Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prizes!! What you can WIN at #notgoingtoblogher TWITTER party.

This will be a mother of all links to post. Yes, many people have donated graciously to my #notgoingtoblogher Twitter party.
Thank-you everyone!

  • First up, I have an EVERYTHING package re-design your blog  donated from Jacqui from Wacky Jacky House of Design. Trust me on this. She can totally transform your blog into something you really LOVE. (Because we all know I am NOT good at html and coding and all that.) I can write, make people laugh and post crazy videos of myself. But that's about it. Sorry, Blogger blogs only.
  •  Robyn from Robyn's online world is donating a mystery swag bag to the Twitter party.  She is the gal that I got this #notgoingtoblogher twitter party idea from anyway. (She hosted one last year.) And so, you can win something totally FUN and AWESOME from her as well! :)
  •  Next on my list of prizes you can win is a bag of licorice from Red Vines. Everyone likes a good licorice right? Red Vines is the best!

      Cool huh? Click the links above for all the scents you could get. There are very YUMMY flavors! :)
      And also, this month all scentsy products are 10% off! Wow! What a deal! :)

      • Also I have another mystery donation. And this gal is AMAZING. Honestly, if you are not familiar with @jennyonthespot Please follow her tweets and blog. Her videos are awesome!  I love mystery swag don't you? And this is good mystery swag, not like a white elephant gift you don't want. Honest-to-goodness cool swag! :)
      •        Organic Vanilla Lip balm from
      Or something that says, "I heart @Clutteredbrain's Twitter parties, they ROCK!" Special bonus points to anyone who wants that design! :)
      Basically if you have an idea of what you want, she can make a T-shirt for you! :)

      • You know EightyMPHmom? Well she told me today she could donate some mystery swag to the party too! YAY! You like to mingle and meet other bloggers? Join her every Monday for Monday Mingle! :)

      I think this is all the prizes. If you would like to donate a prize to the Twitter party you have until 8PM EST 6PM PACIFIC time to contact me! The twitter party is Aug 6, 2010 9PM EST. Prizes can only be shipped to US/CAN. 
      You can contact me via comment OR oneclutteredbrain AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!


      T said...

      hmmm... I've got to figure a better way to keep up tonight - last night was overwhelming (and I was just there for a few minutes!)

      I need need NEED a blog design - but a custom t-shirt is something I've been looking into lately - I need me a good Audrey Hepburn shirt!!!

      Julia said...

      awesome list of prizes!! love it!

      AvonLady02 said...

      Do we need to RSP and how do we if we need to?

      AvonLady02 said...

      Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

      YES! I was looking for something to do tonight!

      debi9kids said...

      Had a great time playing along tonite! Nice to meet you too :)

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