Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIMTSW Really? I just posted 24 posts....UGH. :)


What I would do for a friend.
and Angel is a GEM so here it goes... sorry if it doesn't make sense. Angel made me post this. I mean it, she had a gun to my head...LOL.
OK, not really but have you seen her MAD vlogs???
When Angel told me it was Wednesday and I HAD to participate in WIMTS
I thought--good criminy, is it Wednesday already? Jeez.
What i wanted to say: Good heavens Angel! i just posted 24 postings in 24 hours and YOU want me to come up with one more? LOL. Ok. I like a good challenge. I take no responsbility in the direction this post might take.
When I joined Blogapalooza, I had no idea how exhausting and challenging it would be.
What i meant to say: YIKES! What did i sign up for? Am I really that creative to post 24 different posts? YOWZA! You be the judge folks!
I did it. I may have scheduled a few posts along the way...I can't stay up ALL night. I mean my heavens, I have 3 kids. My body would hate me.
What I meant to say: LOL. Take that, Blogapalooza. I did it. I did it! YAY! (Do I sound a little like Dora?) WHAT? You can't schedule just a few posts? Oh hell. Whatever. I still did it. Can you come up with 24 different blog posts in 24 hours? Scheduling or NOT doesn't matter.
Ok. That's it.
I don't have any more WIMTS in me. Or blog posts left in me.
I need to take a nice LONG vacation.
Who's sending me to Hawaii for a week?
Don't all you raise your hands at once now...
I would blog in Hawaii. And video myself next to a palm tree.
That's better.
Thanks Tracie, for paying MY way to Hawaii... :D
While you are at it, Could you find my husband a better paying job?
Thanks girl! Any job openings in FLA?
Blogger will NOT let me space properly. Sorry about the no spacings...What is UP Blogger? *sigh*


BusyB said...

: ) I would love to take a vacation too!!! lol! sounds like you were busy all night lol!

happy wednesday!

T said...

what you really meant to say is Zzzzzzz... just sayin'

Supermom said...

ha ha!

From Tracie said...


Um....I think I need to pay MY way to Hawaii first! lol. Now.....a job for your hubby in FLA, that is a plan I could get behind. ;-)

Blogger is letting my space my comment. Maybe you are just too tired to find that enter button?

singedwingangel said...

Ididn't say you had to do it as a separate post you could have included it in one of the 24 lol.. silly alexes...all nighters are for college kids..

I am Harriet said...

Yeah! Blogapalooza was a lot of work.
Just stopping by to say hello.

Congrats on doing it.
I had a lot of fun!

Theresa said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe you did that! 24 post in 24 hours? AMAZING! I know I couldn't do it. Some days it takes me over an hour to even write one post!

Tracie said...

I can't believe you gals did all those posts! There is NO WAY I could do that!

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