Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza #10 How did me and my husband meet?

This is an excellent choice!
Thanks @fromtracie for suggesting this topic. I have yet to relay this story to you.
My husband. How I met him.

Cedar UT, 1996 Fall of that year

I remember seeing him in church first and then on campus at Southern Utah University. In all actuality, I didn't really like him at first. I liked some other guy. But that guy turned out later to like my roommate. *sigh*
My roommate at the time is my present sister-in-law. Cool huh? She married my husband's brother!
 Anylovestory,  my roommate and I were talking one day. And she revealed that she was thinking about asking my husband, (Well we weren't married yet. LOL) on a date. Well, I said, I better see if there are any flames with this guy before MY roommate falls in love with yet another man I like...

  Dan got me a job at the Care Center where he worked at the time. He worked in the kitchen preparing the food and I was the dishwasher. I know, not a glamorous job, not in the least, but I remember many nights when I missed working beside Dan. I longed to talk with him and to flirt with him. He really was adorable once you got to know him. (He still is, BTW.)
Anyway, Dan and I got to know each other through work and dates. I asked him to a college dance, he said yes, the rest is history...LOL. Ok, we hung out a lot more after that. And you know what? Dan said later that he probably would NOT have dated my roommate. She just wasn't his type. *sigh* That made me feel a LOT better. (Because the guy before Dan, that I was in love with, totally liked this roommate.)

My sister-in-law and I are good friends now. Just like we were back then. My husband's brother, the one she married, is perfect for her. Which is perfect, because my brother-in-law is so not my type. He's a good guy and all, wonderful cook, but Dan is the man for me! (Ha, Ha I threw in a little rhyme at the end.)

So Tracie, that's how my husband and I met.
Work, school and church. The rest is history. I am still waiting on my second  honeymoon though.
Because that would be perfect! :)


Brittany Ciara said...

A great story!

One day... I'll be able to write a post like this! ;) haha

Brittany Ciara said...

OMG! I wasn't following you! No wonder your updates were not showing up in my feed!

The problem is fixed! :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I LOVE happy endings!

singedwingangel said...

awww that is sweet.. and how cool that your college roommate is now your SIL.. that was awesome

From Tracie said...

Love this story. Love that you asked him out too....very cool!

How great is it that your friend and roomate gets to be your sister-in-law too? That is so randomly awesome!

Sounds like Dan is such a better guy than that other guy. =)

Y'all deserve a second honeymoon....I'm still waiting on my first one. Three wedding, and no honeymoon. There is something majorly wrong with that. lol

Donda said...

AHH That's sweet :)

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