Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Back to Shape....

I recently popped over to Mama Nut's Blog and she is doing this Fat Butt Friday. Well I decided I would join her in the quest to getting fit. I have walked for 7 days now. I did not walk Sunday, because that was my day of rest. Anyway I recently acquired a treadmill. It has been the best things for me. It clocks how long I go, how many calories burned and pulse. If I only had a decent scale...
But I feel so GOOD. Usually when I wake up in the morning, I am so tired. I hop on my treadmill, watch Law and Order SVU and walk 2 miles, about 35-39 minutes. I love the way I feel so energized and I never feel tired after my walks...
Well I found an elephant butt, When you see it, I will be talking about my weight loss and exercise goals. I am wanting to get in fit, I don't have a specific number to lose just getting back into shape. I want to look good for the holidays.
So what do you say my blogger friends? You want to join me and Mama Nut on our quest in getting fit? I'm sure it would be okay with her if you want to borrow the elephant for your blog. Just link back to her site, and pretty please to my site as well. I will get in fit doggone it if it is the LAST thing I do.


Debbie D said...

Oh your motivation is so (nauseating)...I mean FANTASTIC! *wink* I'm planning on starting my diet again within the next three weeks or so. I'm getting LASIK done on the 15th and (I know this sounds silly) I don't want my eyes to "shift" or anything till the procedure is performed. I know WEIRD! When I do begin again I'll be posting updates on my diet blog.
Way to go Alexes. You are an inspiration :) GO ALEXES, GO ALEXES, Woot, woot!

Mama Nut said...

Yay, Alexes! I am so excited you are joining me in this! It has been quite the adventure for me, and feels FANTASTIC every time I fit into a smaller size! I started at size 24 in June and am now comfortably in a size 18!! If I can do it, so can you!

Keep up the exercise, you'll continue to feel great!!!

You go girl! Looking forward to your updates!!!

If you want you can snag my Fat Butt button here: http://nutsinanutshell.blogspot.com/2009/06/introducing-new-feature.html

Wendy said...

Okay "fat butt", I'll join you. (lol while I'm typing this) It looks like I'm being mean, but really that's just how I'd say it if we were face to face, right? Well just know that I would.

I'll have to pick a day that I update that status, and get going on it. Good goal to get back in shape before the holidays, just to turn around and almost lose it again, but at least you'll already have a treadmill and can burn off everything you eat right after you eat it.

Good goal, and I'm right there with you on it.

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