Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WIMTS--Twitter sometimes you make me go Grrr...


You all know what day it is right?
I really shouldn't have to remind you people...lol. I do this every Wednesday...*sigh*
Anywednesday, here is My wimtsw:)
So you all know I had a Twitter party last Friday, right?
Well I did. And it very successful. Despite the fact, that Twitter locked me out and I could NO longer tweet. :( I even still had questions to ask too.
Well, I was sneaky. I registered another Twitter handle the night before...just in case.

WIMTS to Twitter when it happen: "Really? Come on, I am NOT spam, I am NOT an autobot, I am hosting my FIRST twitter party tonight. I have to reuse hastags...*sigh* Grrr...." Last time this happen to me I could tweet in 15 minutes. Not this time. I could finally log on after a few hours....

When I found out one of my bestest bloggy friends was going to miss my FIRST twitter party, I was sad. :(
I asked her if she had a laptop. (Cause you know if she stopped, she could catch up somewhere WIFI somewhere.) Well, she doesn't have a laptop. OR a Internet phone.

WIMTS: "Really? You have to go THIS weekend? Ok. Well, you owe me girl. You HAVE to do whatever I tell you right now. I want to Skype with you...FINE. You have to do it NOW...AND another thing, Have you entered Mary Mommyologist's Embrace your body week yet?"

(Psst, you know I love you babe.)

To my daughters at bedtime tonight. (We are at Grandma's house.)
11 PM  in the evening.
ME: "Listen it is QUIET time. Go to bed." (500th time of telling them.)
THEM: (making noises and carrying on.)
ME: Honey, Will you please deal with YOUR children now?"

WIMTS: "FOR  THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, SHUT THE HE%^^ UP!! I WANT TO GO TO BED NOW! (After I finish writing this blog post of course....)

That's my WIMTSW. How are you feeling today? I am feeling MUCH better now.

P.S. Keep Angel's son in her prayers this week. He got a bad tattoo and now he has a very bad infection in his arm. He is on antibiotics and massive pain killers now. Just pray they work. I am keeping him in my prayers this week. :)


From Tracie said...

Twitter-how we love you, how you can drive us crazy!

I had a little one who did not want to go to bed tonight either. Whew! I though quiet would never come!

Cheeseboy said...

They locked you out because they thought you were spam? That is so lame!

dot said...

See, See why I don't twit Or Tweet LOL whatever it is called it just sounds like another headache to me.

singedwingangel said...

lmbo my kids went to bed fairly easy this weekend..OOh wait I had worn them out lol.. and last night it was first day of school today sooo yeah dope em up on melatonin and send them to sleepy land. Ty somuch for the prayers girl now pray I don't lay hands on themoron. I loathe Twitter jail. Only been in it one time and that was enough for me

Evonne said...

All this week, my kids haven't fell asleep before 11. It's driving me nuts!

I hope Angel's son is ok.

T said...

the alternate handle was brilliant by the way - saved the day!!!

and now I'm afraid what I meant to say was that I'm putting my headachy self back to bed... ugh.

Brittney said...

omg are our kids related? I had that damn convo with my kid last night!

Jenny Brown said...

OMGosh.........you're a riot..I'm laughing my butt off at you right now and I just went and watched your video on YouTube and I can't get the image of you 'shakin' your groove thang' out of my head. I'll be dreaming about you being too sexy for you body tonight.....Oh Lord, Help Me!

What's up with the bad tattoo? That's sucky....I hope he's OK! (I'll have to put my tattoo of Red Lips on my Hind-end on hold now) until you tell me the specifics.......

Mormon Surrogate said...

I can't believe Twitter did that to you! GRRR!

I absolutely hate it when kids won't be quiet and go to bed, especially if I'm tired or already asleep. I get MEAN!

Love ya!

Amy J - Book Addict said...

OMG! Tell me about it with kids not going to sleep! I swear, sometimes I am tempted to give them tylenol pm so they will just relax! LOL

AJ said...

hahaha. Great ones.

I can't believe Twitter shut you out. unfair! :)

孫邦柔 said...

來看看你囉~blog很棒! ............................................................

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