Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last and FINAL POST! #24 I DID IT!

Well, uh, er...I think I did it anyway.
I may or may NOT have had a catnap along the way.
Come on, I am 34. It's not like I can stay up ALL night anymore.
But I was sleep deprived. And I can say for a surety that I am sleep deprived.
Because while the most of you are just getting up--some of us are getting up but have been UP for quite a while.
With some naps in beween. :)
I hope you don't shoot me Tracie.
I didn't make it to 3 AM my time. (I made it to 3 AM your time though. Doesn't that count for something?)
I stayed up longer than Angel. :)
Ok, so my kids don't have school yet.
So that means I can sleep.
If I actually stayed up ALL night WITHOUT napping, today would be hell.
Because I have 3 kids with lots of demands.
However they are asleep right now.
Where am I going with this FINAL blog?
It is the END.
Will I blog anymore?
Will I vlog anymore?
Should I blog anymore?
24 blog posts in a row should catch me up for quite a while.
24 days perhaps.
No, not me. I just keep typing. *sigh*
Why I type, you watch this.
And maybe I will be done.

That's it. I'm outta here! I hope you enjoyed this blogging marathon. It was sponsored from Blog2print. I think you can win a book or something. Like make a part of your blog a book.
Yeah, I don't know details. I AM a little sleep deprived after all.


T said...

go get some sleep!!!!! ummm, but first make sure to turn on some VERY entertaining cartoons and pop some popcorn so the kids'll be good for at least two hours.

seriously, I used to lay on the couch whilst the little ones watched - I was napping but I woke up every time one of them needed something... not mentioning what kind of sick things they were learning from Blues Clues though.

From Tracie said...

You made it until 3 my time! ROFLMBO

You are hilarious!

I will count that as having made it. Since I am the official decider of the #blogapalooza. (right?)

Hopefully you are napping now!!

Love you!

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