Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza Hour 4. My Top 10 things :)

Thanks @mrsgloves, for posting a NEW blog carnival thingy.

My top ten on a #blogapalooza DAY. :)
  • i need to shower. Like right now.
  • i need to do my dishes. Like right now. But this whole blogapalooza thing is tying me down.
  • My daughter needs milk. AHEM. Where is my cleaning fairy? and my psst, errand girl?
  • who needs capitalization when you are blogging for 24 hours straight?
  • Not me. Man oh man, NOT me!
  • You excited to see a dancing vlog from me? Or just any old vlog? Wait for it. It will come. :)
  • I'm on 7. Let's see. What did i need to get done today? oh yeah, that's right. blogapalooza....LOL.
  • Tracie is right. This is gonna be TOUGH. Trying to balance everything and cook, Yikes. I need a cook and a housekeeper for today.
  • i at least need to mail the rent check today. Let's see if i can make it back in time....
  • and probably wash a dish or two. Maybe streaming me LIVE would be easier....as long as i don't pick my nose or scratch my butt on camera...
That's it. That's my TOP 10 on a Tuesday. Stop by It's a Grande life and link up TODAY!
Happy Blogapalooza! This ENDS Hour 4. :)


From Tracie said...

As long as you don't stream live while you are taking that shower! LOL

Capitals, punctuation, grammar, the use of spell check.....all unnecessary things.

Paying the rent, however, that could be important! lol You could video that! =)

singedwingangel said...

SCHEDULED POSTS lol that is how I am gonna do it.. otherwise I am dead in the water lol

T said...

holy freak... it's 2 in the afternoon and I'm just BARELY checking blogs... I've got an hour before the kids get home!

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