Monday, September 13, 2010

Get back into blogging MY very first POST! YIKES!

I'm going back to my roots this week. My VERY first post in 2009. :) UGH. I'd like to thank the SITS Girls for putting this challenge on the table and their sponsors Standards of Excellence, Westar, AND Fla Builder Appliances.  I have a chance of winning Thelma and Louise (a WAY awesome washer and dryer so I figured Why not?)
Technically this is the first post I wrote in 2009, I didn't really blog in 2008, There is like one post. I am going to do a BEFORE and AFTER. So here is my January 2009 post FIRST post of 2009, WITH a REAL original title....*sigh*
January 21,2009 TITLE
I am going to attempt at doing a blog. I am going to only try and post exciting updates and not lameo ones. My friend Debbie Davis is an awesome blogger. I am aiming to be like her. She is also a poet, she writes pretty cool stuff. When I figure out how to add her blog to mine I will post a link so y'all can see her blog as well.
First of all the inauguration was excellent. I truly hope Obama is able to keep all his promises to us. Being president is hard and even though he is a great speaker will not necessarily make him a great president. Time will only tell.
I recently connected with a bunch of people on facebook! it's awesome! I found some friends that I have not spoken with for a long time. And they also have blogs too! I can cheat and see what they post on their blog from time to time. We'll see who actually comes on my blog to read it.
Well the day is young! I'll see what else I can post to this blog to make it exciting! Wish me luck!

Evidently I HAD NO idea how to blog or post or anything like that. Jeez. Look how far I have come though. I like to think I am WAY more exciting now. Right? Oh, just admit it. You would NOT have read me back then. 'Cause let's face it, I didn't even know what niche I was in. If I were to tell you humor, you would have laughed.  Talking about how many Facebook friends you have does NOT make a good
Here is my NEW re-vamped "first" post.
Here it goes:
So I want to blog...Doesn't everybody?
I have come to the conclusion that I want to have MY voice heard as well. I want to blog mainly to keep up with my friend Debbie who lives in Salt Lake City UT. I want to blog because I LOVE to write. I want to blog because I love to connect with others.
This blog will be an ultimate explosion of my feelings probably. I might blog too much, I might blog not enough, but whatever I do, this is my blog baby. And I will always love it.
I hope you love my blog baby too. Feel free to show me some of that love through comments. Once i figure out how to comment on your blog, I'll come around. I'll even send you email too.
Having a blog makes me feel important. Thanks for wanting to share this journey with me. I will try to make the ride entertaining and humorous.
Until NEXT time,
Cluttered Brain (NEVER reveal your REAL name on your blog.) WHAT? I already did once. Ahh well. The secret is out. You know my name....It's Alexes.)
So WHAT do you think?
I think I have come a long way...Jan 2009. I'd like to think so anyway...:)


singedwingangel said...

OK first of all how are ya'll adding the FB like thing on there do I have it already on mine..
bwhaha I sounded like the bible thumpers I go after like a rabid bull dog on my first post

T said...

haha... I'm pretty sure my first blog was about going to the cabin... written just for family... I've thought about pulling it out to see if there was any humor at ALL or just a travelogue...

Nancy C said...

Explosion of feelings...that's the perfect way to describe blogging!

Lisa said...

What a difference a year-or so- makes. :) Great job!

Debbie said...

Cluttered brain, you totally ROCK...and I love you :)

Life Without Pink said...

Yeah my first post was so lame! See you have come a long you are a rock star at vlogging!

Cheeseboy said...

I like the second one much better, but the first one wasn't bad for a green blogger, first timer.

I don't even want to look at my first post. I think it was about how I am scared of birds or something.

Donda said...

I think my first blog entry was like 2 sentences. Your's was very honest. :)

Cori said...

I recently went back and read my first post too...pretty much the same post you posted!! LOL! Kudos for you for posting it!

Good luck with the Challenge!!

From Tracie said...

My first post was much more lameo than yours! haha

I think we have ALL come a long way!

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