Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I wanna win a TEMPUR pedic bed from Jenny on The Spot!

Guess what? This is my 600th post!!! AND it is the post that is (hopefully) gonna win me a TEMPUR pedic bed. MY hubby and I have never had a decent mattress. Hubby has always tossed and turned in bed.

I want to do something for him that he will LOVE me forever. (If TEMPUR pedic chooses me however. :)) I watched Jenny's awesome review of the TEMPUR pedic bed. Go. Watch. IT. Now. You will laugh. Guaranteed. Jenny is a crack up. You just gotta love her...peace and sparkles and all.

Wanna see my attempt to win a really cool bed?
It had to be a minute long y'all so it is not that long.
Here it is:

This video might cause the TEMPUR pedic to call me at home and congratulate me at winning a TEMPUR pedic bed! Or they might put me in a commercial. OR Or.....My mind is full of possibilities.

If you wanna win too, you too can enter. But listen, I really win this, and the more entries Jenny has it takes away from my awesome entry....Go watch her video at how you too can win a TEMPUR pedic bed. And steal this awesome bed from me....bwahaha..

Ok. You wanna enter? Enter then. Just send me a link to your video because I'd LOVE to see it. Because I LOVE video and all.
You know.
I wanna be a vlogging superstar like Jenny someday.


Big Mama Cass said...

Neat! Hope you win!

From Tracie said...

600th post!! You deserve to win something for that!!

hahah! you are so funny! I want a remote for my bed too. lol

They SO should pick your video to win.

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