Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza #8 Yup, I'm still in here! :)

I am currently out on errands right now.
Thank goodness I can schedule posts.
So I didn't hear much feedback in the comments on what you want me to talk about.
Are YOU guys still with me?
I know I am flooding your email and facebook and Google reader with posts. Sorry.
I HAD to do it.
It is Blogapalooza after all.
I did have a chance to get interviewed by a newspaper.
However they can't get a hold of me. DURN. (Or I can't get a hold of them.)
Any of you newspaper reporters out there? You want to interview me? Where's 5minutesformom when I need them?
Apparently, I still have stuff to say.
24 blog posts in one day?
This is crazy.
My beloved chocolate-faced daughter. :)
AND on my beloved daughter's birthday.
I'm still making brownies. Yes, I can bake AND blog at the same time....
There might be more vlogs in the future.
This typing is getting old. :)


T said...

seriously woman... it IS just a tad bit insane... of course, if I hadn't been required to spend my entire morning helping my sister and her little internet crisis (ack - away from wifi for 3 hours!!!!) I would have been right there with you the entire time :)

singedwingangel said...

Im here I am here I was doing some vlogs including DANCING on one

From Tracie said...

Look at that sweet little chocolate covered face! =)

I want some brownies...YUM!

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