Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top ten on Tuesday with Mrs. Gloves AND....Happiness project :)

Hello folks!
I know, I know it seems like I am bombarding you you with all sorts of giveaways to enter. I'm sorry, if it felt like giveaway after giveaway...LOL. I promised myself I would NOT let my blog ever get that way.
BUT with that being said, I do have a wide variety of giveaways to enter.
So get to it! :)
After you read this lovely TOP 10 on Tuesday of course!
I am going to count backwards from 10 today, OK? :)
#10- Ugh. Laundry. Doing more of it today. Does it ever end?
#9- Why are my pj's just so darn comfortable?
#8- Why hasn't school started for my kids yet? I LOVE the fact that it has NOT started though. Because quite frankly I love my sleep!
#7- Speaking of sleep, did I tell you all yet that I now have a middle-schooler? Yup, that's right my oldest is now in the 6th grade! Wow! (And school starts before 8AM.) Yikes! 
#6- Dr. Pepper will help me get through the first couple of weeks I am sure!
#5- Early to bed, early to rise...SHUTUP. But after 10:00 is when I finally have some PEACE and can blog, AND check out everyone else's blogs...
#4-Vlogging is cool. Have you dared try to vlog yet? What? You don't know what vlogging is? Where do you live anyway? Under a rock? Vlogging is when you turn on your webcam OR video camera and record yourselves dancing OR singing OR just talking to us. We are your friends! We WANT to get to know you.
Join EightyMPHMom and start vlogging TODAY! (Psst. Monday Mingle.)
#3- When did this little fat roll come about? That's it. No MORE cheesecake for me. Or any other scrumptious dessert before I walk on my treadmill for at least 2 miles!
#2- Welcome NEW followers! Come one, Come all! I am a very friendly Cluttered Brain. Please come join the MADNESS!
#1- I love A Grande Life. I mean this meme totally ROCKS! Anything that has TOP 10 in the title, people are just bound to read, right? Catchy, slogan Mrs. Gloves! I LOVE it! :) Come join us people! What are you waiting for?
AND NOW...Because Angel double dips, I can too! :)
It's fun to post photos isn't it?

That's it folks! Step up and JOIN some fabulous memes TODAY!

And remember to check me out on Helium. (My new favorite writing spot where I can get paid to write. No gimmicks.


singedwingangel said...

lmbo I love how easy it is for you to be random lol.. and Ilike these memes too

Mrs Gloves said...

Thanks for playing dear! I love top 10 lists. They are addicting!

Debbie D said...

Fantastic (as usual). P.S. I love the articles you did on Helium and congrats on being featured in your newpaper :) Watch out folks, this STAR is RISING FAST!!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your list. I blog while other sleep too.

Garden of Egan said...

You are hilarious! You would think I would learn NOT to have a drink in my mouth when I hit your blog. SRSLY!!!
OK...back from wiping up the screen again.

NO I still haven't vlogged. Yes, I do live under a rock.
I decided that the next time I dip chocolates, I'll vlog that.

Now I'm headed off to inhale some Helium and see what in the heck you're talking about now!

leigh said...

I did a Vlog and upon watching it discovered that I have some pretty quirky mannerisms. It was like torture watching myself.

Great looking kids BTW...thanks for linking up.

Erin said...

I hate lists that include laundry. But I don't hate Leigh vs.Laundry. I love her Happiness Project meme. And love your kiddos. They are so cute---a middle schooler?!?!! WOW!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very fun shots.

From Tracie said...

I love your picture there! So sweet!

Laundry is the worst! I have some to do right now....but it is almost 2am, and that is just too late for laundry right? lol

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