louise (a WAY awesome washer and dryer so I figured Why not?)
Technically this is the first post I wrote in 2009, I didn't really blog in 2008, There is like one post. I am going to do a BEFORE and AFTER. So here is my January 2009 post FIRST post of 2009, WITH a REAL original title....*sigh*
January 21,2009 TITLE
I am going to attempt at doing a blog. I am going to only try and post exciting updates and not lameo ones. My friend Debbie Davis is an awesome blogger. I am aiming to be like her. She is also a poet, she writes pretty cool stuff. When I figure out how to add her blog to mine I will post a link so y'all can see her blog as well.
First of all the inauguration was excellent. I truly hope Obama is able to keep all his promises to us. Being president is hard and even though he is a great speaker will not necessarily make him a great president. Time will only tell.
I recently connected with a bunch of people on facebook! it's awesome! I found some friends that I have not spoken with for a long time. And they also have blogs too! I can cheat and see what they post on their blog from time to time. We'll see who actually comes on my blog to read it.
Well the day is young! I'll see what else I can post to this blog to make it exciting! Wish me luck!

Evidently I HAD NO idea how to blog or post or anything like that. Jeez. Look how far I have come though. I like to think I am WAY more exciting now. Right? Oh, just admit it. You would NOT have read me back then. 'Cause let's face it, I didn't even know what niche I was in. If I were to tell you humor, you would have laughed.  Talking about how many Facebook friends you have does NOT make a good
Here is my NEW re-vamped "first" post.
Here it goes:
So I want to blog...Doesn't everybody?
I have come to the conclusion that I want to have MY voice heard as well. I want to blog mainly to keep up with my friend Debbie who lives in Salt Lake City UT. I want to blog because I LOVE to write. I want to blog because I love to connect with others.
This blog will be an ultimate explosion of my feelings probably. I might blog too much, I might blog not enough, but whatever I do, this is my blog baby. And I will always love it.
I hope you love my blog baby too. Feel free to show me some of that love through comments. Once i figure out how to comment on your blog, I'll come around. I'll even send you email too.
Having a blog makes me feel important. Thanks for wanting to share this journey with me. I will try to make the ride entertaining and humorous.
Until NEXT time,
Cluttered Brain (NEVER reveal your REAL name on your blog.) WHAT? I already did once. Ahh well. The secret is out. You know my name....It's Alexes.)
So WHAT do you think?
I think I have come a long way...Jan 2009. I'd like to think so anyway...:)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday mingle Sept 13, 2010

Welcome! I didn't mingle last week because I had allergies and sounded plain awful. I am MUCH better now.
I have some news to share...My 11 year old daughter has a "suitor" LOL, if you want to call him that. The boy next door. He is such a cutie. He has white blonde hair and an adorable smile--for an 11 year old boy. He is a pretty good kid. Anyhoo, he "asked" her out, You remember that don't you? 11 year old dating? I get the giggles EVERY time I say that. That's what they call it anyway. They just hang out, ride bikes, hang out at my place where I serve snacks and Capri suns...Kids LOVE my house. My theory is, I'd rather KNOW what they are doing by having them hang at my house...You can like my daughter just fine, but hang out WHERE I know you are...mainly so you can't get into any trouble. :)
That's the "BIG" news in my daughter's world. HAHA!
My world? Nothing much. But a mingle. WATCH and enjoy! :)

Have a super week you guys! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I remember.

I remember.
God Bless America!
May we all remember that dreadful day 9 years ago.
God Bless America! Land that I love! I'm taking a moment to reflect upon my liberties and freedoms in America that I still enjoy. What are you doing today? :)
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Friday, September 10, 2010

It is Friday? Really? Can I scream yet?

Perhaps the lady should walk? *sigh* Image found at Google Images!

I made it. It is finally Friday. I beat the allergies AND I managed to fix lunch for my girls. I was homework and boy monitor yesterday. I even managed drink server (Sorry, I only serve Capri-Suns.) I was serving drinks to 10 year old boys--What do YOU want me to serve them? :)

I managed to go walking with my crazy neighbors yesterday. (The same crazy neighbors that have the adorable 11 year old that like my daughter.) Yeah, you know where that will lead. :) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! But really he is a nice boy. He helped my daughter with her homework yesterday.

