Monday, May 7, 2012

*Insert Creative title here*

Look! It's a recent picture of me taken this morning! Wow! I'm good!

Soooo I realize if I want people to continue to read this I have to create blog posts. So here it goes. I worked this past week! Thursday Fri, and Saturday. I can't wait to purchase more time for my cell, I'm on this limited minutes thing and it's killing me. I really need UNlimited. 750 minutes is not a lot of minutes to say what I have to say.

  I still have some pretty great co workers that I work with. They do their work AND they help me. I couldn't ask for anything more. Except for sleep. I need more sleep. And a bit more money. Mainly so I can pay off a little bill I have at another University so they can send my transcripts to the university right here. Near me. So I can get my associate's degree. It will happen. I have a job. I can save my money.

The pool is opening at the end of the month! YAY!

Summer is around the corner! I love summer. Bring on the heat! Oh how I have missed you!

The Avengers is out in theatres this month! (I'm gonna see it!)

I have money again. What kind of things are YOU celebrating this month?

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angel shrout said...

OH how I have missed you. You should seriously check into Straight Talk. They are nation wide and have great service and UNLIMITED EVERYTHING is only 45 amonth. minutes, text, net.. it is well worth the money. They get me service on the hill and I couldn't get crap when we were ATT

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