Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday mingle Ramblings....With a streaks of blonde..:)

hey y'all. I didn't mingle last week. Busy busy. Job interviews, keeping myself together and all that...has kept me plenty busy.

And so for that I rambled for about 4 minutes....hear me out ok? 4 minutes is just a small nugget of your time right? haha.
Love you peeps!


Parenting Patch said...

That sounds absolutely miserable! And, yes, not being able to throw up when you need to is the worst!

Love the classic "banana-orange" knock knock joke!

angel shrout said...

oh i HATE wanting to puke and not able too loathe it.. Sesame chicken is the bomb, wonton soup, fried dumplings, lo mein.. yummmm now I am hungry

Sadie Jane said...

Oh, noooo! Sick on crab cakes, and not able to yark it up and be done with it! That is SO the worst!

I had such trouble with the Chinese food question. Thanks for the great suggestions in your answer =)

Paula Schuck said...

You are beautiful! Love the blonde. Fabulous hair. And are your nails done too. I did that joke backwards the first take too. Lol. Great minds. Oh dear lord crab cakes- should Never be purchased on discount!!! Yuck. Think I might vomit thinking about that. Gah!! Have a grrrrrrrrrrreat week!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Bad crab cakes? Oh gag! I'm pretty particular about my crab cakes and only either make them myself or order them in a restaurant. I don't really trust the frozen ones lol.

I love Chinese food too - so much to choose from and I love the different flavors.

I hope you have a wonderful week - thank you for mingling darling!

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