In this instance, crazy is good. It is nice to know that there are friendly people here in Mesquite.

I want to thank you for commenting on my high school saga/drama. It meant a lot. I am just glad that IS over.


In other news, did you see I guest posted at my lovely friend's blog yesterday? FromTracie is her name, FUN is her game. :) You can read my lovely post here. I wrote that post doing like 5 other things...*sigh*

Perhaps that is why my brain is cluttered.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm off to make sure my kids make it to school on time. Tomorrow I get to sleep in past 6. I can't wait! ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, I'm going there. High School. Hardest thing I ever did.

I read an extremely touching post by Not Your Average Teen today. And I feel inspired to write my high school/adult saga out. I want to let you guys know I always haven't been this happy and giddy AND full of life. Brace yourself. I wrote an unusually long post today in reflection. I hope you can stay with me. :)
I am human.
Here it goes. High school was hell for me. That's me over there on the left. Graduation Day. I couldn't have been happier. You see I went to the "cliquest" (If that is even a word.) high school ever. There were the rich kids, the jocks, the smart kids, the losers, AND all of them or at least most of them anyway, had money. There parents let them drive the fanciest cars. I had to drive the family station wagon.  (Which I was very grateful, it was better than riding "the cheesemobile" (none other than the school bus) to school. I was teased. My sophomore year of high school I decided to dye me hair BACK to its original color. I am a blonde. I wanted to be a lighter blonde. So my mom bought me the stuff and we dyed my hair. Until we figured out when I sit in the sun my hair gets that same color WITHOUT the hair dye.
We went to a hair stylist. We tried to do back to the dirty brown hair that I had. hair went back to brown all right, with a twinge of green to it.
My mom made me go to high school that day. The more times I washed it the green would fade out the stylist said. UGH!
Well, for the rest of my high school days I was nicknamed "Green Hair" by a super cute football player jock.
I still remember his name. I won't mention him on my blog just in case he is "out there" somewhere. But he was merciless in teasing me.
I sat with a couple of friends at lunch every day. True friends. We didn't have a WHOLE ton of people to sit with but we had each other. When my friends were absent I often ate by myself.
I was never a size 6. I was a size 12-14. I never thought I was pretty. I had a couple of boys that liked me in high school. And I liked them. But for the most part I HATED high school. 
I hated feeling like I didn't belong. I hated feeling like I wasn't accepted. 
Then I went to college. First year I got all bookworm like and got straight A's. Second year I met H. She was popular with the boys and wanted me to meet some guys to date.
H gave me permission to show her face! YAY! :)
I loved H.  :) My bestest college friend.
But back to high school for a minute. I did one meet one boy who forever changed the way I felt about myself. J. (Again, not using the full name just in case.) J always called me beautiful. He would call me on school nights just to talk. We flirted and flirted. And unfortunately, we never actually dated. Want to know why?
I was afraid of what "other" kids might think because he wasn't one of the cool kids.
Stupid huh?
J made me believe I was beautiful by telling it to me every day he spoke to me. And pretty soon I started to believe it.  I am a firm believer of just that. Telling yourself every day that "I am beautiful." "I am funny." "I am a good friend." Pretty soon you will start to believe it. J did that for me.
So Brittany basically this WHOLE long post is to tell you I've been there before. I've been where you are. Heck sometimes I even now am down on myself. Am I a good enough housewife? How do I compare with the neighbor next door? Do they vacuum as often as I do?
It all boils down to one thing.
The ONE thing that got me thorough is my faith in God. He never let me down. He Hears my prayers. He can hear yours. I don't talk about this much on my blog, but if you are a smart chick you can probably pick it up. :) I am a Mormon.
No, I'm not in a cult. My husband doesn't have three other wives. I don't dress funny. (Well, most of the time anyway. LOL.) Have you seen me in the morning without makeup?

