Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza #16 Daughter's birthday :)

See? I didn't just blog all day today.
I took time out and celebrated my daughter's birthday today.
She turned 3.
Here are some pictures.
I'm not EVEN going to try and watermark them tonight.
Because it's late.
Don't steal.
It's not nice.
And I will know. Because I am everywhere.
The cake was a delicious strawberry cake served with french silk ice cream. YUM!
And with that #blogapalooza post 16 is DONE! :)

1 comment:

From Tracie said...

You are a Super-Blogging-Mom!

That cake looks so so yummy! Did you bake it today too? Or, yesterday as the case may be? lol

So pink and perfect for a sweet birthday princess!

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