Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Basics of Blogging Day 2:The post that I wish more of you people read. :)

I am participating in the SITS Girls Get back to basics of blogging. The second day you are suppose to re-upload a post that didn't get read much AND explain why it is important to me.
The post is about mothers. IT was when my Mama Fuzz cat was preggo. I felt her tummy when she had the kitties in it. They kicked me. I thought it was a neat experience. I am grateful Fuzz could be a mother and that I am a mother each and every day. It is hard, but is definitely worth it.
So please READ and enjoy! And tell me, what is your favorite part about being a mother?
For me, it is getting to be a kid again (in a way) and playing with my kids. Even talking about boys again with the 11 year old makes me feel like she needs me. AND I want to feel needed. I also want my kids to feel like they are loved."Well, I have to tell y'all something. I think our cat Fuzz (ya know the stray we started to feed cause its so cold outside) I think she is pregnant. Our neighbors kept on saying she is pregnant I just know it. I didn't want to believe until I knew for sure. I checked the internet on symptoms of pregnancy and she has ALL of them. Well today I let her inside for alittle while because I wanted to pet her. She laid next to me on the couch and I gently rubbed her tummy. And would you believe I felt a kick! It was exciting because I had never felt anyone's else's tummy when pregnant! It was kinda cool actually. Since this will be her final litter and all (We are taking her to be fixed as soon as she is done being pregnant) I thought I should check this cat pregnancy out. WOW! It's neat feeling little baby kittens inside her. I hope that doesn't make me gross of anything. I am a mother. And in a couple of days...hopefully??!! she will be too. I am very grateful for the chance I have to be a mother everyday. It is hard but anything worth doing is hard. So this Valentine's day I have a lot of love in my heart first and foremost to my husband for marrying me and making me a mother, next to my children who remind me everyday what love is all about, and to Fuzz the sweet mother to be who was smart enough to hang out on my doorstep for food. Thanks for reading.
 Disclaimer: I am participating in the SITS girls bloggy boot camp in an attempt to WIN a washer and a dryer. AKA Thelma and Louise. I'd like to thank the sponsors for donating Standards of Excellence, Westar AND Fla builder appliances. Thanks for an AWESOME opportunity to WIN and for allowing me to get back to the basics of blogging. ;)


singedwingangel said...

oh I love when my momma kitty is preggo . It is the only time she is lovey dovey lol.. and bless her heart she delivered her last litter ON MY FEET in our bed just to be close to me.. Yeah flipping wonderful that was

One Cluttered Brain said...

I know...lol. Gene said you almost rolled over on it...EW....
Apparently i'm getting the same reaction over the mama kitty preggo post...lol.

I will wait.
They will come.
I hope.

T said...

it's a slow blog day girl - don't worry - If you post it, they will come! (see, here I am!)

Stacey said...

I love all the hugs and kisses i get for free as a mom!


Amber Page Writes said...

First, I find comments have dropped off all over the place, so you're not alone.

Second, sweet post. I love preggo tummies, though I've never felt a kitten kick.

From Tracie said...

That is such a fun, sweet moment I will dispense with my normal A-aaaa-aaaaaa-CHOO! that comes with a cat mention! ;-)

I love getting to do those kid things again too. In fact, a lot of the kid things I am really doing for the first time in a lot of ways. Providing my child with an abuse free home has been a special kind of healing experience for me. (totally selfish moment there, but very true!)

gayle said...

I love being a mother of 2 grown daughters probably your age!! Wish I had tried for more cause then I might would have had more grandchildren!!

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