But I am Mormon. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes it is quite a mouthful to say. One of my ultra-cool blog friends, Alexis blogged about this very same thing the other day. The being Mormon part. Not the being a nerd in high school part. That's just me. LOL.
The point I am trying to make is You are not alone. I've been there. I've cried. 
My blog is also a place I come to feel accepted and loved. I'm glad I started it. I hope I always want to blog.
So that is about it. I poured my heart out today and it is NOT even Wednesday. (Shell has a Pour your Heart out meme EVERY Wednesday.) I believe. Have you heard of it?
Thanks Brittany for writing the post you wrote today. It caused me to reflect upon my past and remember.
Even though I had to experience all that stuff back in high school, it MADE me the Cluttered Brain I am today. The one you love. Just admit it. You people like me.
Thanks for sticking around to read as much as you did. :) I appreciate it.
Cluttered Brain

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remember young love? My daughter has been bit by the "crush" bug

   First of all I want to thank all you people for your comments yesterday on my daughter's botched hair job. It means a lot. Apparently everyone has been there. Thank goodness. That makes me feel better that I am not the only mother that this has happen too. Whew!
Image obtained through Google Images. :)
   Next up, I want to take you back to young love. (Mainly because my 11 year old daughter likes the next-door neighbor boy who is also 11.) SIGH. Remember those crushes you had in middle school? 6th grade ring a bell? Yeah, I thought so. Let me take you back to my 6th grade year. Uh...If I can remember back that far...
I tried for the life of me to remember my 6th grade year and crushes. But apparently 6th grade was rather tragic for me. I was the youngest in my school and I didn't know where anything was. BUT I am sure I had them. Because every year I was in school there was always a boy I liked. That's how I got through the year.
I do remember eighth grade though. Taylor. And NO, not Taylor Lautner...As if. I don't think he was even conceived when I was 14.  My friend Nicole used to hang out at Taylor's place. She invited me over to meet him.  Well, later that evening I get a call from Nicole.
"Uh, Alexes? Yeah. Taylor is going to be calling you later."
"Taylor. That guy we were hanging out with. He likes you."
"Uh, ok. Thanks Nicole."
Taylor did call me later. I flipped. My stomach was edgy and nervous. He wanted to see me. I told him he could meet me at my brother's T-ball game at the elementary school. He did. We talked. We flirted. We hung out.We did this all with my grandparent's in the stands. I was somewhat embarrassed when he put his arm around me. (For a slight second, not for long or anything.) I don't know...I was all nerves.
Well, Taylor and I dated for about 4 weeks. (Which is probably about a year in middle school life.) :) All the while, my friend threatened to kick my butt if she saw me in school. Because she LIKED Taylor. SIGH.  I was on top of the world for 4 weeks when I was not in school, because a 9th grader liked me.
I remember driving by some boy's house on my bike and in a car (once I got my license) and sitting in front of my crush's house and seeing if he would come out. If I knocked on my crush's door that would be the end of me.
I had no confidence back then.
And now? I have TONS of confidence. I know who I am and what I stand for. I am beautiful. I am funny.
I am me. And you know what?
My 11 year old daughter is just like me. Not the me I was like WAY back when. The me I am now. The confident me.
Yeah. I'm in trouble. I can see it already. Teen Years. How many boys can I date on a Friday night again Mom?
I can't wait. UGH.

Forgive me for posting one more time today, I'm in mourning.

Look at what my sweet 3 year old did today BEHIND my back.
What? You can't see the uneven hair? Wait for it.
Chunks of hair everywhere.

Sweet Buppy. (That's my nickname for my 3 year old.) Why? Why did you cut your beautiful brown hair? I hope the hairdresser can make a beautiful bob out of the mess you created for yourself. I will miss putting your hair up in pigtails.

Please join me in a moment of silence.

My daughter cut her hair.

My WIMTSW post is still below this post. or you can click to it. :) Don't worry. But I had to add this here. My Wordless Wednesday. I truly am speechless. SIGH.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I meant to say--SICK edition...YIKES!

