Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogapalooza Hour 5. Almost ready for a vlog.

I am almost ready for a vlog.
I showered, put make up on, got my hair ready, and it is now 12 PM pacific time. 1500 military time on the East coast.  It is time for post 5.
And i hate being behind. And yes, punctuation might be somewhat off today. I'll be better in future posts. :)
Topic of Discussion:
  • When you brush your teeth do you like to rinse with warm or COLD water?
 I usually rinse with warm water, but that IS only because in the summer we don't really have COLD water. Because I live in a desert. I like cold water preferably to rinse my mouth out with after I brush my pearly whites.
  • Do you like to drink warm water?
No never. I have to have it ice-cold along with my other drinks, Dr. pepper, milk and juices.

That's enough about water. Here is the latest song that one can hear in my house this morning heading into afternoon. Take a listen. Hope it doesn't get STUCK in your head like mine.

HA! Is it stuck in your head yet? Who came up with Spongebob anyway? *sigh*


From Tracie said...

I prefer to drink cold water.....with lime in it. YUM!

Teeth rinsing, I also like my water cold.

I refuse to listen to that song....of course I am sure I will hear it at least once around my house today anyway.

T said...

If the water isn't ICE cold I can't drink it... but, oddly enough, I learned to brush my teeth with HOT water... as in HOT scalding water, hot enough to kill all the germs on the toothbrush (or at least that's what I was telling myself)

ManOfTheHouse has changed my mind on that one, now I brush with cold (but turn it to HOT in order to rinse my brush at the end... the germ idea still kills me!)

singedwingangel said...

I have to use warm water for me teeth cause they are so sensitive. and I loathe spongebob

Mrs Gloves said...

Water must be ice cold all the time! If it gets room temp, I can't drink it at all.

Jenny Brown said...

All this talk about toilets overflowing and toothbrushing (I prefer cold water rinsing, thank you, it makes my mouth feel fresher)....I'm not a big 'spongebob' fan....when my kids were younger, we were into 'Barney'....remember the big purple Dinasour? That's what I'm talking about, sister! :):)

......I love you..........You love me........la, la, la.........oh my gosh, I thought I'd kill myself if I heard that song one more time..... oh the memories!

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