Saturday, August 28, 2010

Someone loves me in Blogland! YAY! :)

Hershey's Special DarkImage via Wikipedia
Dark Chocolate Mmm. My favorite!
Angel left me some blog awards yesterday. She actually got 4 awards for her "mad vlog" yesterday. Because Angel tells it to you how it is. She is a wonderful friend! I am very blessed to know this woman! :)

I am supposed to tell you a few random facts about myself in acceptance of this award. So here it goes:
1- I love dark chocolate! Milk chocolate is nice but Hershey's Dark chocolate it the best dark chocolate for me.

2- I've never been to Disneyland and I am 34 years old!

3- I like making new friends wherever I go. Making new friends that truly care about you is  the MOST important thing to me right now.

4. I don't have a video camera yet. Despite the fact that I have entered hundreds of FLIP camera giveaways. *SIGH*

I am tagging all of you who read my blues post yesterday and need a blog award. Thank you for commenting! It made my day! If you want to put these awards on your blog great! If you are too busy and don't have enough time, That's great too. I appreciate all of my followers and the comments you leave. Even if you don't leave a comment, I still appreciate you.

Just knowing that you care about what happens to me is enough.

I know these awards are just thrown here and there and everywhere, it is basically because blogger is NOT listening to anything I say. Grrr....
I hope all of you have a blessed Saturday today!

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singedwingangel said...

PSst I have never been to Disneyland either and I am 40

Beth Zimmerman said...

Ditto on all places Disney (except the Disney store at Branson Landing which totally doesn't count) and I'm ... gulp ... 51! :(

I LOVE you and your marvelous sense of humor my sweet Tigger-friend! Hope today has found you smiling!

Donda said...

I have been to Disneyland...our license plate was stolen on the resort is not the happiest place in the world...they lie! You're not missing anything! Let's go to Bourbon Street!

Donda said...

You have an award at my place :)

Jules said...

Congrats on the award. You sure do spread the love here in blogland :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Garden of Egan said...

You are a silly girl.
Of course people love you in blogland!!!!!
I loved reading about you.
I haven't been to Disneyland either and I survived.

I think you deserve all the awards.

From Tracie said...

We had better get ourselves some video cameras before we make it big and take that Disney trip!!

Love you....and appreciate you and what a great friend and incredible woman you are! =)

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