Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I meant to say--SICK edition...YIKES!

Hey! How do you like my friend Angel's NEW button? It is no longer shared between NYAT (Not your Average Teen) because she is busy with school and such. So it is Angel's once again. :)

Time to get some crap off of your chest. Here it is. Come join me! It really is refreshing. :)

Ok. I love my in-laws. I really do. I appreciate everything they do for me. BUT when they asked my husband to come up and do some work for them last week, I said, "Great. A couple of days perhaps? No problem."
A week later AND still not finished, he has to go back.

SIGH. What I meant to say: "Really? He still has more work to do? YIKES! He needs to stay at home so he can focus on calling jobs and getting applications out there. I really appreciate you paying him for the jobs you have BUT I want my honey home! UGH." He will probably be only a couple more days. Thank heavens. I miss my honey.

When I got sick over Labor Day weekend I wanted to cry. "Are you kidding me? I don't have time for these BLASTED allergies to come NOW...My head hurts, my nose run like a faucet and I sound awful. I just wanna die....."

What I meant to say: " DANG! Not now. Allergies, GO AWAY! I can't be bothered with all this now. I have to get kids up for school, AND make their lunch AND continue to keep the house clean...SIGH. No, I do NOT have time for this!!!"

I have an outside cat now. She whined so hard and got so pissed at us last week for NOT letting her out she decided to start peeing and pooing INSIDE the house....So I got sick of cleaning her crap and sent her OUTSIDE.
What I meant to say to my cat: "Really? Don't do this to me now. I can't take this. You are OUT of here." And I threw the cat outside. (No, she wasn't harmed. She just got sent outside.) And I did Not want her back. 

BUT when she came back with her sweet Masky face, staring at me with her cute yellow eyes, I let her in.
And guess what?
No more pee. She is an outside cat though. I don't want to chance the pee/poo thing anymore.
My heart yearns for Masky. But she will be back tomorrow. Because she loves tuna. :)

When I found out Angel got a new button for her blog I got EXCITED!
What I meant to say: "SQQQUEEEEEAL! Really? I want to see it NOW!!" *jumping up and down*

Notice how I can turn What I meant to say positive sometimes? LOL. I know it is suppose to be things you are sick of and you just HAVE to get off your chest. Maybe I get too much off my chest as it is. Maybe I don't need WIMTSW.
What I meant to say to that LAST statement: "HA! You don't like my version of WIMTS? STAY off of my blog then! No one is forcing you to keep coming back. You will probably miss my wit and charm. But whatever. Leave. I will replace you with more bloggy friends that like me for ME!" *Please don't go! I will miss you too much. I won't talk like that anymore. I'm just playing a part for WIMTSW...You see? I'm all FUN. And I love you all. :)*

Yeah, I'm no meanie. If you believed that last statement, then you must NOT not know me very well. :) I love all my wonderful followers and will be heartbroken is any of you leave. I see you. I'm watching you.

Remember. I have the EYE.
The EYE of the Tiger.
Yes, I remember our little Facebook chat my friend. Where are YOU? I miss you Tracie. :)


T said...

allergies suck... well, actually they usually drizzle... and THIS my friend is why we live in the heat where it's too darn hot for green things to grow.

From Tracie said...

I'm here!! hehe Facebook chats with you are the best!

Even when I'm gone, I know that your EYE is watching me! (kind of like santa clause, only much cuter and I get to talk to you more than once a year!)

I get it about the husband situation. Hopefully they will return him to you soon!!

What I meant to say to your alergies.....hey you allergies leave my friend alone or we will send Angel after you-she has fire and will burn you up!!

D said...

I've got the sneezys, runny/stuffy nose thing going on. I can't tell if it's a head cold or allergies....BLAST! I hope we BOTH feel better soon :)

jennyonthespot said...

Allergies - ick. No fun!!! *wah*

Brittney said...

hahahaha you crack me up!!!!

The Empress said...

I love that you have close bloggy friends like this, they are why we do what we do, w/o pay, right?


Thanks for your kind words, as always, you are the sweetest.

singedwingangel said...

roflmbo@tracie siccing me on your allergies.. I am the blogging sheriff not the allergy sheriff lol. Othersie I wouldn't have to deal with my own ..
PFFT that one section is what I need to put on my blog lol.. cause you KNOW I would say something like that.. take me or leave me but either way ya never forget knowing me

The real L.A. love story. said...

hello! it took me 3 tries to find your blog since you have several listed and this one looks the most current (and i should have just looked at your user name again). i love what you have going on and i will be back to read. i know that FB is very good for some people but i like feeling liberated by something that was once a crutch.

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