Hey! How do you like my friend Angel's NEW button? It is no longer shared between NYAT (Not your Average Teen) because she is busy with school and such. So it is Angel's once again. :)

Time to get some crap off of your chest. Here it is. Come join me! It really is refreshing. :)

Ok. I love my in-laws. I really do. I appreciate everything they do for me. BUT when they asked my husband to come up and do some work for them last week, I said, "Great. A couple of days perhaps? No problem."
A week later AND still not finished, he has to go back.

SIGH. What I meant to say: "Really? He still has more work to do? YIKES! He needs to stay at home so he can focus on calling jobs and getting applications out there. I really appreciate you paying him for the jobs you have BUT I want my honey home! UGH." He will probably be only a couple more days. Thank heavens. I miss my honey.

When I got sick over Labor Day weekend I wanted to cry. "Are you kidding me? I don't have time for these BLASTED allergies to come NOW...My head hurts, my nose run like a faucet and I sound awful. I just wanna die....."

What I meant to say: " DANG! Not now. Allergies, GO AWAY! I can't be bothered with all this now. I have to get kids up for school, AND make their lunch AND continue to keep the house clean...SIGH. No, I do NOT have time for this!!!"

I have an outside cat now. She whined so hard and got so pissed at us last week for NOT letting her out she decided to start peeing and pooing INSIDE the house....So I got sick of cleaning her crap and sent her OUTSIDE.
What I meant to say to my cat: "Really? Don't do this to me now. I can't take this. You are OUT of here." And I threw the cat outside. (No, she wasn't harmed. She just got sent outside.) And I did Not want her back. 

BUT when she came back with her sweet Masky face, staring at me with her cute yellow eyes, I let her in.
And guess what?
No more pee. She is an outside cat though. I don't want to chance the pee/poo thing anymore.
My heart yearns for Masky. But she will be back tomorrow. Because she loves tuna. :)

When I found out Angel got a new button for her blog I got EXCITED!
What I meant to say: "SQQQUEEEEEAL! Really? I want to see it NOW!!" *jumping up and down*

Notice how I can turn What I meant to say positive sometimes? LOL. I know it is suppose to be things you are sick of and you just HAVE to get off your chest. Maybe I get too much off my chest as it is. Maybe I don't need WIMTSW.
What I meant to say to that LAST statement: "HA! You don't like my version of WIMTS? STAY off of my blog then! No one is forcing you to keep coming back. You will probably miss my wit and charm. But whatever. Leave. I will replace you with more bloggy friends that like me for ME!" *Please don't go! I will miss you too much. I won't talk like that anymore. I'm just playing a part for WIMTSW...You see? I'm all FUN. And I love you all. :)*

Yeah, I'm no meanie. If you believed that last statement, then you must NOT not know me very well. :) I love all my wonderful followers and will be heartbroken is any of you leave. I see you. I'm watching you.

Remember. I have the EYE.
The EYE of the Tiger.
Yes, I remember our little Facebook chat my friend. Where are YOU? I miss you Tracie. :)

Happiness project--My kids!

I love my girls!
I love my girls! Sometimes I wish all of them were better behaved but they are good girls. And they are mine. The past couple of days I have been struggling with allergies and some days felt like I was going to die. (I kid you not. Allergies suck.) I'm glad I am feeling somewhat better so I can teach my kids all that they need to know about life and how to cope.
  My kids are my happiness. My children AND my husband. Because without him, I'd be nowhere. He is my best friend. We will get through our trials. Nothing is going to beat us. Nothing.

P.S. I'll be back for a bit longer posts when the sinus headache finally goes away.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday. Labor Day. My brain is on a holiday.

Monday, Monday.
Yesterday I came down with a cold. Either that or I am allergic to Cedar City Utah. Itchiness stinks. My throat itches and my nose is running. I know, I make a wonderful dinner mate right now, huh?

 I know I usually mingle on monday, but due to my aches and pains, I am bowing out today.

And besides it IS a holiday after all. I will be back tomorrow. I promise.

