Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dang it! I forgot to post ONE more thing....

  Hello there.
Psst. I know you are getting REALLY tired of the updates. And I apologize. But Aug 16th I believe, I was suppose to post a review of a fantastic book my Michele Ashman Bell.(But I fergot.) (Silly me.) Hometown Girl was the fabulous book I read, set in Washington state (the book not me--LOL) in a made up town called Milford Falls.
I so want to live there. The characters are great, including the sheriff, (Barney Fife type character) that gives the main character a speeding ticket the first time she moves in.
  Jocelyn basically leaves her life in St. George UT and starts fresh. She moves into her grandmother's home. (Her grandmother is passed now. She inherited the house and it needs several renovations.)
 Upon moving to Milford Falls, She finds a great job and a guy.

Jocelyn has her troubles though. Things aren't peachy all the time.
But I am NOT going to tell you everything that happens. Just read the book!

I thought this book was great and could actually be read in one sitting. Because you have to find out what will happen next right? The town is picturesque and you just want to MOVE there and be Jocelyn's neighbor. Eat blueberry pie, (because she has a berry farm in her backyard) and just LIVE. :)

One more thing, During the month LONG blog tour of which I was a part, she is giving YOU the opportunity of winning a $50 VISA gift card. Not just to Amazon, but you could use this anywhere. Cool, huh?

What do you have to lose? (Except the chance of winning a super-duper gift card.) You could buy Michele's latest book Hometown Girl and then take your sweetheart out to dinner.

Have a lovely day folks. I'm off to take a NAP.


Michele Ashman Bell said...

Thanks so much Alexes! I so want to live there too. We could be neighbors.

From Tracie said...

Mmm blueberries!? Sounds yummy........

And it sounds like a fun book too! =)

singedwingangel said...

How cool you even know the author?? Seriously.. Ok I am so jealous now lol

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Sounds like a good book!

Tracie said...

Sounds like a good read! I'm always looking for my next book.

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