Thursday, August 12, 2010

Think I fell off the blog wagon? Like where am I dudes? :)

Above picture: Don't even ask...LOL. Two words, First Skype call. Wait a minute that is THREE words...heh-heh.
Have you been wondering where the heck I have been lately?
I am visiting family for a couple of days.
I probably will back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.
Whatever that is.
Oh, yeah, that's right. I have a bunch of really awesome SWEET giveaways planned for you all.
Stay tuned.
School starts Aug 30th for the kids.
I am so EXCITED!
There might be a dancing vlog on that later. :)
I will talk to you guys soon!
:) Thanks for hanging in there!


singedwingangel said...

I have missed you on Twitter *sobs* you abandoned me.. and I believe you still owe me a Skype lol

Donda said...

I wondered where you were last night...I almost left a message on your fb wall but didn't want to seem all stalkerish!

From Tracie said...

Yay for dance vlogs....and I already told you I was going through can't just leave us like that!


I still want to skype!!

Wendy said...

I miss you too!! Although, if I wasn't in the middle of trying to clear out a bedroom so that we can paint this weekend... I'd totally make a trip to see you.

You always make me laugh, and I love the confidence factor that surrounds you!! You ROCK!!!

See Mom Smile said...

Okay you are a whack job and I love you. I too can't wait for school for school to start and blogged about it today.

Holly said...

Hope you're having a blast and look forward to you returning to your crazy schedule!! ;D

Nolie said...

Hello. Just coming by to say feeds that only give me the title SUCK when reading from a netbook or cell phone.Just in case you care ;)

Sandra said...

If I had the balls to vlog, I would so have one of me doing the happy dance when my kids go back to school...there might even be a bottle of vodka involved in that vlog!

Amy said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I am new to this world, and as you can see, am barely hangin' on! lol. Look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you :)
from "I'm over this part"
(yeah, stupid name, but really over the naming'll come to me eventually. lol )

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! You're too funny!

Jenny Brown said...

Sorry girlfriend.....I didn't even know you were missing (beCAUSE I WAS GONE too!) How weird is that.........that we were BOTH gone at the same time!

Oh Great...not another 'dancing blog' (I still have the other one embedded in my brain!) :):)

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