I hope you all are better. Because this itchy throat sucks. Oh and don't forget my runny nose. I can't wait until I am a picture of health again.

MUAH! Kisses and Hugs! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday and a call for WINNERS! ;)

Hey, I've got some winners. Are you ONE?
Watch and find out!

Hooray for the WINNERS!! :)
Since there were so few numbers I'm going to ask @lonestarlifer for a discount on the cards for the rest of you people who entered. Because honestly, who doesn't want some cute snailmail postcards and cards in the mail?
They are WAY cute!
And you ALL are WINNERS in my book! :)
Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something about Surrogacy

Jill as a Surrogate Mom.
My totally awesome friend Jill has been a surrogate mother. Not once, but twice before. And one of the pregnancies was TWINS. ;)
    I think carrying a baby for another woman is a perfect gift. Some women can't have any babies of their own without the help of a surrogate. Beautiful women like my friend step in. Surrogates carry the baby for 9 months, in some cases,( almost 9 months when it is twins) and then when the sweet baby is delivered, she hands the baby over to the woman who is going to raise the baby.
I think it takes a special type of woman to do that.
If I could not have a baby on my own, a surrogate would be a perfect option I think. (I wonder if you can show up to the doctor's appointments and listen to the baby's heartbeat and such...) That's just cool.
There is always adoption, but I think there is just something special about a surrogate. That's your embryo. That's your egg and sperm implanted in another woman who wants to through a pregnancy for YOU. A woman wants to carry YOUR baby for you. What a blessing AND a relief!
 My friend has been a blessing in 2 different families lives.
Why do I mention my beautiful friend now?

Well, my wonderful friend, Jill AKA Mormon Surrogate, has written a book. She grabbed some special illustrators (her children) to illustrate the book for her. And she is looking for some lucky reviewers. The book is going to come out September 10th on her BIRTHDAY! (Hopefully!)
If you are interested in reviewing this children's book about surrogacy please contact Jill at Mormon Surrogate (Her blog :))
She is giving some people a chance to review her book. The "details" on how you can review it are on her blog!
I am SO EXCITED to be telling you guys about this! Surrogate mothers are truly a blessing from God. ;)
I found this beautiful poem ;) 

I Will Be A Wonderful Mother - Author Unknown

I Will Be A Wonderful Mother - Author Unknown

There are women who become mothers without effort,
without thought,
without patience or loss,
and though they are good mothers and love their children,
I know that I will be better.

I will be better not because of genetics or money or because I have read more books,
but because I have struggled and toiled for this child.

I have longed and waited.

I have cried and prayed.

I have endured and planned over and over again.

Like most things in life, the people who truly have appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams.

I will notice everything about my child.

I will take time to watch my child sleep, explore, and discover.

I will marvel at this miracle every day for the rest of my life.

I will be happy when I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of my child, knowing that I can comfort, hold, and feed him and that I am not waking to take another temperature, pop another pill, take another shot or cry tears of a broken dream.

My dream will be crying for me.

I count myself lucky in this sense; that God has given me this insight, this special vision with which I will look upon my child.

Whether I parent a child I actually give birth to or a child that God leads me to, I will not be careless with my love.

I will be a better mother for all that I have endured.

I am a better wife, a better aunt, a better daughter, neighbor, friend, and sister because I have known pain.

I know disillusionment, as I have been betrayed by my own body. I have been tried by fire and hell that many never face, yet given time, I stood tall.

I have prevailed.

I have succeeded.

I have won.

So now, when others hurt around me, I do not run from their pain in order to save myself discomfort.

I see it, mourn it, and join them in theirs.

I listen.

And even though I cannot make it better, I can make it less lonely.

I have learned the immense power of another hand holding tight to mine, of other eyes that moisten as they learn to accept the harsh truth when life is beyond hard.

I have learned a compassion that only comes by walking in those shoes.

I have learned to appreciate life.

