Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Mingle--Freestyle :)

Speedy Jen is off preparing for her BIG trip to NYC! She gets to go to Blogher this year. Yeah, yeah I know what you are sayin'. Why aren't you going Cluttered Brain?  *Sniff, sniff* Not this year, It wasn't in the $$$ cards this year. But I will go to Blogher someday. And Blissdom and Type A Mom conferences...And parties on the hill in Kentucky...Heck I'll go to it ALL.

Because I love my blog friends. :)

In fact, I love you so much, I put together some clips from my FIRST vlog...
SO boring....(My total time for my first vlog was 9 minutes!)
but don't worry, I clipped it to 4 mins 36 sec. Then I chime in at the end....WITH an announcement!
Hey, If you are stopping by and you vlogged freestyle this week OR something like it, leave me your link and I'll come check your stuff out.
I'd post a linky, but I'm lazy like that. Just leave your link in the comments if you vlogged.
Here is my first vlog, NEVER before seen footage...I even captioned some of it to entertain

What do you think? Do you think my vlogs have gotten better? I certainly do! :)

Don't forget my Twitter Party THIS Friday Aug, 6th 2010!! And there will be prizes and lots of FUN!


Jules said...

Okay your "WHOO" scared my dogs. I guess I had the volume to loud. LOL

What party and which Kentucky hill? I'm so there. :)

And a good week back at ya!

Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Debbie D said...

Funny. What a difference 6 months makes, huh? But I should talk, I've only done one. Better get busy...

From Tracie said...

So many things I have to say.....
First! I haven't forgotten that I promised you a vlog. I snorted my orange crush when you said something about the nice background and then I read that caption, because I had already picked out a nice blank wall that I was going to use for a background. Yeah. Time to put some more thought into that! lol

I want more Abbie. Or Abby. How are we spelling that? Need a proofreader? Well, I'm not any good at that. I'm the reason spell check was invented, but reading I love....come one, you know you want to send me an advanced copy, right? Right?

Law and Order SVU. NICE! Love it!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies? YUM! Can I have that recipe? Wait...that isn't good. No one wants to read the blog post where I draw pictures of my burned down house because I tried to bake cookies. But they sure do sound good! comment is even longer than your unedited vlog now so I will stop typing! lol Love you!

Jenny Brown said... are such a dork! (In a good way, tho!) :):) I'm still laughing at your Vlog! You never cease to 'Crack Me Up'!

I've never 'Vlogged' before.....I'm gonna have to give it a try!

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