Monday, August 23, 2010

I've reached over 100 fans on Facebook! :) Wa-hoo! (A giveaway!) GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED!

Remember a while ago I mentioned on Facebook if my Facebook fan page reached 100 fans I would do something special? I had something special in my mind.  At the time I had like 60 Facebook fans and it sat at 60 fans for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time. I thought I would NEVER reach 100 fans.
Then suddenly I had a bright idea! I would bribe you all! I'd do something special for you when I reached 100 Facebook fans. So when I was on Twitter the other day I was tweeting away when one of my friends @lonestarlifer sent me this picture:
Isn't this an adorable dog? It happens to be her dog BTW! Cute huh?
And if that dog blogs, blogging has to be cool right?
It turns out @lonestarlifer has her OWN website called Snail Mail Notes!
She makes these postcards and personalizes these cards for people! She also does notecards, magnets, AND gift enclosure cards!
I fell in love with these postcards!
Look at this postcard:
Because let's face it, sometimes blogging can be HARD.
Cute huh?
I know! It got me all excited and squealy inside when I saw these postcards!
And guess what?
This sweet lady sent me some of these postcards to review!
I just got the package today!
She sent me a little bit of everything, postcards, a couple of greeting cards, magnets AND those gift tags you see with flowers. :)
Ok. Here is what I am offering YOU. (Or rather what she said I could offer YOU!)
You too have this chance to WIN some postcards AND greeting cards from her site! (I believe she said she could give a $5 or a $10 gift card to the site!) 
(She also can personalize the post-cards! Did I mention that?)
Here's what you have to:
  • Required Entry: Visit Snail Mail and tell me what you think is the cutest thing she sells. What would you purchase from her site?
  • Leave me a comment telling me what you would want to win from the site and who would be the lucky recipient of the postcard! :) You might get an extra point if you would send ME a card! Maybe. Perhaps. Maybe not. It would make me smile though! :)
Extra Entries: Remember for every extra entry you do, leave a separate comment for each entry. Thanks!
And do you know what the BEST part about this giveaway is?
I get to choose TWO winners not just one! :)
The winner will be randomly selected using Random.Org. (So comments do count you guys!)
This giveaway starts August 23, 2010 and ENDS September 1, 2010 at 9PM Pacific standard time! :)
Good luck!
P.S. Did you have the chance to read my interview yet in the local newspaper where I live?
P.P.S. Yes, I have the Red Vines to send out for the Twitter party I had a couple of weeks ago. Please be patient and funds are somewhat tight. I will get them out though. Never you fear, my friends!
P.P.P.S. Did you know you can also find my writing at Helium too? Come check me and my friend Angel out! :) *Click on my name once in Helium and you will able to see all the articles I have written.


singedwingangel said...

Those are flippin adorable.. I am up to 7 articles on Helium lol.. I will have to go read your stuff today in between doc visits with kids.. UGH

Jenny Brown said...

Congrats on having 100 facebook're a hoot! Love the giveaway...adorable cards! BUT I can hardly keep up with you, girlfriend...I still haven't 'Vlogged' and you're probably thinking I'm a terrible 'Blog Friend', but I've been stalking your site daily and I'd love to win the pretty 'Thank You' postcards with the flowers on the front!

And, should know I'm all talk, anyway....right?

Jenny Brown said...

Heck yeah.......count me in! I just 'tweeted' you on Twitter! :):) I'm ready to win some postcards, girlfriend!

Ruth said...

I would love to have snail mail notes to send to my husband in Idaho! I think he would like getting mail, other than books purchased at Amazon!

BJ said...

OMG I would so have to have some of those CHristmas Cheer pst/flats...they are so awesome!!!!!

BJ said...

I like you on facebook... :0)

BJ said...

I've got you girl on You tube!!!

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