Yes, I will be a wonderful mother.
-Author Unknown

Thanks Jill. It is truly a blessing to know you! ;)
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Hey y'all! It's cleaning and "Get Your Life Organized" day at my house today. Yeah, I really think I only need a day. I can do it. Have a little faith.
I've got vacuuming and mopping and laundry AND straightening up of the rooms to do.
I'll be back when I have sufficiently cleaned.

I may or may NOT be getting a little visit from the landlord.
I want to make his house look presentable.
It is a GORGEOUS house after all!

I'll check in later. Leave a comment if you want me to stop by your place later. Okay?

School is going good. The kids are GONE. All except for one. PEACE and QUIET. Ahh.
After I'm done it will be peaceful AND clean!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've got WINNERS!

Yup. Nature Valley giveaway has closed and so has the $25 dollar gift card for Wal-mart.
Who won?
Watch the videos to FIND out.
Winners have 48 hours to respond to me or I will be forced to choose another winner.
Winner of the Nature Valley gift pack is:

Winner of the $25 gift card IS:

I am sending my emails out RIGHT now to the winners! YAY!
There is ONE more giveaway. Some WAY cute postcards and magnets for snailmail.
Come on, you know you want to win them. Just ENTER today! :) Thanks!

WHAT? It's Wednesday??!!


IT's Wednesday folks! Time to get that somethin' somethin' OFF of your chest!
It's like therapy, I love it!
Here is goes:

When I got a knock on the door yesterday, I figured it was going to be my daughter's friend so they could walk to school together. It was her mother! She asked if Anna was here! (Anna had left 15 minutes ago.) It was a quarter to 8 and school starts at 7:55!
What I meant to say (after she gave me a somewhat exasperated look) : "Hey, lady! You want MY kid to be late to school because you and YOUR kid are running behind? NO freaking WAY! Next time show up here by 7:30 and you can walk with my daughter. Otherwise, don't even bother stopping by, OK?"

When my daughter started middle school this week I got all nostalgic at my middle school years. YES, I still remember 6th grade. I remember the lockers, the dressing out for gym, the boys...being the youngest in the school and getting teased for it. When my daughter asked me, how 6th grade was I told her, "Somehow I got through it."

What I meant to say: "Girl, I remember it as if it were yesterday. I don't EVER want to be a 6th grader again! I HATED gym class, dressing out for gym. I HATED being the youngest in the middle school. I HATED nearly failing my math class because the school placed me in accelerated math...UGH. You finally made it dear. Welcome to 6th grade HELL!"
(Well, it wasn't that bad but I wouldn't want to go back. UNLESS I knew what I knew now. Maybe I'd go back for a day or two. Show those popular girls a thing or two about life.) HMPH!

WHEN I was informed that one of my blogger buddies was being tormented on another's blog I became infuriated that a thing like that would still happen. We are adults after all aren't we?
What I meant to say: GROW UP! Would your mama be proud to see those comments? I think NOT!"
(And THAT is ALL you are going to hear about that.) EVER again. I swear.

When I found out another best blogger had gotten sick over the weekend I felt bad. Because nobody should EVER have to hurt that bad when you are a mother.

What I meant to say (to THE COLD that would NOT go away!) "BOO! GO away! Listen UP, we are mothers 24/7 we don't have time for a sniffle AND a cough. We have work to do. We have meals to fix. LEAVE me ALONE you dang COLD! I don't WANT my friend to have to go to a doctor because of YOU. Don't MAKE me come down there...Grrrr...." (If a sickness were an animate being and actually listened. Heck, maybe the germs were listening.)

When I found out ANOTHER friend's Skype handle last week, I got EXCITED! YAY!
What I meant to say: "SQQQQUEEEEEEEEEAL!! Another friend to video chat with!!! YAY! I LOVE to video chat with friends, don't you? IT's like we are in the same room or something. YAY! YAY! YAY!

I can't indent like I used to sometimes in Blogger. That's why it is smushed all in one paragraph. Sorry about that. It's blogger's fault. Grrr....HEY! I did it! I did it! I did it! YAY! I'm just like Dora! YAY! YAY! YAY! Blogger must like me today or something.
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