Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey y'all! It's cleaning and "Get Your Life Organized" day at my house today. Yeah, I really think I only need a day. I can do it. Have a little faith.
I've got vacuuming and mopping and laundry AND straightening up of the rooms to do.
I'll be back when I have sufficiently cleaned.

I may or may NOT be getting a little visit from the landlord.
I want to make his house look presentable.
It is a GORGEOUS house after all!

I'll check in later. Leave a comment if you want me to stop by your place later. Okay?

School is going good. The kids are GONE. All except for one. PEACE and QUIET. Ahh.
After I'm done it will be peaceful AND clean!


Meghan said...

I'm your newest follower. Found you from your link up on WIMTS (:

Evonne said...

Good luck with the cleaning! That was my plan today until the stupid water company decided to turn off water to our street again. Second time this week!

If you want to stop by, you can find me at All You Need is Love or Jules Out Loud.

BJ said...

You can stop by my house and clean any time your heart desires....LOL
I'm waiting for the house cleaning fairies to arrive....I know they're out there somewhere...otherwise I guess I'll take care of it in the morning :0)

Patty Ann said...

One of these days I swear I am going to sit on the couch and eat bon bon's and watch those house cleaning fairies try and put my house in order. For now, I am lucky if I manage to get out the vaccuum and the carpet shampooer!!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hey, if you feel up to it, my house could use a good cleaning, too. LOL!

Wendy said...

Hope you got lots accomplished today!! I know I did and didn't but that's another story. Now that the kiddos are headed to bed, I'm going to work on the kitchen floor. Not sweeping and mopping there are far too many things to throw away, remove and such before that happens tomorrow. Then the bathroom. And after I do those, i just have dejunking the desk and the entertainment center, and folding clothes in my room. I'm ALMOST done....

Nice thing is we'll be ready for the next set of painting projects!!

Steph said...

What is this cleaning thing you speak of?

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