Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza #7 Holy Shnikes! Did i make it this far already?

So hey HO!
I made it.
I'm still in this 24 hour blog-a-thon.
i might NOT be able to comment on everybody's blog today...Cause i am too darn BUSY creating posts.
I bet you think I didn't have it in me. 24 blog posts in one day?? This should be outlawed. I bet you people will UNfollow me tomorrow. LOL. Please don't. I'll be back to my old self tomorrow. 1 post a day. Ho-hum.
This is only a once in a lifetime thing. I normally post just once a day.
Don't you worry.
I didn't write anything yet.
Good criminy.
You people aren't asking me anything. Don't you want to know anything about me? Now is your chance to ask. I have MANY more blog posts today to publish.
The newspaper never got back to me.
My chance for fame is gone...*sniff, sniff* (Just in the blogosphere.) Either that or the Today Show is waiting to call me. :)
Well, It is time for lunch. I can't blog when I'm hungry.
I'll be back for #8. If you are lucky. :)


From Tracie said...

"My son has been kidnapped by rock stars" --->I love that movie! lol

You want questions, huh? Really?

I'm not very good at questions...or answers. Hmmmmmm


I want to know your best childhood memory.

I want to know how you and your husband met.

I want to know one secret about you, good, bad, or funny.

Those can all be separate posts...or you can try to fit them all together as one....up to you! =)

One Cluttered Brain said...

I will attempt at your questions AFTER post 8.
I already scheduled post 8 to publish. I will use these questions though...:)

singedwingangel said...

Favorite song of all time
Favorite activity with hubby and no I don't mean sex lol
Favorite memory with hubby
Funniest things your kids have said

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