Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself---WHY I BLOG?!

*Above picture was taken by me in the dreaded winter. My daughter Buppy is in the stroller all covered up nice and warm. I'm in the elements facing the COLD. I'm so GLAD it's summer, AREN'T YOU?*

*AHEM* I have something very important to say. I found some VERY cool blogs just now. So I'm sharing the linky love and telling ALL you about it. YOU probably already know about it. Since I'm new around here and all. But if you haven't heard about DON MILLS DIVA OR The Secret is in the sauce! PLEASE go there now.

(Well at least finish my blog entry first cause HEY that's rude if you don't come back.) :)

WOW! First I want to talk a little about WHY I blog. Well first I'm a writer. It's natural for me to want to write to the world and let everyone know I exist. Someday one of my novels will be published and then the world will know. Until then I am quite satisfied with blogging. (I am writing a novel too. Don't get me wrong.)

Reason #2 why I blog. I blog to make new friends and keep in touch with the friends I already have. It's just such an awesome outlet for friendship.

Reason # 3 why I blog. I am a SAHM. I have three daughters. I try and keep my house clean and make fabulous dinners and keep up with ALL of you. But somehow I fall short. I'm not perfect. And when I read my dashboard for new updates on blogs I find ALL of you who are also NOT perfect but striving for perfection. And what makes you all even more clever is that you are funny!!!

Reason #4 I have a webcam. One of these days I'll vlog so everyone can see I'm a real person just like ALL of you. But for now, I'll keep my anonymity---well somewhat.

Reason #5 It's fun and i LIKE it! 'nuff said.

Well the children are bugging me again and I need to check on the laundry and get back to the packing. (I'm headed to visit the family in PA in VA for the next 2 weeks--in case you hadn't heard.) Oh YEAH I'm excited about that one for sure.

**Also Please HELP ME! I have tried to make the 3 column template for my blog. I have clicked on help. It is NOT working. Please I am asking my fellow bloggers for help. Will you please help me?* MY email is oneclutteredbrain@gmail.com OR just leave a comment---I'll get your help answers. I am running out of room for ALL the cute buttons I want to display. So please hurry. Time is a wasting!**


DaveandRuth said...

You are awesome! I am glad we are friends. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I look forward to hearing about it. I am praying for your safe return to this great state and that your girls travel well on the plane!

Debbie D said...

o.k. I know this is kinda dumb, but I've seen the three column templates at CBOTB and Aqua Poppy, but WHAT the heck ARE they? Does it make your blog wider for like an i-mac screen or something? I just have no idea, and I'm sorry I can't help you with it. But hey, know this, I love ya darling :)

Emmy said...

I have found a few sits that almost worked for the three column thing, I was trying it to.. but it made all of my widgets disappear so I ended up pulling the plug on it. If I find a good one that works I will let you know.
Blogging is fun :)

Ginee Scabrough said...

I think we have a lot in common from your last post. I teach school, 3 kids, love to write, am scared to write my novel, am not perfect, love being LDS etc....

Anonymous said...

you are so cute & fun!!

Debbie D said...

It's me again. Just wanted to tell you I REALLY this picture of you. Hope you're having a fun time on your vacation :)

Jacqueline said...

following from mbc. stop by luckyjune.blogspot.com

klawellin said...

Hi...I would Love to follow!
I from the MBC 100.

My link is...www.thelawellinfamily.blogspot.com


heather said...

Um. I KNOW I did it before. I totally had three. There's a blog that does the tutorial on how to make it happen, and it's really not hard, it's just that I can't remember HOW I figured it out. :/

Umm... I can help you though. I can. If you're okay with the basic layout being like mine. :) With both columns to the right.

Just let me know if you want my help. :)


Melinda said...

I love your blog ... your reasons for blogging are very similar to mine. I'm new too ... just started in May. ;0)

I am a writer, too, but write non-fiction mostly. I write for Christian publications and do some healthcare writer. I am also working on writing my first book!

Wish I could help you on the 3 column thing ... I have a blog with 3 columns, but I had a designer do it because I wouldn't be able to figure out all that techy stuff either.

Visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest... Keep up the good work. We should keep in touch and share writing resources!

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