Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I meant to say...Sunburned edition AND Rainbow edition :)

It's time for MY favorite day of the week!


YAY! It is finally BACK! Wednesday!
What I meant to say...
When my friend called me up this morning and asked to have her hair clippers back I said, "Sure." Just as I was about to say, "When can I drop them off?" She shows up in my driveway practically.
What I meant to say: "YIKES! I'm still in my PJ's and I'm giving you your clippers...Ai yi yi.
Not only that, I am going to get sunburned later because I am going to talk to you for TWO hours straight barefoot in 110 degree weather! I really ENJOYED talking to you though. It made me realize how much I need "IN REAL LIFE" interaction. I will change that this fall! :)" (And possibly with you!) :)
When I read my friend Angel's tweet regarding WIMTSW: She says, "I pimped you and @GucciMama and Southernsage out on my blog..."
What I meant to say, "Oh NO. What has she done now? LOL. What did I do to deserve such a pimpin? :) Love you babe...Thanks for warning me!"
When my good friend, @fromtracie told me about this I-village opportunity, I shrieked.
What I meant to say: SHRIEEEEK!!!! Really? A chance to gain celebrity status with you possibly? YAY! I'm off to write my 150 word essay about myself TODAY!"
When I went off looking for @fromtracie tonight on Facebook and Twitter AND email I couldn't find her. I sighed. I left her messages in all 3 locations.
What I meant to say: "Tracie, Don't ya know you are suppose to stay glued to your computer all day and all night in case I might email, or tweet at you. OR leave you a FB message? I mean, Come on Girl! LOL. Get with the program!" Love you Tracie. (I wonder if YOU will participate in WIMTSW today. The PRESSURE is on girl!)
School starts in 2 weeks. August 30th to be exact.
What I meant to say: "Are you kidding me? Take them now. I can no longer entertain my own children. They are driving me nuts! I might not be able to last that L-O-N-G!"

When my daughter came downstairs because she was hungry and wanted to eat, I sighed.
What  I meant to say: "WHY on EARTH didn't you eat at lunch? There is nothing wrong with Peanut and butter sandwiches? Oh heavens! I cannot WAIT until school starts up again. I can only stand to make you breakfast (cold cereal) AND dinner every day. Lunch is too darn HARD! You won't eat anything I make for YOU!  You can WAIT for dinner!"

When my husband comes down for dinner a few minutes later and tells me his daughter is hungry I laugh.
What I meant to say: "Do you also know she refused lunch?" *sigh* "She can wait 15 minutes more for dinner.

*BTW, my husband made dinner yesterday because I was busy writing and putting together pieces to send in to the local paper. YAY! If you want to look busy, Engage yourself in important busywork on the computer like gathering your writing pieces. You might get out of dinner if you do.*

And that is MY version of WIMTSW today.
Are you going to join up this week? What are you waiting for? Don't wait for a fire vlog from Angel. Just join in TODAY!

P.S. I know it is NOT technically Wednesday here in my time zone, but it is Wednesday somewhere! YAY! :)
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singedwingangel said...

Yep it is Wednesday somewhere lol.. I need to get back to work on my Helium pieces. I love pb and J with buttered toast that stuff is awesome lol.. maybe sh would like celery sticks with Peanut butter in the center topped with raisins and pretzel sticks to look like a walking stick huh whadda think??

Donda said...

Good tip on the looking like your doing something of great importance! I am going to try that one out!

Garden of Egan said...

Jammies in the driveway for two hours in 110 degrees. You are crahhhrazzyy woman!
Poor little child who doesn't get lunchies.

T said...

it's almost wednesday - maybe by tomorrow my brain will be all caught up? ugh, still SO tired!

From Tracie said...

I did it! I linked up! Even before I saw your challenge here! lol

I love the way that you wrote it TODAY! Get it, TODAY? HeHe!! ;-)

Laughing so hard right now....I will make sure not to drop out of communication again! If I had one of those fancy-schmancy smart phones it would have probably beeped at me all through dinner!

Poor mommy with the lunch despising child. Today we ran out of peanut butter and Katarina realized she would have to have a turkey sandwich tomorrow. She asked me if she could just eat an apple instead. What will we do with these kids?

Use some aloe on that sunburn! =)

The Ninja said...

I think I have to have sex in order to get the Mormon to make dinner...guess I'll be making dinner.

Brittney said...

aww good luck with the essay and the piece for the paper :)

and thank you for the sweet words on my post yesterday Im so glad i met you thru blogging as well :)

Sherri said...

I just found your blog today and WIMTSW omg...I love it. Sounds like you have plenty to share.
enjoyed my visit here.
now following you.
hope to see more


Cheeseboy said...

Wow. Impeccable timing by your friend with the clippers.

I agree with you about your fussy eating kids. My kids do that too and once they say they don't want a meal, I am in no hurry to give them one later.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Aloha girlfriend! What a cute blog! No wonder your brain is so cluttered.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

BTW, good on you for putting pieces together while your hub is putting dinner together. I'm going to try that sometime. ;)

Mormon Surrogate said...

I agree with you on the lunch thing. Now that my kids are home with me, they're on their own for lunch. Heck they can get their own breakfast too!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Tracie does that to me too! Y'think she does it on purpose?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Tracie does that to me too! Y'think she does it on purpose?

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