Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yoo hoo! I'm blogging at my other place now.

Hey YOU!
Do you remember me?
Did I scare you? I still love to blog but I am getting tired of the layout over here. I'm gonna blog over at my "other" blog Pondering of a Crazy Mama. Come and check me out!

I posted my thankful list over there. And I actually think I might do some more vlogging over there. I'm back. My writer slump is gone....And I will back around commenting on all your blogs. Cuz I'm like that. Needy and all and desperate for comments. Tweet me out!

Please! I feel like I have been gone for so long nobody remembers me. lol.
Do YOU remember me?

My twitter handle is @clutteredbrain.

Hey since I have multiple personalities (lol) and I tend to change my mind a lot...I still might continue to blog here too. Cuz I'm ALL over the place. Did you know I have a blogfrog account too? Ya, I haven't logged onto blogfrog in like FOREVER....le sigh.

But I'm back!

P.S. I just joined Pinterest. Please! I need help. Can't figure out where to browse through pins and pin them on my page. I need a tutorial or something. Honestly, I really am not that much of a tech dummy, just when it comes to Pinterest I guess...HELP me you Pinterest EXPERTS.....


Joanne said...

I haven't tried Pinterest yet, but I have a few friends on there. Maybe I'll take a look at it. There are just way too many social network things.

Singedwingangel said...

Hello chagne the layout here if you want.. I can walk you through that on Skype.. Pinterest is easy we will have to Skype that too lol

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