Sunday, August 8, 2010

One more freestyle mingle! :)

Hey peeps!
I had a fantastical time at my Twitter party Friday night. Did YOU happen to make the party? Everyone had such a good time I am thinking of hosting more Twitter parties in the future. I hope YOU too can make it next time. :)
Speedy Jen from EightyMPHmom, hosts Monday Mingle each week. Like Duh, I knew that already Cluttered Brain. Well, she was lucky enough to attend Blogher this past weekend, and she is just today getting home. she may have a freestyle mingle posted on her blog tomorrow (Monday, I am posting my mingle SUN night.) Jen is probably still trying to recover from all the FUN she had...LOL. So no questions this week, just funny faces. (Well, for me anyway.)

Yes, I believe my words and mouth are not matching this week, but at this point I am too dang tired to fix it.
Watch and ENJOY!
P.S. And Thank YOU all who partied with me on Friday! I had a good time. :)

Have a great week!! :)


One Cluttered Brain said...

Hey I just noticed my mingle is perfectly 3 minutes and 27 seconds long! And that is my birthday date!
Cool huh?

Little things make me smile. I wonder how many of you all will notice I commented on my own blog?

From Tracie said...

I notice....and I love it! How fun that the time worked out like that.

I'm tired too....of course it is 2:42am over here on the East why I'm still awake? It is a mystery!

I told my daguther that I was going to vlog like you do....and she said, "What is a Flog" The v was lost on her.

So....nice flog. I enjoyed it. (especially the funny faces)

and if Angel read this.....I miss you too woman. Get back to blog-world where you belong! =)

Great Twitter party Oh Cluttered One. I enjoyed it! Now go get some rest and recover from your busy weekend!

Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach said...

Ohh, I have missed mingling cause I have been out of town doing speaking engagements, so I am glad to see we are all still doing a little SOMETHING this week! I will post mine up shortly!

Great vlog, as usual... even with the lips being off, lol

Nolie said...

AHEM! I saw no mention of buying your ticket for Blissdom Canada in this vlog.

dot said...

I missed Angel something awful too, But she is home...YAY. Great vlog BTW. Too bad I don't do twitter I would've came to your party. But like I keep telling everyone ; right now I don't have time to Twit :) Hey have you been back to pogo?

Brittney said...

I missed the twitter party :( next time ill be there will bells on LOL!

singedwingangel said...

Aww I missed ya'll too, I did log on my FB account but only for a few minutes cause it gave me grief lol.. I am back with bells on and tons of pics to show yall.. 127 to be exact but not all on one blog right lol..

T said...

Yikes - just saw the clock in the background - Vlogging while sleepy should be outlawed :)

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Thanks for being the lone mingler this week LOL. Hopefully we can get things back to normal soon. I miss mingling :( Good news though - I found my flip!

I am glad you are going to BlogHer next year!

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