Thursday, August 5, 2010

Am I going to Blogher? Uh, Maybe. Someday. NOT this year though.

I found out on Twitter the other day that Life Without Pink is hosting a #blogherpityparty.  She got together with one of her friends, also NOT going to Blogher and she is hosting this wonderful party for all us "Losers" who don't get to go.

AHEM. We are not losers though. They are. They are missing out on ALL the Twitter parties associated with NOT going to Blogher. And some of them are giving out prizes. :)

Anyhoo, I went ahead last night and made a video and told ya everything. All that I will miss at Blogher and all that I will NOT miss at Blogher.

I would have had this up yesterday, but Youtube took too long for my video to upload, and I fell asleep. :)

Without further ado, MY #notgoingtoBlogher video!

Believe it not, this is ME without a Dr. Pepper in my system. Kinda crazy huh?

Tomorrow night 9PM EST, MY #notgoingtoblogher Twitter PARTY.
There is also another Twitter party tonight at 9PM EST too.
Check out the #notgoingtoblogher hastag on Twitter. You'll find it.

We notgoingtoblogher people KNOW how to PARTY too....:) Right?

Come join me and I'll show YOU that we do know how to party! :)


BusyB said...

thats Funny : ) great post!

haha and video!

Cheers HAppy THursDAY!
Today I have a giveaway!

The Empress said...

love you when you vlog!!! you should just vlog everyday.

so, are you setting up the DrunkHer or am I?

One Cluttered Brain said...

Do U mean the #wineparty? HAHA! The only thing I drink nowadays is Dr. Pepper. LOL.

But I still can have fun.
I might make a small appearance to the #wineparty too.

Gotta have FUN now this weekend right?

T said...

I'm afraid I'd add "missing my kids" to the things I will miss about BlogHer... but yeah - the rest of it? ditto.

Life Without Pink said...

I LOVE You! You are crazy wild I wish we could meet in person {maybe one day}. And yes we are DEAR friends! Thanks for linking up...I'll be over to Party with you guys Friday night!

singedwingangel said...

lmbo directionally challenged.. I love it.. me too unless I have landmarks.. I can't be at the twitter party dagnabbit.. stop rubbing it in but I can do the one tonight if Pink lets me in.. cause I wubs you lol

Frugal Vicki said...

I am so bummed I am not going to blogher! I am also a macaroni kid mom, and I am REALLY mad I don't get to go to that meetup in Vegas! Grrr

Sandi said...

The only thing don't miss is the walking in the heat of NY, and having to hire a bondsman do to the fact I punched some snarky, hoity toity heifer in the throat for rolling her eyes or squeeeing in my ear 1 to many times. other than that I would have been ok.

Sandra said...

I did not even know what Blogher was until a few days ago...I wish I had gone a few more days without knowing 'cause now I totally feel like I'm missing out, and yes, I feel like a loser. I'm glad people like you are out there making the rest of us feel better...and I'm with Empress, whose taking care of Drunkher!

Lesley said...

you are would be a blast to party with!!! Stopping by from the pity Party!!!

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