Friday, September 10, 2010

It is Friday? Really? Can I scream yet?

Perhaps the lady should walk? *sigh* Image found at Google Images!

I made it. It is finally Friday. I beat the allergies AND I managed to fix lunch for my girls. I was homework and boy monitor yesterday. I even managed drink server (Sorry, I only serve Capri-Suns.) I was serving drinks to 10 year old boys--What do YOU want me to serve them? :)

I managed to go walking with my crazy neighbors yesterday. (The same crazy neighbors that have the adorable 11 year old that like my daughter.) Yeah, you know where that will lead. :) Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! But really he is a nice boy. He helped my daughter with her homework yesterday.

In this instance, crazy is good. It is nice to know that there are friendly people here in Mesquite.

I want to thank you for commenting on my high school saga/drama. It meant a lot. I am just glad that IS over.


In other news, did you see I guest posted at my lovely friend's blog yesterday? FromTracie is her name, FUN is her game. :) You can read my lovely post here. I wrote that post doing like 5 other things...*sigh*

Perhaps that is why my brain is cluttered.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm off to make sure my kids make it to school on time. Tomorrow I get to sleep in past 6. I can't wait! ;)


Garden of Egan said...

I so feel your elation!

I've worked the longest stretch of days and I am now off for 6 whole days of bliss............shhhhh don't tell anyone!

Take a nap girl, take a nap!

Lisa said...

Hey, I know~you should totally decorate for Halloween today and tomorrow! Just to give yourself one more thing on your plate. Then you'll SQUEEEEEEAAALL with delight every time you see it! :) It'll kind of be like it's Friday every day.

singedwingangel said...

sighs even when my kids don't have to get up I will have too lol cause I have a JOB now. I wish you lived closer, boss said if I could get breakfast sales up she would give me a raise lol.. you could come in every morning and eat my cooking lol..

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, too! My oldest is at a friend's house tonight and my youngest is at a football game with The TO. I'm ALONE! Yeah for Friday!

Patty Ann said...

Hope you have a great weekend! As for me, I have to work tomorrow. I am holding out for a Sunday Sleepin!

From Tracie said...

You had a very busy week.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for that guest post?? Because it was awesome (just like you!) and I loved it (just like you!) and it made me happy (just like you!)

Yay for the weekend!

Cheeseboy said...

Crazy folks in Mesquite? I never would have guessed.

I did see your guest post and it was great!

BTW, I just waxed my arm and it hurt like heck.

Sandra said...

You're relief at having made it to Friday is not only palpable, it is shared!...although today is Saturday, I didn't think today would come soon enough. Now I'm wondering how I'll fare next week. Take care and have a good week!

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